Feminism Perving

or, Women, Feminism, and Sex War in America. Ethology, ethnology, and antropology, with tits and ass thrown in for spice!

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'tis of the age
of Gender Feminists
hitting the American stage
questioning she and he
extols the queer and weird
axing the womanly and manly
upon a glittering postmodernity
i dont want rights sex slave feminism 2015

there are several hundred articles, so they are a bit chaotic. Don't look for coherent categorization.

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Evolutionary Psychology

Politics and Policy; Puritanical US American

Internet Ethnology

Sex in Society, Observations

Sex Graphical Artworks

Nude female, is the predominant theme of visual arts, from ancient to modern.

Erotica Arts Gallery

Sex In Second Life

Torture Porn

Tits and Ass in Songs


What Do Women Want


Battle of the Sexes

little red riding hood riding wolf motocycle
Little Red Riding Hood (Politically Correct version)

Women, WASP, and the Human Animals

Taylor Swift Lorde 2016-03