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The Story of the SexyCyborg Naomi Wu

After watching this video, i have so much respect for Naomi Wu. Super smart girl, works extremely hard, and very unusual story, a character. So much respect.

Why Do I Look Like...This? The SexyCyborg Origin Story
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
Jan 29, 2022

silicon valley sjw is now hitting a chinese girl

the sjw in usa is now attacking a chinese girl. why? because she's sexy, she is feminine, and she's doing tech. [2017-11-09 ]

this is her.

RealSexyCyborg 08600

hot. the chinese girl that became controversial in sillicon valley USA. Confused the heck out of conservatives and sjw alike

Firefly 8s Evaluation- I visit the Hawkye Action Camera offices

i didn't know what's her story, and thought she's mostly just a showgirl.

actually, it seems she's a hardware hacker. (not the hardcore hacker of man's world. But, someone who does and teach hardware stuff.)

here's her video hacking on drone.

Drone Hacking a FAKE Makerspace
Nov 4, 2017
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu

the conservatives be like, what a rape inviting bimbo. sjw's like, omg, patriarchy and stereotypes, no wonder girls are not in tech.

so, apparently, she's actually courting publicity in usa, that's why the controversy broke out.

and she seems to be, a bit aggressive about it, saying that her work deserves it, citing her reputation etc.

also, interesting is that, her english is very good. And, she seems to know the usa culture well, such as red pill and sjw.

so, that means, she might have lived in usa or studied in usa.

also, btw, her tits is a job. (i recall she said that somewhere before, probably her chinese site) so, she's probably upperclass.

i can't stop being amused watching that video of hers. Dressed like a harlot, strutting on the street in day light, walk into tech building offices... and her nipples is staring at you.

and, of course, she's acting as nothing weird.

So, what do you make of it? Well, it's just a smart hot techy chick doing her stuff. Rather, extreme. Is she great hacker? by all means, no. Why does she got lots followers? More tits and ass than tech for sure. If she's a guy, would she get lots followers? lol, probably a handful.

The story of Naomi Wu is itself interesting. I haven't researched, but at least this seems to be true: 1, she likes to dress in tiny bikini in public. 2. She does some hardware engineering stuff. (e.G. Build/design drones, etc, aka “maker”.)

Chinese girl walking around semi-naked on normal city street and do tech stuff is rare. I think for this reason, she got popular. But the controversy seems to burst out 2 years ago, when she's contacted by USA publications. This is when stuff exploded. E.G. Gender, feminism, culture, sjw stuff.

also peculiar, is that, from her writings, she seems also to hold a particular view. e.g. she talks about helping girls do engineering, and she's been “fighting” stereotypes. (wearing bikini in city street or girl doing tech) This is strange cuz typical native Chinese would never think of that.

Writing perfect English, expert knowledge of USA sjwlgbtq culture, while never been outside of China, is all still possible. But the combination of things, does seem strange.

She g-string in public, and in business district skyscraper offices... I don't have a issue myself, and can't stop looking at her feet, but still i think it's a social issue to be discussed. E.G. If we allow public sex on the street. Fine by ME, but there may be consequences.

Here's a reddit article about how naomi is fake.

reddit Naomi Wu is a fake 2020-03-16 jnfh3
reddit Naomi Wu is a fake []

Naomi wu is a strange person. I have my doubts about what she really is. First of all, her extrodinary fake boobs and tiny bikini in public. That's not normal even in USA. Then, she speaks fluent english, yet never been abroad. Rare in china. But also, she knows the American culture, the Social Justice Warrior culture, extremely well, as if she lived in California for years. That is extremely rare, i know no chinese in China Taiwan or Hong Kong like that. Further, her target audience is pretty much American. Comparatively not that many in China follows her. And her English writing is impeccable.

SexyCyborg Naomi Wu ban'd on patreon

They defunded me on Patreon, now they want SubscribeStar 😔
by Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu.
Dec 15, 2018