Female Perfume vs Male Perfume

By Xah Lee. Date:

so, there's women's mag on my desk. It's Bazaar. I use it as a multi-purpose wrist pad, scratch, dust cover for cups, mat for greasy dishes etc. Like, tear off a page for use. (got it from junk mail bin or something like that) (while the pages serve as cup cover, etc, they also serve as candy for the eyes of mine!)

so, currently there's this page of perfume ad (Valentino brand). One side is for men, the other for women. There's a strip you can tear off to smell a sample. So i did. So, the men's just like men's perfume, but usually called cologne in US. How to describe it? perhaps not much different from those after-shave stuff, or called musk. But the women's, OMG, do smell women. It's like, immediately exotic and sexual. lol.

now to philosophize deeper, i wonder if the perfume characteristics for male/female have some logical basis... i guess so. Perhaps no biological basis (because afaik the science of pheromone in human is not there yet), but by tried-n-true thru the hundreds years of selling perfumes in modern age. That is, men, do find certain smell being sexually attractive, and those became the smell in women's perfumes, and vice versa for women men. But maybe this is incorrect. Maybe, women's perfume smell that way because women like it. Hard to say. Another interesting question is how do you characterize women and man's perfume? Perhaps its by ingredient… but now for the literature-twist, for you writing lovers and novelist wannabe, the task is to describe, in words, using a short paragraph, the smell of a men's perfume or women's.

btw, i spent a day or so a couple years ago reading perfume on Wikipedia. Lots articles. Quite deep. History, making, ingredients, the industry, etc.

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