Young Girls, Feet, Makeup, Sexual Mores

By Xah Lee. Date:

Cute Girl Showing Off Her Feet

“My Barefoot Demi Pointe Work 2010” by Ally Olsen (aka allolsen).

Yeah, showing off, but oohh, she's soo cute, and such a pretty feet.

Well, she's just innocent, and wanted to do video of her ballet study. It's not really showing off. But then, you wonder, why you don't see ballet boys doing such videos? Of course, the answer has to do with the fundamental nature of sex. It's the same reason that syncronized swimming and cheerleaders are done by women, nay, nubile girls, while such performances by men went nowhere.

Chatty Girl on Makeup

“TAG! My Makeup Story” by juicystar07

Not sure what to say.

It seems to me, American Girls has this repressed cult thing about sexuality. Like, she has to defend makeup. While, Latin America (Spanish), French, cultures, of which i had some contact, are quite open and natural about sex. French or Spanish girls EXUDES feminity. You'll see children at age 10 or so wearing makup and toe nail paints, talking about boyfriends, and with parent's help. On the other hand, Asian girls (e.g. Taiwan, Japan), you don't fucking wear makup or nail paints utill you are way moved out of your parent's house. (yet, Asians don't have obsessions like the Americans about Age Of Consent. Also, Asian culture has some weird sexual fetishes, as can be seen in Japanese animation (aka anime). I suppose it came from repressed sexuality.)