Qipao and Cultural Appropriation

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Qipao Cheongsam and Cultural Appropriation

this tweet went viral https://twitter.com/daumkeziah/status/988115815068139520

featuring the following photos

qipao daumkeziah 2018 04 22 87bc2
qipao daumkeziah 2018 04 22 87bc2
qipao daumkeziah 2018 04 22 5a18b
qipao daumkeziah 2018 04 22 5a18b
qipao daumkeziah 2018 04 22 6165c
qipao daumkeziah 2018 04 22 6165c

it's a girl at her prom.

the sjw claiming it to be cultural appropriation.

the first post that caused it, is this:

qipao jeremy lam cultural appropriation 2018 04 27 6539b
qipao jeremy lam cultural appropriation https://twitter.com/jere_bare/status/989981023076208640

which is followed by

jeremy lam qipao cultural appropriation 2018 04 27 d3rf5
jeremy lam qipao cultural appropriation 2018-04-27

This is a randomly synthesized nonsensical history of postmodernism color. That guy is a smart guy. Look at the thousands who fell for it.

“cultural appropriation” is one of the sinister method of elite to grip power. On the surface, their reason is supporting “weak” culture, but really it: (1) separates cultures. (2) get power to dictate everyday behavior.

whenever 2 groups of people from diff regions meet, cultural exchange happens. u learned my habit, thoughts, lang, etc, n vice versa. Some r explicit, some r subconscious. every culture, or languages, is full of “#CulturalAppropriation”.

western suit tie 👔 high-heels 👠 handshake 🤝, are adopted world wide. Chinese stuff, are adopted in most east asian countries, notably chinese language, law, customs, by Japan and Korea in early times. China got buddihism ☸ ࿘ from India.

In general, culture spread from the more powerful to less. Lesser countries or region are often eager to learn. (you wanna know what shirt pop stars wear) But sometimes it's by force. (e.g. conquered land. you learn my lang, my religion.)

in general, people love their culture being adopted by others. The sjw's #CulturalAppropriation doctrine reverse that. It achieves 2 things: (1) disallow white to adopt other's culture, so white remains pure. (2) allow white elite to arbitrarily condemn anyone as racist.

2018-05-01 https://twitter.com/xah_lee/status/991294202662170626

The Sexy Qipao

the most famous qipao known to the world would probably be Chun Li, from video game Street Fighter.

streetfighter chun li d1538
Street Fighter Chun Li

and here's Chinese girl in qipao

here's Japanese anime PVC figure, wearing qipao. Her name is 春日野穹.

Sora Kasugano action figure qipao s

here's another qipao, from anime Devil Survivor 2, Fumi Kanno, see

in anime, there are tons wearing qipao, because its sexy.

here's more qipao in kungfu movie, more genuine 1940's Shanghai:

qipao on amazon 2018 05 01 f62a3
qipao on amazon 2018-05-01 amazon

amazon has quite a few qipao. note the picture on upper right isn't qipao.

Actually, tight fitting qipao really isn't traditional. It arose in rich westernized Shanghai in around WWII era. Worn by the rich, and e.g. call girls.

those tight fitting qipao we came to know became popular only because it shows woman's curves and legs, in the same way western dress showing cleavage, women's back, and legs, are popular, worn by hollywood super stars.

What Do Chinese Say?

Foreigners CAN WEAR Chinese Dresses!

South China Morning Post's Own Propaganda

Soon, twitter sphere filled with this post, saying that it won China's support.

qipao 2018 05 03 may 4th 2ef39
South China Morning Post http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2144207/qipao-us-prom-wins-support-china-after-internet-backlash

pure bullshit mixed into the article. The qipao dress, has nothing to do with “silent protest” nor “gender equality”.

The tight ftting version is a western influence that arose in Shanghai, worn by the rich and call girls. It became popular because it is sexy, as simple as that.

note that the publication, Southern China News, is a anti Communist Party gov paper. It is pro china democracy. While it diss the western sjw, it adds its own propaganda with utter 💩 about qipao history.

Cultural Appropriation