Discovering Twilight Dawn Reaction

By Xah Lee. Date:

Prologue: am going to watch Girl's Porn…


OMG omg omg, i just discovered Twilight Dawn!!!


So, i was chatting to a friend from Second Life on Skype today. He mentioned a video game he's playing, called Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. So, i went to youtube to watch a trailer to see what the game is about. In the process, i noticed and watched some video about “Fat girl's reaction to Skyrim Trailer”. A silly video that's meant to be humor. In the comments, i saw that it's a follow up of something called “Twilight Dawn reaction”. Then, it seems there are lot videos of “Twilight Dawn reaction”, mostly girls. What the heck is twilight dawn? Twilight and Dawn both means like 5 a.m. in the morning, right?

I recall, there's a meme about “two girls and one cup” (See: 2 Girls 1 Cup), where hundreds people record their reactions of watching a particular video, and lots parodies of the incident. So, am guessing this “Twilight Dawn reaction” might be similar stuff. Maybe it's something of the video gamer community. Some new video game with dramatic qualities? A scary ghost story?

So, i started watching one of these “Twilight Dawn reaction”, but before going quater of way -- being inquisitive and encyclopedic as i am -- i really must first know what is this twilight dawn original video. So, i YouTube searched “Twilight Dawn”, AND THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!! It is the movie Twilight!!!! The movie that i recently had tremendous fascination with! (see today's wordy english: dreamboat, chick-lit, romp, escapism At and Twilight Moms At

Now, am going to proceed to fully enjoy watching these “Twilight Dawn reaction” videos. This would be tantamount to guys reaction of watching porn.


Epilogue: This is my “Discovering Twilight Dawn Reaction” write up. Wait for the next episode!


Now, the vampire chronicle has reached a new height.

According to Anne Rice, who originally started the romantic vampire stuff, vampires can't have sex. The only excitement similar to sex they can experience and crave, is food -- blood.

But that's very, very, disappointing ain't it? You have all these beautiful bodies, and now you can't even think about sex anymore?

Comes Stephenie Meyer, who saved us from such a dreary quandary. Now, vampires can have sex, and enjoys it too. But not just that, vampires now can have babies with humans.

This one, is commendable. It's got 10 million views.

“Breaking Dawn” by EdwardCullenIsSexiii!!!