Damsel in Distress in Video Games, and the Solution

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sexism in video games
Damsel in Distress: Part 1 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games made by Anita Sarkeesian.

what's wrong with this video?

it's a bit long. The first 20 minutes are basically clips of video games. She tells you how “damsel in distress” is a popular theme in videos games. Her punch-line, comes in the last 4 minutes (at 21:00). Very typical. She says that how this needs to be changed because stereotype blab blab.

i'm a man. I'm not a hero. I don't want to risk my life to fight dragons. Shouldn't we, censure how WRONG it is from the male perspective, too, then?

y'see? stereotype is a good summary of worldly facts. Mythologies, folklore, fairy tale, embody our fears and desires. Males are the action heroes because statistically it is males doing that, our job, our responsibility, willy-nilly. To proctect our wife, children, from beasts and other human animals. It is nature, it's history, it's how things are. It's the result of actions and behaviors of the whole human animals, male and female.

first, let's see a female game developer's response.

“Female Game Developer's response to Tropes vs Women” by Doll Divine Dress Up Games

Beau in Distress!

now, watch this hilarious one.

Feminism versus FACTS (RE Damsel in distress)

More than a Damsel in a Dress!

and this, a warm, positive, thoughtful, response from a woman.

More than a Damsel in a Dress: A Response

The Solution to Sexism in Video Games

the solution to sexism in video games.

Anita Sarkeesian the Character

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