A Double-bun Haired Sex Slave in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date:

The following are computer generated images that contains explicit images of sex or naked human animal.

This is a slave i met on 2007-01-28 at a BDSM shop. She was just sitting on the ground, aimless and ownerless. I accosted her for a photo session, in particular noticing the most wonderful, my personal favorite hairdo — the double buns. She is quite friendly, and told me a bit about her life's story.

ox horned slave 203 ox horned slave 204 ox horned slave 214
The slave girl with the double-bun hairdo.

She is dressed in a translucent latex catsuit, and wearing a waist-band that seems to carry a rolled up blanket. As she told me later, that's a Japanese sash, called Obi (sash).

Her hands are not cuffed up. She just postured that way.

ox horned slave 234
A close-up of her hairdo. Note the custom-designed ball-gag harness that integrates elegantly with her hair style. Note the several beautiful jingle bells attached. These bells are decorative only; they don't make sounds.
ox horned slave 223
Close up of her torso and face. She is of a exotic race.
ox horned slave 224 ox horned slave 232

This sex slave is the most humble and obedient, yours truely have the pleasure to behold.

ox horned slave 251
A closer inspection of her breasts. Note her nipple piercings.
ox horned slave 253 ox horned slave 241
Back view. Above right: she has two rows of labia piercing, in a style called corset piercing. Note that she also has a slight bikini tan lines (hard to see in these still images).

The wear is made by Madlax Stygian, ~2007.

For photos of (real) people wearing the ox horns hairdo, see Double-Bun Hairdo Babes.

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