The Essence of Charming Girls

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Incredibly cute chick, gives us a tour of fancy animated desktop on linux.

“Ubuntu Linux Themes” demo by a cute chick. (NixiePixel 2009-07-02)

Now, if you are reading this from my computer programing blog, you probably are not impressed by whatever things she has to say, but by her. Check her out here:

A attractive girl “NixiePixel”. (NixiePixel 2011-10-01)

She is [Nixie Pixel]. In the lingo of animal kingdom, we have the term alpha male for king. She'd be alpha female.

What do you call that? It's called photogenic. For guys, it's called charisma. Some girls, have it down to a T. Every facial expression, every vocalization, body movement, ooze a pheromone trap, and you don't even know it.

She isn't just a blonde. She is exceedingly intelligent. How do i know? Observe, she titled this video “My First Time”. That indicates, she's acquainted with marketing psychology. She starts with wine drinking with the camera aimed at her chest, then utters a grunt and a licking of lips that catches your breath. Note that low-cut dress in her first video here. This girl, knows how to tether you, but they go on about their business unassuming. That's called charm, like one of those quarks in physics.

Here's another girl showing such a quality, watch the ending 10 seconds.

Vazquez Sounds, Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

Here's another:

Ariana Grande singing Rolling in The Deep. 2011

Here's another:

“Karmin Suicide Roll Hair Tutorial” by Karmin

There are lots charming girls, of course, for example, there are tons of singers and actresses celebrities that possess a subtle charming quality. Of course, the younger they are, the more lovely they are, but the charm often stay with age. Some women, even at 50, still exude a feminine attractiveness. These qualities are often inherent in personality, which, in turn, results from their thoughts, how they are brought up -- how they view the world, perceive things.

For some example of aged charming ladies, see: Sexy Women: Katie Couric, Camille Paglia, Jane Hamsher.