The Female Mentality

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
marriage mortgage
A banner ad related to buying a house from on . It shows a woman dressed in a bride gown joyfully looking at the face of her groom whose head is a nice mansion. The image captures the predominant psyche of female and male relationship from female's perspective.

The poor males are burdened with acquiring a secure dwelling place since their inception, and good dwelling places are always scarce, from caves of yore or mansion of present. Often we'll have to risk our lives, as told in countless fairy tales of hero saving princesses. Perhaps feminists of our era can right this wrong? Imagine one day, we males happily look at prospective females, who will provide us houses and security. The females, will have to build cities, fight wars, toil in the fields. And we males, all have to do is to beautify ourselves.

diamond ad
Ad in Time Mag, .

It is a ad from a diamond company. It shows a small diamond with the caption “OH, MICHAEL, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE.”, then it shows a large diamond with the caption “OH, MICHAEL.”. At the bottom the ad says “NICE IN ANY SIZE. NAUGHTY IN A 1/2 CARAT OR MORE. MAKE A BIGGER STATEMENT.”. At the bottom of the ad is the slogan “A DIAMOND IS FOREVER”.

With modern angry feminists crying this and that injustices or abuses, when can we male animals expect diamond gifts from the pussy sex as a norm?

The slogan “A diamond is forever” is a legally protected marketing phrase that began its existence in 1947. It is a example of a cultural brain-washing success, traditionally phrased as successful marketing. Nevermind what is the significance of the phrase, or its meaning, but we all knew in heart now that a diamond is forever. In a society, where such a phrase is deeply imbued in our minds without thinking, would it be right for a guy not to buy a girl a diamond? Surely you do not want to have the appearance of cheapness?