Maleficent Raped My Sensibility

By Xah Lee. Date:
maleficent with wing

Disney has Maleficent. My sensibility is disturbed. This is patently sexist. They falsely connotes my sex with evil by name.

Per matter of fact, it should be called femaleficent.

maleficent halloween outfit

by the way, did you know being a male means bad ass?

etymology of male:

male (n.) late 14c., “male human being; male fish or land animal,” from Old French masle (adj.) “masculine, male, adult,” also used as a noun (12c., Modern French mâle), from Latin masculus “masculine, male, worthy of a man” (source also of Provençal mascle, Spanish macho, Italian maschio), diminutive of mas (genitive maris) “male person or animal, male.”

malefic (adj.) 1650s, from Latin maleficus “wicked, vicious, criminal,” from male “ill” (see mal-) + -ficus, from stem of facere “to make, do” (see factitious).

mal- word-forming element meaning “bad, badly, ill, poorly, wrong, wrongly,” from French mal (adv.), from Old French mal (adj., adv.) “evil, ill, wrong, wrongly” (9c.), from Latin male (adv.) “badly,” or malus (adj.) “bad, evil” (fem. mala, neuter malum), of unknown origin, perhaps related to Avestan mairiia “treacherous.” Most Modern English words with this prefix are 19c. coinagages

[etymology of male]

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