the Glorification of Female with Limblessness

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cp hlgoddess1
A replica of [ Winged Victory of Samothrace ] [ ].

American Heritage Dictionary tells us that:

Samothrace: 1. An island of northeast Greece in the northeast Aegean Sea off the coast of European Turkey. The famed Winged Victory of Samothrace, now at the Louvre in Paris, was sculpted c. 200 B.C. and found on the island in 1863.

cp v milo
A replica of [ Venus de Milo ] [ ].

This famous sculpture is found in 1820 at Greek island of Melos. It is a marble sculpture, dates to around 130 BC, 203 cm high, and its creator is Agesandros, from Antioch on the Meander. The arms are missing, but one may be upholding a apple and the other drooped holding her garment. It is purchased by France and currently sits at Louvre Museum of Paris.

As you can see, the world renowned statues Aphrodite Of Melos and Nike Of Samothrace so happens are armless. The fact of their armlessness must have contributed to the esteem of their beauty and popularity. This is because, the threat and hostility of human animals mostly came from their arms. Thus, the suppression or open display of arms is often a expression of friendliness. We can see this in for example the arms-up posture of surrender, or the arms up in worship, or the sexual attractiveness when a female presses her open-palms agaist the wall as rendering it visible and difficult for hostile movements. We can also see it in the language, where “unarmed” means without weapons. A armless woman, has immense subliminal sexual connotations. In fact, fantasies of amputated women is a mainstay in at least modern SM (sadomasochism) subculture.

computer graphics of a male with folded arms computer graphics of a female with  hands behind her back
Common postures used by male, and female, as found in the virtual world Second Life. The unfriendliness or imposing air of the folded-arms posture came from the arms, as a rampart in front of his body. While the loviness of the posture used by this female, came from the fact the most dangerous part of the human animal — the hands —are moved to the back.
spaceship figurehead
A spaceship figurehead by Oscar Chichoni, from his Mekanika Buy at amazon art book. [ Figurehead ] [ ] is the carved sculpture on the prow of ships, often female or bestial.
robot chick sculpture
“Robot Chick” sculpture by Brent Harris, 2003, at
From Hydrophidian Buy at amazon erotic comics by Michael Manning.
pony girl
from Tranceptor Buy at amazon erotic comics by Michael Manning.
amputee doll
A Doll Amputee, made in USA.
amputee doll 73376 01 amputee doll 73376 02 amputee doll 73376 04
amputee doll, made in Japan.
amputee furry 001
A amputee furry in Second Life. Screen shot on 2009-08. (the furry avatar is made by Wingless Emoto, the amputee mod is by Lu Hoffnung and Vega Fallen)

I asked her why she wears such a avatar, she said she has a amputee fetish. She expressed that she wanted to or fantasize in being one.

“dog (snow)” artwork depicting a amputated girl “dog (flower)” artwork depicting a amputated girl “dog (moon)” artwork depicting a amputated girl
Artworks by Makoto Aida (born 1965). From left to right: 《Dog (snow)》 1998, 《Dog (flower)》 2003, 《Dog (moon)》 1996.
doggy girl
Modern SM play. This image is from a video from a online BDSM site called [ insex ] [ ].
A comics from
Alison Lapper pregnant sculpture
Sculpture of a pregnant, armless woman [ Alison Lapper ] [ ] (born 1965) by [ Marc Quinn ] [ ].