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Dr. Debra Soh became famous around 2017 fighting the onset of sjw, in particular, trans issues.

She is one of the first 4 scientist that publicly defended James Damore vs Google incident. [see James Damore vs Google]

Trans Issues and Studying Sex (Pt. 1) | Debra Soh | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report
Aug 8, 2018
The Rubin Report

YouTube censorship at work. pull out money for Dr Debra Soh interview video

Dave Rubin  Debra Soh  YouTube censorship 2018-09-07 ZNYKf
Dave Rubin Debra Soh YouTube censorship 2018-09-07 [from [2018-09-07 ]]

i've watched the whole interview.


One week until THE END OF GENDER comes out and people are already losing their minds | Dr. Debra Soh
Jul 28, 2020
Dr. Debra Soh
The End of Gender Debra Soh 2020-08-03 2dNTT
[The End of Gender By Dr Debra Soh. At Buy at amazon ] [image source [2020-08-04 ]]