Feminism Perving

Perving on feminism — A whiff of sexology, ethology, ethnology, plus tits and ass.

What Japanese Think of Feminism (Interview)

What Japanese Think of Feminism (Interview)

real multi-culturalism at work.

Xah's sex edu corner: ox = adult castrated bull. cow = mature female bull. beef = their flesh as food.

Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

This is incredible. Just came out. 2 of the brightest minds on social.

And, watching Camille answer the first question, just amazing!

Twitter Censorship on nudity

i retweeted a nude photo of girl today, and twitter says the “tweet is unavailable”. But if you follow the link, you see that it is available.

twitter censorship nudity 2017 09 27 6762
twitter censorship nudity 2017-09-27. https://twitter.com/xah_lee/status/913019616099680259

Arianna Huffington v. Camille Paglia (1994), on feminism

Arianna Huffington v. Camille Paglia (1994), on feminism. Quite something. today's sjw no understand nothing.

Arianna Huffington, created the Huffington Post in 2005. It grew n grew, and under capitalism became this big media fuck just like every other. Exactly how, nobody understands.

back in 1994, who could possibly imagine, that feminism became this pro-Islam and gender-is-a-rainbow and let's beat up whitemen fuck?

Jim Carrey doing zen tango with a fashion girl

Jim Carrey Sounds Off on Icons and More at NYFW 2017 | E! Live from the Red Carpet

they are doing zen tango, and splendidly.

the fired #googlememo incident

guy Damore interviewed by Jordan Peterson incredible hitherto unknown details.

the fired #googlememo guy Damore interviewed by Jordan Peterson incredible hitherto unknown details.

[• I'm An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I'm Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity! By Vidya Narayanan. At https://medium.com/the-mission/im-an-ex-google-woman-tech-leader-and-i-m-sick-of-our-approach-to-diversity-17008c5fe999 , Accessed on 2017-08-14 ]

follow #googlememo author James Damore at https://twitter.com/Fired4Truth

the full pdf “Googles Ideological Echo Chamber” https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3914586/Googles-Ideological-Echo-Chamber.pdf

Cassie Jaye, teary

Cassie Jaye, got teary in the middle of interview. see starting at 9m here.

feminist sex positive bloggers vs pussy

during the blog era 10 years ago, there's a batch of feminist “sex positive” bloggers, usually purple hair, that write semi erotica, semi sex edu, telling you about “sex workers”, what should be, thorny and willful. Today. They gone. Replaced by 10 million nude selfies and camgirls, sans morality in your throat.

The Story of Laci Green

Laci Green LIVE: Red Pilling, Sex, and Constructive Dialogue

that's getting to know Laci.

if you don't know, she's a YouTube star. Started in 2005 or so days, made a lot money. She does sex education stuff, mostly to other young girls. She has million or such audiences.

Then, in recently months, she took the red pill.

in the video above, you see her story. Watch the 1st hour.

[• Columbia Settles Lawsuit With Victim Of “Mattress Girl” By Rob Shimshock. At http://dailycaller.com/2017/07/14/columbia-settles-lawsuit-with-victim-of-mattress-girl/ , Accessed on 2017-07-14 ]

The University of Columbia settled the lawsuit with money, how much is kept secret.

So the mattress girl texted the guy telling him to fuck her in the butt.

She is now doing bdsm porn, as “art”.

The Stars Baring Their Bodies

Maitland Ward translucent dress 2017 41112
Maitland Ward translucent dress 2017
miley cyrus outfit mtv 2015 92919
Miley Cyrus outfit mtv 2015

remember scifi utopia of orgy city? That is kinda here, however, scifi didn't foresee the rise of the social justice warriors.

if you don't agree with the dress, you'll be beaten.

Laci Green Slandered by Kelseigh Ingram, Huffington Post

Laci Green slandered by Kelseigh Ingram 2017 06 15 f3231
Laci Green slandered by Kelseigh Ingram. [• On Laci Green And White Women's Betrayal By Kelseigh Ingram. At http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/on-laci-green-and-white-womens-betrayal_us_5941a92be4b0d99b4c9210ef , Accessed on 2017-06-29 ]
Laci Green decries feminism journalism 2017 06 28
Laci Green decries feminism journalism 2017-06-28 〔image source https://twitter.com/gogreen18/status/880233019243601922

Camille Paglia on Destruction of NY Times

Camille Paglia on Destruction of NY Times

Camille Paglia on Destruction of NY Times. OMG, she is so POWERFUL, with SUBSTANCE. Makes me cry.

Everytime i read Paglia or her talk, she drop names like machine gun. For each, you can spend 10 minutes or hours reading about that person in depth. The name she drops varies greatly, From ancient Roman generals to European philosophers to great poets, to last generation literary figures, writers, to artists of all fields, from actresses to dancers to painters.

I first check the names she mentioned just to at least verify they exist and know just who they are, but to understand the meaning and context, you have to know something about those person, their deeds, and the time they lived in, and how her commentary makes sense about those person.

To be able to do what she does, it really means, daily, you bury your head in everything you read and hear about and do thinking to understand it, for decades. Great nerds do that with science things, she does with cultural things.

Scholars in Bondage, Dogma dominates studies of kink

[• Scholars in Bondage, Dogma dominates studies of kink By Camille Paglia. At http://www.chronicle.com/article/Scholars-in-Bondage/139251/ , Accessed on 2017-06-23 ]

from bigger tits to sex change with children to toy eunuchs

slowly, we witness the transformation of society via scifi in rich countries. From bigger tits, to now sex change starting with children. (hormone therapy e.g. http://nypost.com/2017/06/20/hormone-therapy-is-a-horrible-risk-for-kids/ )

scifi gave us enhanced ears, eye, brain, gill, claws, body mod. But i don't think sex change was part of the fantasy. Sex change, begotten from the ism in feminism, to lgbt, and today's genderism, via mutation.

O, note, actually, sex modification is actually a scifi from the BDSM community. e.g. you create toy eunuch, or create feminine creature with tits and penis. Though, the nature is a bit different from sex change.



my comment to laci green's video

great video. Fair. Thank you.

though, keep in mind, if you look at human history, of all things, with respect to prosperity and harmony, gender issues is not say the top 5 most important concern. (the term “gender issues”, is fairly recent. It was “war of the sexes” or “the men and women problem”)

the war of sexes, is not just a human problem. It's a common problem among mammals. Males, often fight to the death to beget female. And female, vie for the most powerful male. Killing for love, or mate, is also common. (suicide, murder for love, on news regurlarly)

And the sexes (male and female), are not totally in harmony, they are together for reproduction. (e.g. cheating, divorse, old/new boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. The concept of marriage, and pair forever, is social construct. It differ among species in animals. Human animals, do not pair forever, statistically thru-out history around the world.) And in terms of biology, reproduction is also struggles. (sperms fighting, egg as a gate, mestruation as a internal struggle, and pregnancy as struggle of baby vs mom) It's a balance of self interest vs a copy of yourself.

MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way

so, there's now MGTOW https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_Going_Their_Own_Way … we start to have a glimpse some future we never even imagined in scifi

by today's genderism, there are already many who are asexual, even among my friends.

still, i think the concept of men+women no longer get together, in foreseeable future, will never happen, at least not 4 most part of the world

cuz instinct to fuck, n women to baby, is buildin. unless we have Orwellian world ruled by bedroom cops of the sjw, humanity will keep fucking.

the euphemism “Men's Rights Movement”

1. it's quite intriguing, of the term “men's rights” movement. It's a long dogged tale of the evolution of zeitgeist.

2. it began, with the “rights”, as in “human rights”.

3. The “rights” concept must have traces back to Greek philosophy i think. And, by the way, the rights n justice concepts are entirely western. It basically don't exist in Asia. But mostly, the “human rights” didn't began as we know it since the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” in 1948. Which, must be part of the consequence of Nazi in World War 2, and the black slavery in USA before.

4. Now, human rights lead to feminism. One wonders the etymology of feminism. One might say, it actually should be just “women's right”, but that doesn't sound right for multitudes of reasons. Remember to lookup etymology of feminism.

5. Now, when feminism became nuts, we have what we might call anti-feminism. But, that doesn't sound right, and is unmarketable. Thus the euphemism “men's rights” movement. Loly, how marketability plays a role in English and our lifes.

it's similar to the phrases pro-choice and pro-life. Both are euphemisms.

It really was just pro abortion law and anti abortion law. But oh god, the word “abortion” brought about nasty images. So, we have pro-choice! And of course, the other side can't have anti-choice, thus we have pro-life.

etymology of feminism

1851, “qualities of females;” 1895, “advocacy of women's rights;” from French féminisme (1837); see feminine + -ism. Also, in biology, “development of female secondary sexual characteristics in a male” (1875).


so, it seems to originate from academia, philosophy, as sort of moralist movement. Namely, female, feminine, + ism. OMG, no wonder it's rotten.

Feminist turned Non-Feminist, the Red Pill Documentary by Cassie Jaye

Gothic Love, Commercial

Feminist turned Non-Feminist, the Red Pill Documentary by Cassie Jaye (on its own page, expanded)

American Flag Dress

Wonder Woman: from Bondage Heroine to Feminist to Sexpot (and to transgender figurehead)

Her Little Girl Snow Will be Violently Killed

woman goes to restaurant and tearfully says her little girl Snow will be violently killed. Snow is a chicken.

Portland burrito shop forced to close amid accusations of cultural appropriation, stealing recipes

[• This Week in Appropriation: Kooks Burritos and Willamette Week By Jagger Blaec. At http://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2017/05/22/19028161/this-week-in-appropriation-kooks-burritos-and-willamette-week , Accessed on 2017-05-24 ]

[• Portland burrito shop forced to close amid accusations of cultural appropriation, stealing recipes By Michael Bartiromo. At http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2017/05/24/portland-burrito-shop-forced-to-close-amid-accusations-cultural-appropriation-stealing-recipes.html , Accessed on 2017-05-24 ]

[• On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself By Keri Smithfollow. At https://medium.com/indian-thoughts/on-leaving-the-sjw-cult-and-finding-myself-1a6769b2f1ff , Accessed on 2017-05-21 ]

wohoo. Another has taken the red pill.

Toons USA Betty Boop on Bike!

Laci Green Took Red Pill

Laci Green, the girl famous for her sex edu videos since ~2010, then became sjw since Trump ~2016, now has taken the red pill! woohoo! People are still good, still good!

Laci Green, “TAKING THE RED PILL?” video uploaded 2017-05-11

by the way, the paper she is referring to, is Rebecca Tuvel’s article, “In Defense of Transracialism” published in “Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy”.

[• This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks Like By Jesse Singal. At http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/05/transracialism-article-controversy.html , Accessed on 2017-05-11 ]

[• The Uproar Over “Transracialism” By Rogers Brubaker. At https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/18/opinion/the-uproar-over-transracialism.html?smid=fb-share&_r=0 , Accessed on 2017-05-18 ]

Rare fact. When search engine began ~1999, they show what people search in real time on the home page. Some 50% is porn words. Probably still true today.

I recall, was it Google or AltaVista, that has a projector and shows search words in real time on the wall of company's lobby.

Camille Paglia: Free Women, Free Men (new interview added)

Rape Crisis in America

rape crisis in america 2017 05 06
Rape crisis in America. You wonder, why are there these sjw scumbags.

the woman there, Summer Brennan, has deleted that tweet. From her tweets, she seem to be a career sjw. Her tweets has lots men-hating.

“LINE TOWN”, “Cony and Brown”

relationship in a nutshell 50534

The cartoon is Japanese animation “LINE TOWN”, “Cony and Brown” (ラインタウン) 麻吉樂園. (2013) Popular in Japan, China, Korea.

that particular image may be a parody made in USA scum sites.

The Sad Story of the Charging Bull vs Fearless Girl

Sex Differences in Animals Other Than Human

[• What Do Feminists Think of Distinct Gender Roles in Other Species for Example in Chickens By Suzanne-Sadedin Ph.D In Evolutionary Biology. At https://www.quora.com/What-do-feminists-think-of-distinct-gender-roles-in-other-species-for-example-in-chickens/answer/Suzanne-Sadedin , Accessed on 2017-04-15 ]

new book.

Sex Scandal The Drive to Abolish Male and Female By Ashley Mcguire
Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female By Ashley Mcguire. Sex Scandal Drive Abolish Female

Camille Paglia: Free Women, Free Men

The Mating Mind by Geoffrey Miller
“The Mating Mind: The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature” by Geoffrey Miller Buy The Mating Mind 〔image source https://twitter.com/fsnole1/status/850877583839383552

See also: Reading Notes on “Intimate Behavior”

Google accused of ‘extreme’ gender pay discrimination by US labor department

this is funny. Now Google is being accused of gender pay gap, and by US labor department! lol.

[• Google accused of ‘extreme’ gender pay discrimination by US labor department By Sam Levin. At https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/apr/07/google-pay-disparities-women-labor-department-lawsuit , Accessed on 2017-04-15 ]

“code of conduct” as political power tool of the sjw to eliminate people they don't like

[• Drupal developer Larry Garfield's adherence to a sci-fi lifestyle earned him exile. Was he punished for a thoughtcrime? By Sonya Mann. At https://www.inc.com/sonya-mann/drupal-larry-garfield-gor.html , Accessed on 2017-04-06 ]

Note: i haven't investigated. Only scan'd the article.

Cherry Poptart, popular erotic comics in the 1980s and 1990 anti-porn era.