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women things, they rob women

nioxin hair women 2019-12-31 96p7n
nioxin hair women Buy at amazon

you buy!

fakenews target women

guardian churning fake news for women. females most easily fall for emotional stuff, n most loud in spreading fake news on social media. so news sites target them, since 10 yrs ago, n thing got worse n worse.

Guardian fakenews target women n7xwy
Guardian fakenews target women n7xwy

this fakenewsgradually became part of left pol way to win womn over. a powerful way cuz 50% pop r wm. men n wm need to meetup and usually men try to yield 2 wm. by injection, now half wary the other, n many men fall 4 ur pol 2.

this is a nasty tactic to deal with cuz if no agree then its easy say u misogy. yes 1 of the most powerful way to intro chaos/cult is on biological repro system cuz no one can escape

this wowen madness is eating self full of conflicts. saying men is prob, then want career before children, then old no men no child, sad + mad++, more blame men. men try to help, but more metoo, men no wanna touch no more, more mad.

rind et al controversy 2019-09-20 h2mgz
rind et al controversy 2019-09-20
San Fernando 2019-09-18 k3d4n-2
San Fernando, porn valley

Facts of Zoe Quinn

Facts of Brianna Wu, John Walker Flynt

Daughter is Chicken. Her Little Girl Snow Will be Violently Killed

New York City Gender Law

Jeffrey Epstein is dead

wow Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Said to be suicide. This guy, holds lots dark secrets. Likely, lots kings got entertained by teen girls via him. The list includes Marvin Minsky, major guy in artificial intelligence.

apparently, Gerald Sussman, the Scheme lisp guy, also went to the island.

When you are rich, at the level of billions. You invite other moguls, prominent politicians, scientists, with girls of pert tits doing their things, on a island, private, it hard to not bulge.

etymology of mogul

“powerful person,” 1670s, from Great Mogul (1580s), the common designation among Europeans for the Mongol emperor of India after the conquest of 1520s, from Persian and Arabic mughal, mughul, alteration of Mongol (q.v.), the Asiatic people. As a name for the best quality of playing cards, by 1742, so called for the design on the back.

[etymology of mogul https://www.etymonline.com/word/mogul]

Ivanka Trump 2004 2xf67-s212x294
Ivanka Trump. hot 🔥 🔥 💦
summer skirts flowing.
what sweetness.
thus i fell into the hand of God.
offspring are born.
Borghese Hermaphroditus 17049-s289x217
Sleeping Hermaphroditus

Camille Paglia on Lena Dunham. 2016-04-14

Gossip and Reputation rxvf3-s208x301
Women Fighting Women

Kavanagh vs Christine Ford

discovered this laurelai character

Laurelai Bailey 2019-05-19 Zwg8j
Laurelai Bailey 2019-05-19
xah talk show 2019-05-17 why teen girls gossip, mating behavior of women vs men, keyboards

naked yoga

naked yoga 2019-05-16 cg8qn
naked yoga 2019-05-16
dove ad pregnant at 40 pj62p-s222x282
pregnant at 40

Israel girls

i've noticed, Israel girls are extremely beautiful. Raven hair, blue eyes. i was ogling h3h3's wife.

this guy is h3h3, a youtuber with 4 million followers. His wife is often broadcasting with him Here's video where he talks about their romance.

How We Met At The Holocaust Museum
israel girls 2019-05-12 6j9qj-2
israel girls 2019-05-12 6j9qj

the sjgang is hitting up Camille Paglia. Mobilize, fight these skmbgs.

[UArts Students Call for Camille Paglia's Firing over Transgenderism Stance, #MeToo Movement By Tom Ciccotta. At https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/04/16/uarts-students-call-for-camille-paglias-firing-over-transgenderism-stance-metoo-movement/ ]

women's ads pouring in onto my twitter. I guess twitter trans'd me. lol. to help me focus on my women studies.

women twitter ads pond 2019-04-10 3sn2b
women twitter ads pond 2019-04-10

twitter women ads, linquistics girls vs women

twitter ad suave beauty 2019-04-07 k2ryc-2
twitter ad suave beauty 2019-04-07

for some reason, twitter thinks am a woman since few days ago. It kept showing me women ads. Thank you twitter. I am beautiful, and i have girl power.

there is some bit of linguistic interest. Note that, you hear “girl power”, never “women power”. and among women, they call themselfs girls. and words like slut, bitch, are predominantly used by women.

These all have biological basis. female call themselfs “girls”, cuz youth plays significant role. Namely, you can't have babies after mid life. The slot and beech words are manifestation of mating fight. (as opposed to males, manifested in fist fights, sometimes life and death.)

twitter ky jelly ad 2019-04-10 mgjvm
twitter ky jelly ad 2019-04-10 mgjvm

now am 100% sure twitter thinks am a woman.

these days, facts becomes fuzzy history just after 10 years, because, you try to web search, and all you get is disinfo. here's my blog about #Assange in 2010.

Wikileaks: Julian Assange Raped Women?

the chaos of the sjgang, began by fem gang, the abclbtqxyz thing, is getting worse. Now, about transvswomen. Tim Pool reports “Feminists In Civil War Over Trans Rights Law, Gender Inclusivity Could BACKFIRE On Feminists” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jU29eql1cI

why women wear earrings? cuz it shines or moves? why shine? cuz it attractions attention. Why attract attention? cuz it say sex. why women say sex? cuz babies grow in young women. They let you know. Sumerian earrings, 5 thousand years ago. https://twitter.com/archaeologyart/status/1110043666415058944

lol, women judge on men's shoes.

[7 Pieces of Shoe Advice for Men From 434 Single Women By Tucker Max And Geoffrey Miller. At https://observer.com/2015/09/7-pieces-of-shoe-advice-for-men-from-434-single-women/ ]

and it's actually correct report, i'd say. but more importantly, women don't care what you wear, really, not even how you look. your personality, confidence, gets them wet.

courtship is truly the most fascinating thing. you want it, she want it, but you just have to work things out. like, there's a sea of people, half male, half female. you get together, and humanity survives.


The University of Michigan Has At Least 82 Full-Time Diversity Officers at a Total Annual Payroll Cost of $10.6M

That Would Support Full In-State Tuition for 708 Students. https://twitter.com/Mark_J_Perry/status/1079564863435870208

upcoming women's march canceled, because it's too white

lol. feminism stuff, have always been elite white women's thing https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/1079460201881915392

matrix womb farm

matrix womb farm 60c38
matrix womb farm

This is the matrix womb farm. Sexes will not be equal until this arrives. When women don't have babies in their tummy, sexes will be equal, then.

classification of femism

in the land of femism, their jargon n classification is chaotic, like self-conflicting of sj gang. there is feminist, anti fem, gender fem, pro porn, anti, nth wave, equity, militant fem (e.g. kill all men S.C.U.M Manifesto (by Valerie Solanas) ), and today feminist against trans aka TERF.

Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu ban'd on patreon

They defunded me on Patreon, now they want SubscribeStar 😔
by Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu.
Dec 15, 2018
stripper vs mathematician dd539
stripper vs mathematician

girl and dog

i just saw, a dog futtering a human girl. well, i've seen it before, earliest perhaps in 90s. But, usually the girl isn't pretty, but some weird sheeet. This time, it's a pretty girl, and the vid is with clarity and close up.

When i was 16, in Montreal Canada, there are lots gay men hitting me. I can understand now. There is nothing more juicy than a 16 years old body. One day, this guy (30ish i think), took me to his home. He's got a wolf dog. He started to massage my shoulder, and the dog gets all excited.

I think copulating with dog is rather common. Doing girl or men. But, is it more common today or before industrialization? am thinking, far more common before. #xahwords of the day is beastiality, futter, and copulation.

by the way, i first learned the word futter from Sir Richard Burton's The Arabian Nights The Arabian Nights around 2005. And if you look up the word online, it was me, Xah Lee, added that word to the internet.

it's not clear to me, if Sir Richard Burton invented the word futter, or it existed before.

Camille Paglia: “Hillary wants Trump to win again”

omg. ignore Jordan for a moment. read the linked article that's Camille Paglia. She is, the supreme writer of this century. Read, and savor, every of her words.

[Camille Paglia: “Hillary wants Trump to win again” The author and academic discusses 2020, Trump and Jordan Peterson By Camille Paglia. At https://spectator.us/camille-paglia-hillary-trump/ ]


sm and fem ism

Today’s formalized scenarios of bondage and sadomasochism belong to a tradition, but poststructuralism, with its compulsive fragmentations and dematerializations, is incapable of recognizing cultural transmission over time. (FWFM 2017)

Camille Paglia


O man, what great words, great observation. today's SM, is commercialized lunch box. Especially when sj arrived on the scene. Though, note that just 20 years ago, u goto jail for obscenity charges, by Christian conservatives.

sm is a funny thing. u see, it's like when u watch courtships of other animals on science tv, sometimes eat, u r bewildered. well, human animals same, and sm is one form. typically, female assume m, male s.

with coming civilized politics of niceness n uppity help mentality, sm is incompatible, yet, fundamental in our nature. sm becomes a commercial lunch box, with rules and law. Unnatural, yet ever more depraved. the love is gone, the thrill is gone. you got forced corporeal smiles.

The Feminist Life Script and Misery

this is for my female followers.

[The Feminist Life Script Has Made Many Women Miserable. Don't Let It Sucker You By Joy Pullmann. At https://thefederalist.com/2018/12/11/the-feminist-life-script-has-made-many-women-miserable-dont-let-it-sucker-you/ ]

Camille Paglia, on the street, shouting against feminists.


old footage, must be from late 1980s or early 90s.

note that back then, feminism is anti pn. says that women r abused or forced in pn. They haven't seen today's camgirls n all the selfies.

The Essence of Charming Girls

Racism Humor: Asians in UCLA (Video)

Penelope Trunk is creating stability

loool! “Penelope Trunk is creating stability”! i always love her writings. https://twitter.com/penelopetrunk/status/1069559122830475265

left infighting, trans vs femism, vagia Monolog

this is so funny. lgbtq, originally band together for pol cause: small band together. now infighting.

Why Social Justice And The Far Left Are Doomed To Collapse. by Tim Pool, Published on Nov 28, 2018

“vagia Monolog” is a femsm stuff of 90s, very silly, trumpeting body parts. now it's ban'd. Of 90s college girls, am sure some r very angry n aghast how things r now. like, ur whole life fought for sj with soc's nodding. now, u r just some1 who did wrong.

lol. this guy, doing a movie review. very funny.

his subject is controversial movies related to sexualized young girls.

The Most Controversial Movies pt. 3: Underaged characters/actors

what's that guy's accent? and, is he doing that on purpose?

his movie list are

Baby Doll Buy at amazon

Baby Doll was featured in The New York Times' Guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made

dr Jumana Nagarwala, cut off 9 girl's gen

so, dr Jumana Nagarwala, cut off 9 girl's gen, aged 8 and 13 in Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and judge declared it's not a federal crime. The final outcome of the lawsuit is still unknown. this is interesting, how the sjfemismleftislm is going in usa.

wild thoughts fireworking in my brain. Ties to bdsm headquarter in rainbow city San Francisco. trying to connect reason and fantasy.

women today are very unhappy, very confused. can't be women, can't beat men. All they got now, is their body while young. They in this limbo state. anger and chaos.

the magic of the word consensual, especially in femismnbdsm, is will. Willingness and desire, lies between explicit n implicit. In between, is fantasy and dunno. u usually dunno what u want.

from bird's eye view, tech freed women. but after a while, the burden of responsibility is attached. but baby still grow in ur tummy. Until human animal society began the baby matrix, average women gonna suffer.

Sheryl Sandberg hypocrite

Sheryl Sandberg is facebook's second in command, after Zuckerberg.

“Sheryl Sandberg's saintly image in Silicon Valley is unravelling She is one of Silicon Valley's most beloved figures and was tipped to be a presidential candidate. But it's all crashing down for Sheryl Sandberg.”

this woman is a hypocrite. i inferred from Camille Paglia's comment on her.

sex decreased in western nations and japan

sex decreased in western nations and japan https://twitter.com/katejulian/status/1062348285007007746

though, the article doesn't say anything about islamic conutries.

Ladyboy, Pattaya Walking Street, Thailand

Camille Paglia: It's Time for a New Map of the Gender World

Paglia's writings are truly impeccable. impeccable, is the word.

[Camille Paglia: It's Time for a New Map of the Gender World By Claire Lehmann. At https://quillette.com/2018/11/10/camille-paglia-its-time-for-a-new-map-of-the-gender-world/ ]

Jordan Peterson sits down debating with a British Feminist

Just watched this. Spectacular. Jordan Peterson sits down debating with a British Feminist. Not sure who she is, but she's willing to listen and argue. (unlike, say, that Cathy Newman fak) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkxiSzdQ7C8

Jordan Peterson is truly one of the great intellectual. He's got depth, plus charisma, not the flashy kinda. He's got the ability to utter complex concepts in a logical and precise way. His knowledge is also broad. Classic philosophers are like that.

Ho Xuan Huong erotica e1e54-s217x289
erotic jackfruit

Victoria's Secret's Predicament

things like Victoria's Secret, and Cosmopolitan girl etc, r in a dire strait. Their business's lingerie, basically revolves around girls showing their skin as human animal's sexual ritual. But now u can't do without draggin patry or shaming etc.

“Models presented a glittery catwalk extravaganza at the 2018 #VictoriaSecretFashionShow on November 8 at Pier 94 in New York City http://bit.ly/2PjWkvH ”

Victoria's Secret's Predicament. one 1 hand you want to sell sexy undies. you want girls to buy them. on the other, patriaky n “plus size” n trans n ugly women n objectification n islam head covering isms are standing in the way.
yogi eggs 2018-11-05 8f255-s250x250
yoni eggs

Camille Paglia: The Rise of “Strangely Unsexy” Instagram Exhibitionism

[Camille Paglia: The Rise of “Strangely Unsexy” Instagram Exhibitionism — And Why It Hurts Women By Camille Paglia. At https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/camille-paglia-takes-millennials-strangely-unsexy-instagram-posts-1148415 ]

china pn, and effect on courtship views

i've been watching china pn this year on twitter. 1 thing interesting is that all are home made (or cam girl). in contrast to western/japan pn, where vast majority is jaded professionals. fake mood, fake lighting, fake cries, fake acts, and loveless #xahsex

watching recording of people doing sex daily has an effect on u. It changes your view on courtship. It drives in the fact, how urgent, down to earth, it is. every one u know , is doing something like that. (e.g. look at your twitter) and historical figures, kings n queens to peasants.

by the way, chinese pn are all phone recorded because pn is illegal in china.

girls posting naked selfies on reddit

on reddit, there's realgirls group. and the girls, flock there posting naked pic of themselfs. what a wonder.

“it's exhibitionist...”

i think it's beyond exhibitionism. exhibitionist supposed to be psychological freaks. But i think, what we are seeing, is a nature of girls. it is a human animal courtship ritual. The technology, internet, just made it more, shall we say, naked. :D

note that, reddit has been a pon fodder since at least 2010. Have a gander, a purview, of human animal's communication on the topic of sx http://xahlee.org/Periodic_dosage_dir/reddit_porn_fodder.html

reddit began, in 2005, somewhat like the nature of hackernews. It was the mecca of programer geeks. Originally was written in #CommonLisp. Then, switched to #python. In the beginning, all subreddits are programer stuff (i think)

Movie Gosnell, Abortion, and Pro-Choice Max

was for women's choice to abort babies. but after 2017 seeing the left sjfaks, am not sure.

The thing, is a flip of mind. There really is no moral high ground. With tech now, we could also clone human, have artificial womb farm, and we could label it pro-choice max


the movie gosnell, is this https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3722234/ it has hight ratings now. the story is this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kermit_Gosnell basically, the guy aborts outside law. e.g. what if the baby came out alive? scissor the spine

there is a facebook page for gosnell movie https://www.facebook.com/gosnellmovie?_fb_noscript=1 apparently, it's under threat of being dropped from theaters. so, go see it.

sinead o'connor converted to islam

sinead o'connor converted to islam. lol. (twitter search her name for pics) lots celebrities have mental problems and became weird hags when they get old. Especially women. when i was young, in ~1992, i listened to her songs

here's twitter search link https://twitter.com/search?q=sinead%20oconnor

Sinead O'Connor , posted a video of her mental illness in 2017. very sad

Sinead O'Connor's new twitter page is this https://twitter.com/MagdaDavitt77 sad. and attacking Trump all day

To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University

extraordinary. To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFL6k5yOAFM by professor Janice Fiamengo @JaniceFiamengo

chinese stewardess 2018-10-07-s373x168
chinese stewardess

sj man roundhouse kicks a woman


or watch it at


the guy is Jordan Hunt, he is on the run, but is fired. more info at https://rwnofficial.com/male-feminist-who-kicked-a-pro-life-woman-just-got-a-brutal-dose-of-justice/

what happened to Lindsay Shepherd

here's Benjamin A Boyce interviewing Lindsay Shepherd, on the aftermath. (as of now, of course)

Somewhat Censored with Lindsay Shepherd, by Benjamin A Boyce https://twitter.com/BenjaminABoyce

omg, i've seen many videos of Lindsay. Here's she's the MOST flirty and HAPPY! Her hair is burning.

lindsay shepherd flirty 2018-10-03 0825f
lindsay shepherd flirty 2018-10-03 0825f

women's peak fertility age is 24

women's peak fertility age is 24. tough. and white women r having less children to replace themselfs, for 40 years now. i sense, if the sj goes on, handmaid tale's gonna be reality.

peak fertility age

Lindsay Shepherd @NewWorldHominin is so super intelligent

if the sj goes on, as they are currently, civil war might break out, or similar, as we r already “culture war”. and even if not, the sj society they created, will not last long before self collapse into chaos. Or, islam or other takes over. The horror is, what the victor will do.

discovered a chinese reality tv show 创造101


lol, that's just ogling at chinese girls. looking at the comments, seems majority watcher are girls. here's Wikipedia Produce 101 (Chinese TV series)

god, too many pon in my feed. now it's like everytime i open twitter. need to move them to jail.

before, sex practices and behavior was a mystery. Sexologists took decades to write a measly survey report, e.g. Masters and Johnson. Now, everyone selfies, dick n cunt galore. Tech resolves mystery.

the prob with too many pon on twitter in ur stream is that, every time u open twitter, saw it, it stuck. u have to look for a while, can't do nothing else. that's the state of men, bound by nature.

when i was 17 in Montreal, Canada, ~1986, i have a Portuguese friend of same age, that everytime he came over, he'd open the penthouse mags i have, stuck there and for the whole time. Super fkg annoying.

kungfu paglia 2018-09-21 92baa-s334x187
Kungfu Paglia

Camille Paglia on masculine communication and feminine communication

spectacular. I can never get tired of her.

Difference Between Male and Female

The Metoo Circus. Asia Argento to Rose McGowan: You Will be Hearing from My Lawyers

[Asia Argento to Rose McGowan: You will be hearing from my lawyers By Katherine Lam. At http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/09/18/asia-argento-to-rose-mcgowan-will-be-hearing-from-my-lawyers.html ]

video report by Tim Pool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktyz6d_hGJg

lol. both women were leading #metoo figures. Now, claw each other's eyes out. when Argento paid a guy she had sex with when he was 17. $380k.

i dunno who's Rose McGowan. Looking up, i only remember the Planet Terror, which i didn't actually watch. Here's the machine gun leg scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIKQ8ZbxxWQ

i dunno who's Asia Argento neither. But the first 4 min here gives some animations. it's Megyn Kelly's show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqZDqe3Nxvs omg the plot got deeper. So, she was with Anthony Bourdain, a famous cook, who kld himself. Argento is prettyish

Rose McGowan is 45. here's some Wikipedia snippet. Looks like she is a problem person. probably hates gays and trans. but lol, these gays and trans is a circus the egregious left and milen gen created.

Rose McGowan 2018-09-18 5f010
Rose McGowan 2018-09-18 5f010

and, lol, of wikipedia 4.7k words article on Rose McGowan, it completely avoided any mention with the Asia Argento break out. usually, wp is quick with updates, like, within 10 min any such controversial news breaks out.

Asia Argento is 42. here's her when she's young. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YRDhqxzTBk

Asia Argento (born 1975) in 1998 B. Monkey (1998) - Official Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLfl0RiOvEM

male varies greatly, from geniuses to idiots, while females tends to remain the same

evolution male variability 2018-09-08 19653
evolution male variability 2018-09-08 [source https://arxiv.org/pdf/1703.04184.pdf]

male varies greatly, from geniuses to idiots, while females tends to remain the same. This is a evolution result, when female selects mates.

the paper is being erased. For detail, see Academic Activists Send a Published Paper Down the Memory Hole https://quillette.com/2018/09/07/academic-activists-send-a-published-paper-down-the-memory-hole/

in society, sometimes, some truth can be troubling. let's scale this down and be concrete. Say, in your family, some truth are troubling. u have 2 choices: openly accept it, or lie. It's a difficult choice. It's not certain, which choice benefits you in the long run, which harms.

In general, with respect to larger society and long term, truth always benefits us. Because, otherwise you'd be living in the dark. But i think it's hard to prove this scientifically, because it's too broad, it's hard to word it in a scientific way. It involves defining humanity's goal.

the issue at hand here are things like race and IQ, or, here the case of male variability with female being pretty much the same. Or, scale it down, what if it's known to all your coworkers that you are stupid than most? you are abnormal? Accept, or deny?

part of the problem is perspective, or your culture. Some things, there are many ways to look at it. If you look at male variabibility and say jesus we women are fucked. perhaps the problem is your point of view, your culture. Not the truth.

part of the problem with things like race and IQ is that they can be easily abused. The very concept, seems to be damnation. And some such finding may also be just a particular point of view, usually from those came out beneficial to hear it.

Unless some nasty force is pushing it, i think we can just ignore it, it's not unlike one hundred negative things about humanity. E.g. You are dumb, ugly. You gonna die. you are born poor. yourdick is small. yourtits are small. humans are nasty, breed n eat others, pollute every where we go.

today, the sj gang are doing sensor and suppression, i don't think it's a matter of culture or philosophy issue or perspective anymore. They are doing it, for money and power. Except naive young college students, i think most sj are doing it intentionally like white collar criminals.

the Diversity and Equity departments today are like medievil Inquisition.

selfie ass 0b575-s281x222
selfie ass