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“feminist frequency”, the first true scum, that began the sjw wave of today

feminist frequency prettify 4b811
feminist frequency prettified. «Complaining about “unrealistic depictions of women in videogames”» [source https://twitter.com/xah_lee/status/999207830648381440]

the “feminist frequency”, is the first true scum, that began the sjw wave of today. She, lied, cheated money. She, in part, created a revolt in gamer community now known as gamer gate. I thought due to her blatant lie and swindle of donation, she'd fall. but, she became sjw leader.

by the way, there's a S.C.U.M Manifesto (by Valerie Solanas (a militant feminist who advocate killing all men)), extremely funny, and actually foresaw our tech future.

[see S.C.U.M Manifesto (by Valerie Solanas)]

i wasn't involved in the gamer gate when it happened. I was confused about which side the term refers. One simple way to remember is, Gamer gaters r, nerds, brother type to ladies, but keen. Gamer gaters are: “your bullisht don't pass here”.

See con artist Anita Sarkeesian's original video Damsel in Distress in Video Games, and the Solution

Royal Wedding married a black!

royal wedding married a black 24a79
royal wedding married a black

the #RoyalWedding yesterday, every girl is like talking about it. it's women's thing, a obsession of some sort. stupid women things. why can't u be interested in say, quantum math.

royal wedding married a black  hollynaylor 46d2a
royal wedding married a black hollyynaylor

then, from a 14 years old girl tweet that went viral. I learned, O, so the bride's mom is black. O, racism circus. Ten thousand sjw flocked her.

u c, British Royal Family, by definition, it's a clan of kinship. u dont marry a black from another nation. It is, the definition of aristocracy. but of course, time has changed. Brit Monarchy is in name only. A show biz of sorts. UK is no kingdom long ago.

pink haired fem, as hippies, punks, goths, emos

pink hair fem 2018 05 5ecfd
pink hair fem

2018-05-11. in 70s we have hippies, 80s punks, 90s goths, 2000s we have emos. i think these pink hair fem and feminine men symbolize 2010s discontent youths.

context https://twitter.com/xah_lee/status/994977609346772994

what Kim Kardashian sells

kkw body 48278
kkw body. Kim Kardashian's stuff

what https://twitter.com/KimKardashian Kim sells, is sex. she's got 59 million followers. more than https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton or https://twitter.com/wikileaks

Kim's stuff, is pretty much the same as women's mags, eg @Cosmopolitan . This new sex trick will surprise your man. Written by women.

one thing interesting when looking at number of followers is, you get uncensored info about human animals's interests. Kim, Sex, pop stars, millions. Female, typically 10 times more than male. Politicians less. world's top mathematician, nobody!

context https://twitter.com/xah_lee/status/995181905204072448

Wonder Woman: from Bondage Heroine to Feminist to Sexpot

male female sexual value by age f5313
male female sexual value by age [The Rational Male. FINAL EXAM – NAVIGATING THE SMP By Rollo Tomassi. At https://therationalmale.com/2012/06/04/final-exam-navigating-the-smp/ ]

Qipao and Cultural Appropriation (major update)

Chainman Pao

Ellen Pao xah lee twitter 2018 05 03 9dabc
for the record. Ellen Pao xah lee twitter 2018-05-03
Ellen Pao Timcast twitter 2018 05 03 c5a22
for the record. Ellen Pao Timcast 2018-05-03 https://twitter.com/Timcast/status/992161406660235264

looks like she's super rich and power hungry. A sjw leader. she's born in USA. Read wikipedia about her history Ellen Pao (as of 2018-05-03T15:00:52-07:00)

Normally, Wikipedia has strong sjw bia. In her case, it's mostly negative.

“incel”, is a derogatory term for inept guy who can't get laid.

Lol, so she had big history. She's being known as Chainman Pao.

chairman Pao 2018 05 03 v2cn9
chairman Pao

Qipao and Cultural Appropriation

book of the day.

A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis , 2001. by David M. Friedman Buy at amazon

Evolution of Emoji

Why Women Show Boobs?

Pretty Girls and Their Selfies

chocking dance c1f26
a dance of chocking [image source https://twitter.com/AliceDreger/status/989123233004834816]

pretty girl getting girl slaves fo you

[“Smallville” actress Allison Mack arrested for alleged sex cult involvement By Andrew O'Reilly, Stephanie Nolasco. At http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/04/21/smallville-actress-allison-mack-arrested-for-alleged-sex-cult-involvement.html ]

Raniere, the co-founder of the self-help organization and alleged cult NXIVM, stands accused of keeping numerous women as slaves and branding his initials into their skin.

He was was arraigned last week on the same charges as Mack and was denied bail as he awaits his next court appearance on April 27.

Mack appeared in “Smallville,” a TV series about a young Clark Kent, from 2001-2011, before dedicating her life to NXIVM and Raniere.

According to NXIVM’s former publicist, Frank Parlato, Mack came up with the idea of a secret society of women within the organization who would be branded near their groin area.

“She was the principal recruiter of young slaves for Raniere,” Parlato told Fox News on Friday. “They nicknamed her Pimp Mack.”

here's photos of the branding on women, and video about NXIVM https://throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/nxivm-karma-pronounced-nex-ee-um-smoking-hot-branding-concept/

So, Allison Mack is second in command at NXIVM

here's Wikipedia article. NXIVM

her insta and tweeters are:

Archive it now! it'll be gone soon.

here's nxivm's site as of now

nxivm site 2018 04 22
nxivm site 2018-04-22

lol, trying to invoke justice.

you don't brand women and get away.

Spanish Ad, Diana Empoderada

spanish ad diana empoderada 2018 04 22
Spanish Ad, Diana Empoderada 2018-04-22 [from https://twitter.com/gemini_khalil/status/987746575605817344]

can't believe this is real, even in hispanic countries.

Camille Paglia on Megyn Kelly

gender fluid

I walked into a hipster coffee shop and asked for a cup of “gender fluid.” The cashier just pointed to the barista.

2018-03-10 [https://twitter.com/antipcnyuprof/status/972473741866397696]

Women, Hormonal, the Hidden Intelligence of Hormones

Overwatch Tracer = One Repulsive Ugly Futter

the overwatch main character Tracer, is one repulsive ugly futter, in any way you look at. Hard to describe, but basically, today's sinister camp look futter.

note that, back in the 1990s, androgynous can be sexy. But not today's sinister camp futter.

overwatch tracer 2018
Overwatch Tracer

how shall one describe it? semi monkey wimp that's not a man nor woman. A pudding.

[The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature By Geoffrey Miller. At Buy at amazon ]

biology, cheating wife vs cheating husband

It's evolutionary, which doesn't mean it's good.

Before birth control, if a woman cheated, her man might end up raising another man's child. Women face different risks, like abandonment…

[from Bret Weinstein https://twitter.com/BretWeinstein/status/963524451047374848 2018-02-13 ]

this is very well said. This is why, before modern age, a cheating wife is regarded as severe crime. A cheating husband, does not impact wife in having children. It's also why, man+many wife is common. 1 wife and many husband is rare, cuz it does not help the wife to have children.

why is this “having children” matters? because, those behavior that don't get you lots children, your type dies off. This is why, our predilections is heavily based on what's called evolution.

these things, are basic biology. However, it seems to be a lost knowledge. I guess, the god-believers don't want it, and now the sjw don't want it. I don't tweet these things, but since 2017, seeing how ignorant n tyrannical usa has become, i find it imperative.

also, on twitter/facebook, these corp squeeze $ by all means, forces u to repeatedly post the same thing to get read or do brainless memes. Now i find it necessary to do 2. Almost everything u read on twitter has been said 100 times, even from same guy. But u r forced to repeat

This Valentine's day, boost your sex drive!

Or, gift it to your limp hubby

buy L Arginine sex drive supplement

You BUY! you happy, i happy. Everybody's happy. One big peaceful happy family. The world as one. We help Africa and women and minority and the differently enabled.

Scientists Say High-Heels Good for Your Health

dance or die

this is peacock spider. The male dances. If she is not pleased, you become lunch.

peacock spider mating dance

In animal kingdom, sex often are filled with tries, and males, are the beautiful ones, instigator, females are the gate keeper.

i feel obliged now to do edu stuff, cuz, younglings have become uber ignoramuses.

in human animal kingdom, this means, men, try all they can, to have sex, while women, don't have to do anything. This is also why, men, are induced to be scientists, inventors, engineers, madman, serial killers, out of competition, while women, are just sitting pretty for the most part.

this does not mean, oh, women are fucked, as the sjw scum want to push. Now with tech, women can do what they want, but it is up to women to compete in cut-throat man's world. If u want to be scientist, engineer, u study, and stop reading @Cosmopolitan tits and victim fuck.

context: https://twitter.com/primalpoly/status/961975081755815936

What is Misogyny

Korean Rhythmic Gymnast Son Yeon-Jae

Hijab, Censorship of Women's Sexual Expression

the “hijab”, a cloth that cover women's hair. Basically, it function as censorship of women's sexual expression. Hair is one of the youth/health indicator, and important to female cuz women's chance of having baby drastically reduces after 30.

in USA, a free country, some sinister left women think hijab is novel and fashion. Not until it becomes a law, that you have to wear it at all times in public when adult male is present. In middle east countries, it is a law.

context https://twitter.com/AmyMek/status/959155730602487813

Why We Don't Have More Women in Science? (updated)

Google Search, White Couple vs Black Couple

[The Empress Has No Clothes: The Dark Underbelly of Women Who Code and Google Women Techmakers By Marlene Jaeckel. At https://medium.com/@marlene.jaeckel/the-empress-has-no-clothes-the-dark-underbelly-of-women-who-code-and-google-women-techmakers-723be27a45df ]

Marlene Jaeckel's twitter is https://twitter.com/mjaeckel

the first time i see dr Warren Farrell. wow.

How Have Gender Issues Changed In The Last 40 Years? | Dr. Warren Farrell #RPRF

via https://twitter.com/Cassie_Jaye

Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers on feminism.

silicon valley sjw is now hitting a chinese girl

the sjw in usa is now attacking a chinese girl. why? because she's sexy, she is feminine, and she's doing tech. https://twitter.com/RealSexyCyborg/status/928738273333088256

this is her.

RealSexyCyborg 08600
hot. the chinese girl that became controversial in sillicon valley USA. Confused the heck out of conservatives and sjw alike
Firefly 8s Evaluation- I visit the Hawkye Action Camera offices

i didn't know what's her story, and thought she's mostly just a showgirl.

actually, it seems she's a hardware hacker. (not the hardcore hacker of man's world. But, someone who does and teach hardware stuff.)

here's her video hacking on drone.

Drone Hacking a FAKE Makerspace

the conservatives be like, what a rape inviting bimbo. sjw's like, omg, patriarchy and stereotypes, no wonder girls are not in tech.

so, apparently, she's actually courting publicity in usa, that's why the controversy broke out.

and she seems to be, a bit aggressive about it, saying that her work deserves it, citing her reputation etc.

also, interesting is that, her english is very good. And, she seems to know the usa culture well, such as red pill and sjw.

so, that means, she might have lived in usa or studied in usa.

also, btw, her tits is a job. (i recall she said that somewhere before, probably her chinese site) so, she's probably upperclass.

i can't stop being amused watching that video of hers. Dressed like a harlot, strutting on the street in day light, walk into tech building offices... and her nipples is staring at you.

and, of course, she's acting as nothing weird.

So, what do you make of it? Well, it's just a smart hot techy chick doing her stuff. Rather, extreme. Is she great hacker? by all means, no. Why does she got lots followers? More tits and ass than tech for sure. If she's a guy, would she get lots followers? lol, probably a handful.

word on the psy street is that read this book and you'll get all the chicks you want For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women April 3, 2006 by Shaunti Feldhahn, Jeff Feldhahn

ovulation and mating strategy of women

Fertile, flirty, and fierce: Kristina Durante at TEDxSanAntonio 2013 https://twitter.com/KristinaDurante

Why We Don't Have More Women in Science?

What Japanese Think of Feminism (Interview)

What Japanese Think of Feminism (Interview)

real multi-culturalism at work.

Xah's sex edu corner: ox = adult castrated bull. cow = mature female bull. beef = their flesh as food.

Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

This is incredible. Just came out. 2 of the brightest minds on social.

And, watching Camille answer the first question, just amazing!

Twitter Censorship on nudity

i retweeted a nude photo of girl today, and twitter says the “tweet is unavailable”. But if you follow the link, you see that it is available.

twitter censorship nudity 2017 09 27 6762
twitter censorship nudity 2017-09-27. https://twitter.com/xah_lee/status/913019616099680259

Arianna Huffington v. Camille Paglia (1994), on feminism

Arianna Huffington v. Camille Paglia (1994), on feminism. Quite something. today's sjw no understand nothing.

Arianna Huffington, created the Huffington Post in 2005. It grew n grew, and under capitalism became this big media fuck just like every other. Exactly how, nobody understands.

back in 1994, who could possibly imagine, that feminism became this pro-Islam and gender-is-a-rainbow and let's beat up whitemen fuck?

Jim Carrey doing zen tango with a fashion girl

Jim Carrey Sounds Off on Icons and More at NYFW 2017 | E! Live from the Red Carpet

they are doing zen tango, and splendidly.

the fired #googlememo incident

guy Damore interviewed by Jordan Peterson incredible hitherto unknown details.

the fired #googlememo guy Damore interviewed by Jordan Peterson incredible hitherto unknown details.

[I'm An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I'm Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity! By Vidya Narayanan. At https://medium.com/the-mission/im-an-ex-google-woman-tech-leader-and-i-m-sick-of-our-approach-to-diversity-17008c5fe999 , accessed on 2017-08-14 ]

follow #googlememo author James Damore at https://twitter.com/Fired4Truth

the full pdf “Googles Ideological Echo Chamber” https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3914586/Googles-Ideological-Echo-Chamber.pdf

Cassie Jaye, teary

Cassie Jaye, got teary in the middle of interview. see starting at 9m here.