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feministfrequency shut

the skum feministfrequency is shut. note, the 2slgbtqiplustrans that today women hate, is all began by feminism, starting primarily with this Anita Sarkeesian.

feministfrequency 2023-08-01 sbHn

Cyndi Lauper ♪ She Bop

bop is zoomer's coom. this is back when christians ruled america.

Men Are Lonely Cocks, Women Are Social Networks

this highlights one of the diff between men n women.

men vs women 2023-06-10 wPSQR
men vs women 2023-06-10 wPSQR https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/1667327987681722369

for men, they are mostly cocks. we roam alone, and must constantly fight other men. for women, they are social creatures, bound with other women and children.

for man to cross-sex as woman, it's usually just a game. because there are huge amount of psyco men, from thiefs to gangsters to killers to kings. it's all men. anything goes.

for an unprepared girl to cross-sex into man, often it's a big surprise. (unless, u r already a butch dyke)

have not updated the webfeed for over a year. check out the site instead. at Feminism Perving Blog . i might start the webfeed again, but busy.

women injecting tits 2023-02-17
women injecting tits 2023-02-17

some controversy going on with miss universe philippine

beauty pageant 2023-01-14 nPHP3
beauty pageant 2023-01-14 nPHP3

Linguistics of thot vs egirl

linguistics of thot 2022-11-10 Ykwk5
linguistics of thot 2022-11-10 Ykwk5
Evolutionary Psychologist Shares How Women Select Men
Mar 16, 2022
Jordan B Peterson

Dr. David Buss and I discuss his groundbreaking work in evolutionary psychology. Our conversation forays into human mating practices & strategies, female preferences, dominance hierarchies, (fe)male aggression, emotional regulation & status, the dark triad (narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy), inherent inequality, and much more.

Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind 6th Edition by David M Buss. Buy at amazon

The Evolution of Desire | David Buss | The JBP Podcast | #235
Mar 14, 2022
Jordan B Peterson

china porn is great, cuz china ban porn, so vast majority of china porn is real natural porn, recorded by average young people

Women Wage Gap

Women Change Men

Camille Paglia quote p2VGr
“There is an element of entrapment in female sex, a subliminal manipulation leading to physical and emotional infantilization of the male.” — Camille Paglia. Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson 1990 Buy at amazon

Camille Paglia, remarkable, always.

Keri Smith, so bright, and pretty

How I Left the Social Justice Cult - Keri Smith
Premiered Dec 9, 2020

Camille Paglia on Feminism, Men, Date Rape

Susan Sontag on White Race

Condom Drawing in Bathroom

Why Legs Attract Men?

SCUM Manifesto, by Valerie Solanas
This is the most forward looking feminism stuff written in 1968

TRANSformers Go Politically Correct

Naomi Wu (aka SexyCyborg)

Sarah Jeong (SJW)

An Easy Girl (French: Une fille facile) 2019. A french film. Art house kinda drama movie.

一個輕浮的女孩:整容拜金做外圍,她說她這叫活在當下 |哇薩比抓馬Wasabi Drama
Jan 27, 2020
哇萨比抓马 WasabiDrama
这部电影的英文名叫an easy girl,个人认为理解为轻浮女孩比容易的女孩更贴切?

the actress is Zahia Dehar, a 16 years old prostitute turned star.

Zahia Dehar (born 25 February 1992) is a French-Algerian fashion and lingerie designer, prostitute, model and actress who was once known for her role in an underage prostitution scandal.

[2020-02-20 Wikipedia Zahia Dehar]

Facial Expression Tech, from Entertainment Industry

women things, they rob women

nioxin hair women 2019-12-31 96p7n
nioxin hair women Buy at amazon

you buy!

Fakenews Target Women

rind et al controversy 2019-09-20 h2mgz
rind et al controversy 2019-09-20
San Fernando 2019-09-18 k3d4n-2
San Fernando, porn valley

Facts of Zoe Quinn

Facts of Brianna Wu, John Walker Flynt

Her Daughter is a Chicken, Named Snow

New York City Gender Law

Jeffrey Epstein is dead

wow Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Said to be suicide. This guy, holds lots dark secrets. Likely, lots kings got entertained by teen girls via him. The list includes Marvin Minsky, major guy in artificial intelligence.

apparently, Gerald Sussman, the Scheme lisp guy, also went to the island.

When you are rich, at the level of billions. You invite other moguls, prominent politicians, scientists, with girls of pert tits doing their things, on a island, private, it hard to not bulge.

etymology of mogul

“powerful person,” 1670s, from Great Mogul (1580s), the common designation among Europeans for the Mongol emperor of India after the conquest of 1520s, from Persian and Arabic mughal, mughul, alteration of Mongol (q.v.), the Asiatic people. As a name for the best quality of playing cards, by 1742, so called for the design on the back.

[etymology of mogul https://www.etymonline.com/word/mogul]

summer skirts flowing.
what sweetness.
thus i fell into the hand of God.
offspring are born.

Camille Paglia on Lena Dunham. 2016-04-14

Brett Kavanaugh vs Christine Blasey Ford

discovered this laurelai character

Laurelai Bailey 2019-05-19 Zwg8j
Laurelai Bailey 2019-05-19

Xah Talk Show 2019-05-17 why teen girls gossip, mating behavior of women vs men, keyboards

naked yoga

naked yoga 2019-05-16 cg8qn
naked yoga 2019-05-16

Israel Girls

the sjgang is hitting up Camille Paglia. Mobilize, fight these skmbgs.

[UArts Students Call for Camille Paglia's Firing over Transgenderism Stance, #MeToo Movement By Tom Ciccotta. At https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/04/16/uarts-students-call-for-camille-paglias-firing-over-transgenderism-stance-metoo-movement/ ]

women's ads pouring in onto my twitter. I guess twitter trans'd me. lol. to help me focus on my women studies.

women twitter ads pond 2019-04-10 3sn2b
women twitter ads pond 2019-04-10

twitter women ads, linquistics girls vs women

twitter ad suave beauty 2019-04-07 k2ryc-2
twitter ad suave beauty 2019-04-07

for some reason, twitter thinks am a woman since few days ago. It kept showing me women ads. Thank you twitter. I am beautiful, and i have girl power.

there is some bit of linguistic interest. Note that, you hear “girl power”, never “women power”. and among women, they call themselfs girls. and words like slut, bitch, are predominantly used by women.

These all have biological basis. female call themselfs “girls”, cuz youth plays significant role. Namely, you can't have babies after mid life. The slot and beech words are manifestation of mating fight. (as opposed to males, manifested in fist fights, sometimes life and death.)

twitter ky jelly ad 2019-04-10 mgjvm
twitter ky jelly ad 2019-04-10 mgjvm

now am 100% sure twitter thinks am a woman.

these days, facts becomes fuzzy history just after 10 years, because, you try to web search, and all you get is disinfo. here's my blog about Assange in 2010.

Wikileaks: Julian Assange Raped Women?

the chaos of the sjgang, began by fem gang, the abclbtqxyz thing, is getting worse. Now, about transvswomen. Tim Pool reports

The Vagina Monologues canceled.
Feminists in Civil War Over Trans Rights Law
Nov 28, 2018
Tim Pool
Sumerian Gold Earrings 2020-07-31
Sumerian Gold Earrings, 2500-2200 BC. [https://twitter.com/archaeologyart/status/1110043666415058944]

why women wear earrings? cuz it shines? why shine? cuz it attractions attention. Why attract attention? cuz it say sex. why women say sex? cuz babies grow in young women. They let you know.

lol, women judge on men's shoes.

women judge on mens shoes 2020-07-31 Kq7d7
[7 Pieces of Shoe Advice for Men From 434 Single Women By Tucker Max And Geoffrey Miller. At https://observer.com/2015/09/7-pieces-of-shoe-advice-for-men-from-434-single-women/ ]

and it's actually correct report, i'd say. but more importantly, women don't care what you wear, really, not even how you look. your personality, confidence, gets them wet.

courtship is truly the most fascinating thing. you want it, she want it, but you just have to work things out. like, there's a sea of people, half male, half female. you get together, and humanity survives.