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A rapture in pain. “Cry boy, cry, cry boy, cry, cry boy” Bronski Beat ⭐〈Smalltown Boy〉 🎶

“while you were in jail, i've been taking care of your wife.” 〈A Real Hero〉— Movie 〈Drive〉 Theme Song 🎶

A grassroots story of men & women. A eternal classic. Be sure to check the ending seqence, starting at 3:00. A kinda philosophical gesture. Black Eyed Peas ⭐〈My Humps〉 🎶

There once was a young person named Little Red Riding Hood who lived on the edge of a large forest full of endangered owls and rare plants that would probably provide a cure for cancer if only someone took the time to study them.

Little Red Riding Hood (Politically Correct version)

“Grandmother, what big arms you have!”
“All the better to hug you with, my dear.”
“Grandmother, what big legs you have!”
“All the better to run with, my child.”
“Grandmother, what big ears you have!”
“All the better to hear with, my child.”
“Grandmother, what big eyes you have!”
“All the better to see with, my child.”
“Grandmother, what big teeth you have got!”
“All the better to eat you up with.”

Little Red Riding Hood

the fundamental element of porn

the fundamental element of porn, is the display of pussy. Because, female animals display it to signify readiness for mating. And, that's the origin of skirts, too.

when a man sees pussy, he gets all confused, with psycho-biological roots, because, mating trumps everything, which ensures the survival of human animals.

coitus interruptus, is when, you started and got interrupted.

James Brown ⭐〈It's a Man's World〉 🎶

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

laurel shoe on model
img source 〔Weekly Innovation: 3-D Printed Fashion For Your Feet By Allie Caren. @ http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2014/07/31/336822487/weekly-innovation-3-d-printed-fashion-for-your-feet

this, is a difference between male & female.

The Question of Trust in Females. 〈天涯歌女〉 (The Wandering Songstress) 🎶

Women, Feminism, and Sex War in America ♂ ♀ ♥ ⚢ ⚣ ⚧ (revamped)

female scientists, mathematicians, programers

now and then, i ran into female scientists, or programers, or mathematicians. I must say, i really respect them. They are, the true greats among females. Often, i wanted to share the post, along with my anti-gender-feminism remarks, but usually ditched my post at the last minute in fear of making a troll out of the good names.

Typically, these female scientists or programers shy away from anything feminism. Because, when you earned something the hard way, you don't want to be tarnished by scamers.

today, our society (usa) is that, there's this bunch of power struggling females, opportunists, clamor for power by the certification of possessing a pussy. The White American, are guilt-ridden, obsessed with the concept of helping the underdogs or abused.

In the 1990s, it's the decade of the deaf and the blind and the cripple and the dumb. In this decade, it's the era of the lesbo-gay-bisexual-trannies.

here, a free link: FEELINGS OF INFERIORITY (Industrial Society and its Future)

#feminism #lgbt


the important part here is the prick. It is, the instrument that propagate animals, especially human animals. And, even if you are the frail half of mankind who do not possess it, you embrace it and suck it up. Lest you extinct, we, extinct.

ever wonder how curious it is that sword, gun, are simile?

in the science of evolutionary biology, there's the question of the size. The simple answer is, size matters. (cf. Occam Razor)

French Women Don't Sleep Alone

today i learned, that the story of Europa (Europe is named after) and Pasiphae (of Minotaur and labyrinth fame) are the same origin. They have to do with sex with bull.

see: http://www.rejectedprincesses.com/. Read the stories there.

Europa bull hg
Europa and the Bull. Photo by Hannes Grobe. Source ©

Sexual Cannibalism

Sexual cannibalism is when a female cannibalizes her male mate prior to, during, or after copulation.

It is a phenomenon characterized primarily by members of arachnid orders as well as several insect orders.[2] The adaptive foraging hypothesis,[3] aggressive spillover hypothesis[4] and mistaken identity hypothesis[5] are several hypotheses that have been proposed to explain how sexual cannibalism evolved. This behavior is believed to have evolved as a manifestation of sexual conflict, occurring when the reproductive interests of males and females differ.

In many of the species that exhibit sexual cannibalism, the female cannibalizes the male upon detection. Females of cannibalistic species are generally hostile and unwilling to mate; thus many males of these species have developed adaptive behaviors to counteract female aggression.

adaptive foraging hypothesis

The adaptive foraging hypothesis is a proposed pre-copulatory explanation in which females assess the nutritional value of a male compared to the male’s value as a mate.[12] Starving females are usually in poor physical condition and are therefore more likely to cannibalize a male than mate with him.[13]

Aggressive spillover hypothesis

The aggressive spillover hypothesis suggests that the more aggressive a female is concerning prey, the more likely the female is to cannibalize a potential mate. The decision of a female to cannibalize a male is not defined by the nutritional value or genetic advantage (courtship dances, male aggressiveness, and large body size) of males but instead depends strictly on her aggressive state.

Mate choice

Females use mate choice to reject unwanted and unfit males by cannibalizing them.[23][24] Mate choice often correlates size with fitness level; smaller males tend to be less aggressive and display low level of fitness; smaller males are therefore eaten more often because of their undesirable traits.[23] Males perform elaborate courtship dances to display fitness and genetic advantage.[25] Female orb-web spiders (Nephilengys livida) tend to cannibalize males displaying less aggressive behavior and mate with males displaying more aggressive behavior, showing a preference for this trait,[18] which, along with large body size, displays high male quality and genetic advantage.[18][26]

Indirect mate choice can be witnessed in fishing spiders, Dolomedes fimbriatus, where females do not discriminate against smaller body size, attacking males of all sizes. Females had lower success rates cannibalizing large males, which managed to escape where smaller males could not.[4] It was shown that males with desirable traits (large body size, high aggression, and long courtship dances) had longer copulation duration than males with undesirable traits.[18][26] In A. keyserlingi and Nephila edulis females allow longer copulation duration and a second copulation for smaller males.[27] The gravity hypothesis suggests that some species of spiders may favor smaller body sizes because it enables them to climb up plants more efficiently and find a mate faster.[28] Also smaller males may be favored because they hatch and mature faster, giving them a direct advantage in finding and mating with a female.[29] In Latrodectus revivensis females tend to limit copulation duration for small males and deny them of a second copulation, showing preference for larger body size.[26] Another form of mate choice is the genetic bet-hedging hypothesis in which a female consumes males to prevent them from exploiting her.[30] It is not beneficial for a female exploited by multiple males because it may result in prey theft, reduction in web, and reduced time of foraging.[31] Sexual cannibalism might have promoted the evolution of some behavioral and morphological traits exhibited by spiders today.

Mistaken identity hypothesis

The mistaken identity hypothesis suggests that sexual cannibalism occurs when females fail to identify males that try to court.[5] This hypothesis suggests that a cannibalistic female attacks and consumes the male without the knowledge of mate quality. In pre-copulatory sexual cannibalism, mistaken identity can be seen when a female does not allow the male to perform the courtship dance and engages in attack.[14] There is no conclusive evidence for this hypothesis because scientists struggle to distinguish between mistaken identity and the other hypotheses (aggressive spillover, adaptive foraging, and mate choice).[32]

Male adaptive behaviors

In some cases, sexual cannibalism may characterize an extreme form of male monogamy, in which the male sacrifices itself to the female. Males may gain reproductive success from being cannibalized by either providing nutrients to the female (indirectly to the offspring), or through enhancing the probability that their sperm is used to fertilize the female's eggs.[33] Although sexual cannibalism is fairly common in spiders, male self-sacrifice has only been reported in six genera of araneoid spiders. However, much of the evidence for male complicity in such cannibalistic behavior may be anecdotal, and has not been replicated in experimental and behavioral studies.[34]

Members of cannibalistic species have adapted different mating tactics as a mechanism for escaping the cannibalistic tendencies of their female counterparts. Current theory suggests antagonistic co-evolution has occurred, where adaptations seen in one sex produce adaptations in the other.[8] Adaptations consist of: courtship displays, opportunistic mating tactics, and mate binding.

Opportunistic mating

The risk of cannibalism becomes greatly reduced when opportunistic mating is practiced.[8] Opportunistic mating has been characterized in numerous orb-weaving spider species, such as Nephila fenestrata, where the male spider waits until the female is feeding or distracted, and then proceeds with copulation; this greatly reduces the chances of cannibalization. This distraction can be facilitated by the male’s presentation of nuptial gifts, where they provide a distracting meal for the female in order to prolong copulation and increase paternity.[8]

Altered sexual approach

Multiple methods of sexual approaches have evolved in cannibalistic species as a result of sexual cannibalism.[35] The mechanism by which the male approaches the female is imperative for his survival. If the female is unable to detect his presence, the male is less likely to face cannibalization. This is evident in the mantid species,Tenodera aridifolia, where the male alters his approach utilizing the surrounding windy conditions. The male attempts to avoid detection by approaching the female when the wind impairs her ability to hear him.[36] In the praying mantid species, Pseudomantis albofimbrata, the males approach the female either from a "slow mounting from the rear" or a "slow approach from the front" position to remain undetected.[35] The male alters his approach through the utilization of the surrounding windy conditions, thus the risk of facing cannibalization is reduced [35]

Sexual cannibalism

Ingénue. It's: endearing, wholesome, candid, naïve. NOT: cunning, vamp. Mono ⭐〈Ingénue〉 🎶 #feminism #lgbt

A song of classic polyamory. “you and me and her” — every man's dream. You And Your Friend 🎶

Menstruation: What is the Evolutionary or Biological Purpose of Having Periods?

Pretty Girl, Elitism, Human Facial Expressions (repost)

Gay Activists Screw Society

gay people were f��ked because there are righteous f��kheads in society. Now, the f��kheads are the #lgbt activists. #MozillaCEO

see 〔For the Record and The Tragedy of Mozilla By David Flanagan. @ https://medium.com/p/7645a4bf8a2

David Flanagan is the author of 〈JavaScript: The Definitive Guide〉and other books. 〔➤ JavaScript& Ruby Books by David Flanagan, and the Man-made Complexity in Computer Language

finish her mortal combat condom
Frozen 85
Disney Animation: Frozen

Disney. To feminism or not to feminism. Disney 〈Frozen〉, Idina Menzel ⭐〈Let it Go〉 🎶

Teary Eyes, a Signal for Intimacy

Lady Gaga  Bad Romance  teary eyes
Lady Gaga, teary eyes.
Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-teary eyes
Miley Cyrus, teary eyes.

Tears & Girls: a Signal for Intimacy

witch riding broom
witch riding broom. img src

rare, to see witch with broom depicted true to history.

finding a mate, the most pesky problem after security. Here's the origin of “all men are rapists”. ABBA ⭐〈The Day Before You Came〉 🎶

sexism at workplace

yesterday a female coworker asked me to carry a heavy bag for her. I'm screwed by sexism. #github

The Importance of Marriage to Females

it's quite fascinating, marriage is like this, for girls.

girls and marriage

also note, the other girls, get excited. But when a guy gets married, other guys couldn't care less.

and this is, another difference between male & female.

Chick Porn, the Twilight, and Society

Science Ninja Gatchaman Jun
Science Ninja Gatchaman, Jun

She is Jun, the female member of the Science Ninja Team (aka Gatchaman, G-Force, 科学忍者隊; 科學小飛俠)

like Wonder Woman, here, you can see that she's treading a fine line. That line, is just a bit more thick in Japan.

Science Ninja Gatchaman Jun Cosplay (科學小飛俠) See link for hot chick in cosplay.

girl biting cable

girl biting cable

the difference between men & women.

It's normal and socially accepted for young female to bite a cable. it's not normal for others to do so, unless you are in the order of canine.

what's with biting a cable? it lies in body language, and the payload is sexual signal.

comment at https://plus.google.com/+XahLee/posts/TCZAQUfnEb7


Women Don't Want To Run Startups Because They'd Rather Have Children: Women and Penelope Trunk

beauty and the beast: what's the evolutionary psychology's reason for men preferring beautiful women?

saw a tweet on Chinese weibo, saying that the worst is for you (men) to worry about your looks, because, women don't care. They care about your ability, personality, your commitment to her.

true enough. (is this critically true? well, i think so, but not gonna worry about that now) What got me thinking, is what's the reason that men care about women's looks, but in particular, she be beautiful, not just young.

men like young, and that's because only young ones have more chance of reproduction. But why beautiful? well, youth & beauty are connected, but, the thing is, say there are 5 college teens walking on a street, and say one has the looks of models, but the others are homely. The most beautiful one will be our focus. What's the evolutionary psychology's explanation for this?

O, btw, have you heard of “beauty and the beast”? It's a perennial tale, in fairy tales, folk lores, or today, in movies, novels, posters, comics. (⁖ phamtom of the opera) Male, can be extremely ugly, even a monster, and there can be love between him and a most beautiful girl. However, you never hear a story of a hero loving a ugly or old woman. This reflects our behavior.



selfie i know nothing
“I know that I know nothing” —Socrates. (img src http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT541adeFzc)

24 years ago, a mad gunman killed 14 women on campus, in the name of (anti)-feminism. École Polytechnique massacre

barbie vs he-man

porn stars — a walk of life…

when you follow porn stars (⁖ on twitter), a sector of walks of life, you get to know their lives. They are, made of meat, like you and me, not from what movies or feminism or academic f��ks want you to believe

and, one thing you learn about porn stars is that every month or so, they have to do HIV test. Like, they post photo of gauze on their arm that's after the blood test. Ugh. All profession has its pains.

polyhedron chocolate dice
Valentine's Day Gift for a Platonic Relationship: Regular Polyhedrons Chocolates img src

The Red Queen's Hypothesis, also referred to as Red Queen, Red Queen's race or Red Queen Effect, is an evolutionary hypothesis. The term is taken from the Red Queen's race in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass. The Red Queen said, “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.” The Red Queen Principle can be stated thus:

In reference to an evolutionary system, continuing adaptation is needed in order for a species to maintain its relative fitness amongst the systems being co-evolved with.

The hypothesis is intended to explain two different phenomena: the advantage of sexual reproduction at the level of individuals, and the constant evolutionary arms race between competing species. In the first (microevolutionary) version, by making every individual an experiment when mixing mother's and father's genes, sexual reproduction may allow a species to evolve quickly just to hold onto the ecological niche that it already occupies in the ecosystem. In the second (macroevolutionary) version, the probability of extinction for groups (usually families) of organisms is hypothesized to be constant within the group and random among groups. Its counterpart is the Court Jester Hypothesis, which proposes that macroevolution is driven mostly by abiotic events and forces.

You see? That's why you need to have sex with me.

g+ discussion

Red Queen's Hypothesis

Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-8
Miley Cyrus 〈Wrecking Ball〉

Wrecking Ball: Miley Cyrus vs Sinead Oconnor

redhead twin

For the Good of Mankind, Women Need to be Saved First

Moralism and ignorance are responsible for the constant stereotyping of prostitutes by their lowest common denominator — the sick, strung-out addicts, couched on city stoops, who turn tricks for drug money…. The most successful prostitutes in history have been invisible. That invisibility was produced by their high intelligence, which gives them the power to perceive, and move freely but undetected in the social frame. The prostitute is a superb analyst, not only in evading the law but in initiating the unique constellation of convention and fantasy that produces a stranger's orgasm. She lives by her wits as much as her body. She is a psychologist, actor, and dancer, a performance artist of hyper-developed sexual imagination.

VAMPS & TRAMPS, Camille Paglia


every 2 years or so, in the past decade, i've been web searching on How To Deep Throat. Typically, there's just a handful pages, and the quality of the tutorial isn't great, as far as i can tell.

but today, on YouTube, wow, a ton of it, of girl showing you how to, with a banana or such.

How To Deep Throat

society has improved.

human #sexuality #feminism

why do girls talk about astrology all the time? Come, let me have a kick of your ass. Xah's Sex Blog Archive 2013-07

boy brief
1040×1360 amazon

discovered Boy Brief

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