Feminism Perving

Perving on feminism — A whiff of sexology, ethology, ethnology, plus tits and ass.

thank you @peterthiel for fighting against the odds for us programers. Thank you @wikileaks.

Thank you Camille Paglia, @CHSommers, gamer gaters, and many many others fighting the persecuting untruth of SJW.

male female posture, legs crossed or apart?

trump family 2016-11-07
one, big, blondes, family.

now a bit xah ethology. you'll notice, the ladies all crossed their legs. that's a diff of men and women. ladies do that because it increases sexual attraction.

and notice, men have their legs apart. It signifies power and stability, a traight that attrack women.

to understand ethology of male and female, you need to read: Reading Notes on 〈Intimate Behavior〉

apparently, there's a film, called The Red Pill. And this is the girl who made it.

Cassie Jaye on Feminism and Men's Rights Activists (Part 1 of 2)

eat male

fishing spider cannibalize male 2016-10-09
fishing spider cannibalize male

legally becomes a man, in 1 hour

Lauren Southern Becomes a Man.

watch this chick, legally becomes a man, in 1 hour.

Why Social Justice Warriors Can't Leave Women's Magazines Alone By Mark Judge. @ http://acculturated.com/womens-magazines/

Polymorphous Gender Bathroom

Age Preference in Sexual Partners

Smooth! How to Impress a Girl. from Tom and Jerry

korean kpop sexy girls

korean kpop sexy girls

women, and sexual attractive behavior, are pretty much the same across the globe.

In USA, you have:

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Synchronized Swimming — the Sport that Makes SJW Uncomfortable

Synchronized Swimming

it's hard to imagine, the swj watching this.

am not sure what they would say other than getting all angry.

though, it's possible, that swj will kill Synchronized Swimming. However, there's also gymnastic, where the frequent and wide spread of legs of female is a signature movement. And then, it's also deep rooted in dance. LOL. Unless sjw revolved into bloodbath revolution like Nazi or the Red Guards of China or French Revolution.

Naomi Wolf & Karen Straughan - Do We Need Feminism?

Naomi Wolf is a well-known feminist, from academia. She seems to be this idiot positive type of person.

it's good to see a video of her in person.

though, seems in last few years, Naomi made several conspiracy type of remarks that raised eye-brows, such as suggesting some ISIS beheading might be staged by US government.

Karen Straughan is a new youtube star, a anti-feminist, and often presented as a men's rights movement. She is quite sharp and intelligent.

Karen Straughan looks like a dyke, but she's a single-parent mom.

Karen Straughan has lots videos on her youtube channel, you can search for it. She's known as “girl writes what”.

Katie Couric, 59, still wearing godly 100 inch heels. STOP. it's creepy.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in conversation with Katie Couric

Megyn Kelly hot

. @megynkelly is real hot. but the “eat a dick” is funny

btw if u don't know, Megyn Kelly locked horns with Trump a while back, even i don't follow news know. it's a show.

but anyhow, some women, knew how to seduce men, real smart, and feminine. She is one.

America don't have these kinda women. Very rare. You go to Europe, or China.

Megyn Kelly on Howard Stern Show, 2010.

Is Modern Academic Feminism Harming Women? An interview with Christina Hoff Sommers By Clay Routledge Ph.D.. @ https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/more-mortal/201609/is-modern-academic-feminism-harming-women

prominent programer Douglas Crockford, uninvited from Nodevember conference due to social justice warriors

who is Douglas Crockford? he is the inventor of json format, and basically the guy who popularized JavaScript the good parts.

the details are fuzzy right now, but you can start from reading reddit:



In Defense of Douglas Crockford By Adam Morgan. @ http://atom-morgan.github.io/in-defense-of-douglas-crockford

Crockford By Paul Straw. @ https://paulstraw.svbtle.com/crockford

Why We Don't Have More Women in Science?