What is Rape? and the Strangeness of Sex in Animals

By Xah Lee. Date:

jesus, a female mathematician is now twitting rape stuff, like, as in feminism rape. you know what? if you compare bodily harm of female and male thru-out history and today, then, for each rape, the male gets arm cut off, knife stuck in body, eaten by tiger, dead. By other males. You know?

rape is a funny thing. First of all, let's brush aside the modern feminism rape stuff. the likes of, rape of will, like, previous night's indiscretion is rape the morning after.

let's talk about real rape, like, physical rape, where the female resisted by all her might and failed. That is rape.

now, let's talk about that. Rape, is a funny thing. If you look at animal kingdom, it's no stranger. You know, some species, eat their spouse after sex . In such, where's the ethic of it? Sex, in living things kingdom, is just a thing, a strange thing. Now, in humans, rape of course occur, and is in fact part of humanity, for tens of thousands of years. It has become, part of our genes! witness the rape fantasy. And, it has evolution basis too. e.g. the more rape, the more people born who are prone to be raped in one way or another, thus born BDSM, the 50 shapes of gray, and the bodice ripper novels, the largest sell of paperback bought by women, or some like that. [see What Do Women Want? Romance Novels Tell it All]

O, how i wish there's a powerful man who sweeps off my feet and borne my child and feed me for life.

it is not deniable, that rough sex plays some role in human courtship. This is where things get tricky. On one hand, we don't want men raping women, on the other hand, women want bad guys.