Porn, Wikipedia, Larry Sanger Censorship

By Xah Lee. Date:

my comment on Larry Sanger's blog about controversial topic porn on wikipedia is deleted. Conservative US American. Typical.

Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia but split with Jimmy Wales due to disagreement) wrote a article about porn on Wikipedia.

[What should we do about Wikipedia's porn problem? By Larry Sanger. At (local copy Larry_Sanger_Wikipedia_porn_problem.txt )]

I posted a comment on , comment number 45233, but it got deleted. Here's my comment verbatim:

few quick points of my view:

• it's not just Wikipedia that porn/sex/women is the most viewed files. It's every website, search engine.

• people who seek these files on Wikipedia will find it elsewhere if it's not on Wikipedia. Wikipedia seem irrelevant.

• this issue is a ancient issue, it's isn't just about Wikipedia. Every library, or similar hoard of info has this issue.

• i was half expecting to see some serious child-porn masquerading as semi-legit historical fact or info. But almost all the links you gave are rather legit. They are, facts of humanity, and fitting in a fact-oriented encyclopedia such as Wikipedia. In any case, the pics are not that controversial in today's internet age.

• stance on child-porn is not universal. Your view is perhaps US American. Legal age sexual consent differ. In one culture, it's major crime, in another, celebration.

• lastly, there's this article, which i agree. The Last Taboo: Sexual Desire for Pre-Pubescent Children

Larry Sanger, over twitter, just re-tweeted my complaint about his blocking my comment on his blog about porn on wikipedia. Quote:

Creepy pedophilia defender tries to shame me for blocking his post RT @xah_lee Porn, Wikipedia, Larry Sanger Censorship…

Larry Sanger Wikipedia Porn Xah Lee tweet 2012-06-01
Larry Sanger vs Xah Lee spat over Twitter,

I have not been following Larry. He must have found my tweet over automatic notification on his name. (that's how i found his retweet)

I found his “Wikipedia Porn” blog article thru a tweet by news retweet bot @newsycombinator.

am glad he tweets it, because it indicate that he does have some sense of supporting different opinions, but the gratis “pedophilia defender” there says much about his own mindset. The question is, what's his definition of pedophile.

Before this incident, my opinion of Larry was on the positive side. Because, i think Jimmy Wales is hypocritical. [see Think Twice Before You Donate to Wikipedia] Though, i don't really know much about him, other than having read the Wikipedia article about him.

But now, i think he's like a typical conservative US American, “family man” type of guy. (e.g. just 30 years ago, they would jail homosexuals, considering it flagrantly immoral)

PS about that Edward O'Connor (aka hober) guy there who told Larry that I'm a troll… Me and Edward goes way back to ~2006. He's a Free Software Foundation fanatic, a Tech Geeker. He is big on labeling people who disagree with him as “troll”. For detail, see: Edward O'Connor (aka hober) vs Xah Lee.