mansplain manspread

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Ah, the words of the sinister camp. Thru out history, male typically protect, help female. Due to biology, cuz women bear young, and physically weaker. Man fight wars, etc. Most of the time, men teach, help, women, partly as courtship. The sinister camp turns this around.

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The argot “manspread” is even more sinister. Male spread legs, as sitting posture, because, it's actually more natural to not have to keep knees together. Women keep knees together or cross them, because, due to biology, women spreading legs is a sexual gesture.

those jargons r part of the propaganda package. e.g. mansplain, manspread, then, microaggression, intersectionality, gaslighting, transphobe, islamphobe, misogyny etc. These r loaded jargons. it conceal and misinform, as lord of the flies chants. Jargons is a mark of cult.

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Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain manspread