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we are in a culture now, where older women have totally lost any significance or power — Camille Paglia

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Kungfu Paglia

one of the terrible losses of this new bourgeois culture now we occupy, as women have attained career success, for the 1st time in history (thx to capitalism), are able to support themselves, with out depending on a father or a brother, or husband. in this new equality of workspace, all of a sudden, we are in a culture now, where older women have totally lost any significance or power.

Camille Paglia - Men and women used to live in separate worlds

Note her observation. before industrial age, older women have power. But now info age, that is robbed from them. Sad. cuz, women's natural power stem from youth. Now, that's your only thing.

of course, today's older women, at least the few that have successful career, have materialistic power. What's lost is the esteem and prestige. Nobody cares if you are a old women, except ya money. Whereas, older men, have have esteem, especially sexual, from women.

I cannot help but post this Camille Paglia again, interviewed by Jordan Peterson. Just watch the first 5 minutes. The torrent of her erudition, overwhelms and swallows you whole, like a machine gun. and then you cannot help, to be consumed by the next 5 minutes.

Modern Times: Camille Paglia and Jordan B Peterson

from Camille Paglia's lecture, i learned, there is a reality tv show called Real Housewives. began in 2006, and still going. seems successful. here's Wikipedia The Real Housewives and here's a YouTube trailer of an episode

The Real Housewives of New New Jersey, Season 9 Teaser

since i no have a tv since 2000. i've heard of reality tv show that rose in mid 2000s. but i actually never seen one. by now, i think i have a sense what it's like, from youtube clips of various i ran into over the decade.

each year or so the show focus on a particular city. here's another trailer. “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

Season 7 First Look - It's a New Chapter of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

ok. that's pretty much what reality tv is like. Drama is the meat. and, women are glued to it.