Humor: Samsung GALAXY Commercial: sweetie, should i bring it? 学妹,我要不要套?

By Xah Lee. Date:

Samsung GALAXY phone advertisement

should i bring the glove

should i bring the rubber?
huh, the rubber?
dude, what are you thinking?
how could you think of that?
can't stand bachelors
fixing a computer need rubber?
i thought you are a normal guy. it's all a lie
men are such liers!!
what you just said completely changed how i look at you
you think am a slut?
even so, you couldn't handle me
no wonder how you've been so sweet lately
so it has come to this. Am speechless. This is a insult to my face. Shame on you. You have the gut to say but it's too much for my ears
fine. I don't blame you
men can never change
if a man don't have vices, nor into women, then perhaps he's not a man
but how could you be so blunt?
that's really common, low, and hateful! Unbearable
can't you be more transparent?
maybe i am naive, but am adult
i know what you mean
but what a question… you expect me to answer?
you don't even have to ask
any woman would have the same response
fine, bring it. safety first
never mind, i have it
the rubber duck

This is a Samsung GALAXY phone advertisement. The tagline emphasized speedy input with full physical keyboard.

thanks to [Aenon Sun] for a improvement on translation.