Cherry Poptart

By Xah Lee. Date: ,

Cherry Poptart cartoon character, created by Larry Welz.

cherry poptart
Cherry in a flimsy diaphanous lingerie gown, with her hair drawn into a art curvature deco. And with her blonde expression, a curvaceous body, and a instinctive womanly posture… makes one want to pounce.

See also: photos of curvatures (called curlicues)

cherry poptart
Cherry philosophizes: “so like does existence precede essence or what?”
cherry entry
Cheerful Cherry in a ancient Amazon warrior attire admist a swirl of charms. We love you Cherry.
cherry poptart cheerleading
Cherry cheerleading as cover. From 〈The Cherry Collection: Volume 3〉. amazon. It is billed as “America's Funniest Erotic Comics”. Pretty funny. Yay! Pretty & Funny. Look at the two muscle blokes mutually running into. And look at the cheer of Cherry's caper and her airy posture, and her legs.
cherry-poptart gym