Cherry Poptart

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Cherry Poptart is a erotic comic book, published in 1982 to 2000, written and drawn by Larry Welz.

cherry poptart cheerleading
Cherry cheerleading as cover. From The Cherry Collection: Volume 3. Buy at amazon. It is billed as “America's Funniest Erotic Comics”. Pretty funny. Yay! Pretty and Funny. Look at the two muscle blokes mutually running into. And look at the cheer of Cherry's caper and her airy posture.
cherry poptart
Cherry in a flimsy diaphanous lingerie gown, with her hair drawn into a art curvature deco. And with her blonde expression, a curvaceous body, and a instinctive womanly posture… makes men want to pounce.
cherry poptart
Cherry on existentialism. “so like does existence precede essence or what?”
cherry entry
Cheerful Cherry in a Amazon warrior attire admist a swirl of charms.
cherry comics what kinda gym is this 20962
“say, what kinda of a gym is this, anyway?”

Cherry comics

cherry comics captain america 47953
Cherry as Captain America
cherry comics 16 slake it 48353
Cherry #16, Cherry Meets the Renaissance. Slake it!
cherry comics rambo 04095
Cherry and Rambo
cherry comics 3d 45038
Cherry Comics 3d
cherry comics manifest destity 55336
Parody of Manifest Destiny. “Manifest Destiny” was the 1800s doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable.
cherry comics larry welz selfie 14489
Larry Welz selfie.

1990s Anti-Porn Movement

cherry poptart antiporn 55479
Cherry's Jubliee #1, “Consciousness Rising” page 3. Year 1992.

Cherry comics

Larry Welz Cherry Poptart 9 - Chapter - 2 5nndq
Larry Welz Cherry Poptart 9 - Chapter - 2
Larry Welz Cherry Poptart 16 - Chapter - 22 z8pmf
Larry Welz Cherry Poptart 16 - Chapter - 22
Larry Welz Cherry Poptart 17 - Chapter - 18 bxjpm
Larry Welz Cherry Poptart 17 - Chapter - 18
cherry 23 cherrypocalypse 2019-11
cherry 23 cherrypocalypse 2019-11

Official Website

The official website sells original drawings and sketches by Larry Welz.

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