American's Obsession with Little Girls

By Xah Lee. Date:

Japan, has overt, sexual, obsession with barely pubescent girls. While the American WASPs have a covert obsession with little girls.

This we can see from the media they produce. In Japanese Cartoons aka anime, we see a ton of little girls in sexual expressions. (For example, see Wikipedia: Lolicon, Tentacle porn, Japanese pornography) Japan's legal age for copulation is 13 , and the sexual attraction towards young girls is accepted as a norm. Young (teen) girls as sexual objects is in fact a social norm in most of East and South East Asia. In Japan in particular, the sexual obsession with young girls has taken a extreme turn, to the point that their culture in fact developed a infatuation with girls that are barely, if not yet, pubescent, which technically is termed pedophiliac.

While the American WASPs, have a obsession about children, the protection of children, the infatuation with the concept of rape and statutory rape. Meanwhile, if you survey their films, you'll find a unnatural quantity of depiction of little girls, in particular little girls who's blood lines are that of White. In a movie, if the plot line calls for a child, offspring, or young sibling, inevitably it will be a female, and a cute one.

Note: the obsession of rape, is fundamental in Western culture, with roots in ancient Greek mythology. (e.g. Europa and the Bull, Leda and the Swan, page 1, rape of Sabine)

In this page, i start to collect and document this cultural phenomenon.


In the science fiction film Serenity (2005), it features a 16 years old girl named River Tam, who possesses psychic power and physical fighting abilities. In many scenes in the film, the girl is portrayed in a very attractive, sexy way, and also as a victim of torture-like abuse.

421px-Serenity dvd
DVD cover of Serenity. Note the womanly depiction of the 16 years old main character River.
A Scene from Serenity, featuring a fuzzy rendering of stark nudity of the girl.


In the film Matrix, there's this little cute India girl in the train station. The plot does not require a girl, but it is so. Her name is Tanveer Atwal, a nine-year-old Los Angeles native of Indian origin.

Kill Bill

In the film Kill Bill (2003), there's this little black girl named Nikki as a daughter of one of the female assassins. Also, in Kill Bill II, the daughter of another female assassin is a little cute white girl named BB.

Nikki, from Kill Bill
Nikki in Kill Bill.
BB, from Kill Bill
The character Beatrix and her daughter BB from Kill Bill II.

Being John Malkovich

Emily, in Being John Malkovich
In Being John Malkovich Buy at amazon (1999), the plot calls for a progeny at the end of the film, and it is shown to be a beautiful little girl named Emily. (Maxine's daughter)


Newt in Alien 2 Newt in Alien 2
Aliens Buy at amazon , features little girl named Newt, as a sole survivor in a alien infested space-colony. Imagine the improbability, and the fervor in Americans's love for little girl.

Resident Evil

resident evil red queen 2
the Red Queen from movie Resident Evil

the Red Queen is a computer program from movie Resident Evil. In the story line, the hologram is modeled after a little blonde girl, aged 12, the programeer's daughter Alice.

resident evil Alice
The White Queen in movie Resident Evil 3 Extinction.

The White Queen is a later generation of the computer program the Red Queen. The Red and White Queen theme is from Alice in Wonderland: Thru the Looking Glass. [see Wonderland Alice Art Gallery]

Angela Ashford
Angela Ashford, daughter of the head programmer at Umbrella Corp. The image of the Red Queen is modeled after her.
Alice, nude in medical tank
Alice, the main character from Resident Evil, nude in a medical tank. Although she is not a little girl, but torture-like medical experiment is a fascination.


saw 3 Corbett Reinhart
Little girl Corbett Reinhart, in Saw III.