a Exhibition of Political Correctness and Feminism Prowess

By Xah Lee. Date:

someone asked:

What do you gals and people think?

I think it is a effect and exhibition of the era of political correctness and feminism prowess.

The pussy power holds great sway of men by their mere sex, but ultimately it is no match for physical power. But due to tech advancements of today, power no longer equates brawn, thus the pussy sex has climbed the ladder quite fast and high in tech advanced nations, from femme fatale to feminism movements with resultants of voting rights to previous night's indiscretion being rape the morning after at will, particularly disquiet in USA.

I think the situation puts dire stress on us virile sex, who held the world upright for centuries while the pussy sex only beautified themselves.

I believe the situation is going berserk. It is known that some spider or mantis species have evolved to eat their men after sex. What becomes of men in the near or far future as our relation to the frail sex is unnerving.

Of sexual bearings, i have a weakness toward the Victorian style or demeanor, or that of Greek mythology. Where, our sex with a penis would chase and leer at the pussy sex, and the pussy sex aids us with teasing and coquetry, ever alluring and bewitching. A understanding and cooperation between the sexes of supreme harmony.

Today, romances of yore are disappearing, while sexuality has thrived. For example, fucking in the ass is more or less ok behind closed doors, God-fearing or not. Cock sucking, for another example, is today almost universally ok except possibly in some theocracy polity. Male fucking male, is today in the process of becoming a welcome addition to the human animal's culture in affluent states with matrimonial blessings. Inter-specie coitus, is not yet well accepted, but with the industrious internet it has gained popularity at least in the form of porn, especially human female with studs of equine or canine lineage. These sexual manifestations are consequences of relentless propagation of knowledge and understanding as forced by communication technology advancements and accordingly diminution of blind faiths of many ilk. Note that fucking itself, has generally been accepted as a pastime severed from holy procreation for some decades now.

Old school calls these “sexual liberations”, especially the sixties. However, along with technologization romance ethics has taken a twist. Since these days clergymen are powerless to forbid sodomy or fornication or copulation for recreation, moral priests turned their attention to ordinances of romance. For instance, teacher-student, employer-employee, colleagues, relationships are being forbidden or frowned upon. Workplaces are armed with sexual laws. Rape can be mental. One male and multiple females relations by biological law are outlawed.

On one hand, we now have open embracement from enema play to golden showers to bondage art to ubiquitousness of dildos and Sex And The City in media. On the other hand, the natural development of love ritual between the sexes takes a beating with laws lurking behind. The incident of a cigar in pussy of 42nd US President is exemplary of our quandary. Today, cigar in pussy isn't the problem, but in who's pussy.

Needless to say, this situation puts pressure on everyone especially men, and i'm a man. I do desire fucking nubile teens, and i would have a pack of brides, and i don't mind developing sexual relations with my students, teachers, bosses, or coworkers, and i love my dick being guided home by nymphs who “just said no”. But in daily life, these aspirations are checked by a ominous cloud. Nubile teens can bring molestation or statuary rape accusations. A pack of lovers condemns one to the polygamy crime. Workplace romance attracts infamy or disemployment, and ex-lovers can sue you for rape of will after breakup.

I disapprove the way United States Of Americans society is moving in the above regards, and do think that WASPs are fat moral buffoons in general, and i like them to hark the above.