Xah's Porn Outspeak

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Warning: The following contains explicit images of pornography.

I'm a porn movie fan. I have watched, rather a lot porn movies. Not really a lot in comparison to some porno geeks, but perhaps a few a week when i'm into it. Basically, the frequency i watch porn movies are equal to normal movies. After all, i'm a egalitarian.

What kind of porn movies i like? Away with stories. Away with costumes. Away with painted faces. Away with affectations. I simply like to watch good looking, naked people frolicking with infatuation of their primal desire. Put it plainly, people fucking earnestly without a care in the world.

Since i've watched porn since teen, i have perhaps over 2 decades of experience so to speak. I could name a few porn actors and actresses and their films just as your populace can chart and chat about stars.

This page is supposed to list porn movies i enjoyed, and whatever comes to mind about porn. It ain't systematic or organized. So, things on this page will be spontaneous and chaotic. I won't win Nobel prize in the near future because of this.

First, note that porn folks are people too, made of meat like you and me. They do whatever it is that they do for whatever reasons people do whatever they do. There are reasons, explicit or not. The reasons or history are diverse. There are prostitutes and low-lifers, there are also housewifes for fast money stints, and some are pure pleasure seekers and exhibitionists, and many are barmaid turned strippers turned porn actresses. Secondly, note that porn is a mega-billion dollar industry. That means, your dad, brothers, sons, neighbors, bosses and coworkers are all watching porn behind your back, add quite a few sisters too. From a statistical point of view, everyone loves it, it's just that they are denounced by all, under God fearing societies [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abrahamic_religions ] .

If your are alien to porn, you might want to graze yourself in porn movie frequently asked questions at http://www.rame.net/faq/ (local copy rame_faq.zip ) (actually, porn films are passé. Since about 2000, the internet has taken over the classic role of porn films. These days, you watch porn on your computer, and there are literally billions of them.)

If you are rather uneducated in sex, you should familiar yourself with that important topic first. Thanks to the internet, check out these to begin with:

It is qaint to list these links, as today's people have ample resources for sex info. However, note that even just few years ago in 2001, when this essay was written, it is rare to find a website filled with sex information, even of the sex education type.

Tom Byron is one of the veteran in the porn biz. He started as a actor in the early eighties. Have been in hundreds of films, and have fucked thousands of chicks. Recently, around 1999 he started his own porno house and become a director. ( see Extreme Associates and its federal law suits). Tom Byron is interesting.

There's this Asia Carrera porn star, who is a Eurasian beauty of Japan dad and German mom. She was one of those elite youngster who has won scholarships and prestigious awards, scheduled to become doctors and lawyers and world's pillars and leaders and whatnot, but ended up in the porn biz.

Asia Carrera in Tom Byron's Cumback Pussy Sixx: All Star poop chute salute (1997), playing Beethoven's Moonlight sonata, 3rd movement. [2019-04-03 https://twitter.com/asiacarrera/status/1098357321510670336 ]
Asia Carrera playing piano

A nymph with a fairly unhappy tale. You can buy her movies and paraphernalia from her site http://www.asiacarrera.com/ , signed. Get a souvenir to attest the cruelty of society. (in the porn land and sewage of low-lifers, there are quite a LOT unhappy tales, much unhappier than average fat American can fathom. Attest that personally i can.)

Robert Black directed a movie called Miscreants (1997) [see http://xahporn.org/porn/miscreants.html] . If you like porn, and like Alice in Wonderland, then this is just so engaging. At 1:39 of the film, there is this background song that goes:

well i love leather, honey there,
i love attention, i love it big.
i love to smoke, you naughty inhale … i'm not for sale.
i'm sexy, so sexy. i'm crazy, look at me…

I love this song. Does anyone know what it is? Please email me if you know.

Here are few good porn films: Cum back pussy 4, 6, and 8, all directed by Tom Byron. The first 10 or so in Cum Back Pussy series are all directed by Tom Byron. Basically, they feature enthusiastic fine looking chicks fucking man and each other, barring no holes. The best porn is porn where the people really enjoy themselves. Similarly, also checkout Tom Byron's Whack Attack 2, 3, 4. Taking to the Limit 6 is directed by i think Bruce Seven. My golly, perhaps because of my dim sex life, i admire and yearn at these people's ability to enjoy sexual orgies in a frenzy with so many partners. Some film published by Rosebud are also good.

Buttslammers is a series started by Bruce Seven, who died in 2000. Buttslammers is a all girls romp; ramming dildos into pussies and asses with frenzy. Yes, frenzy. I watch them with rapture, and think they not human. Apparently, there exists women — the female sex of the human race — who ecstasy each other out with giant dildos without giving a fuck about the world. You might watch Buttslammer 17 for start.

More to cum i promise. My love for education is like masturbation, i cannot stop if i wanted to. In my ignorant years i have at times feared the stern woes of masturbation, and have tried probation. Nature pressed me on, like a inborn addiction that won't be shed… One cannot believe the tremendous power of pussies on men. One simple visual glimpse of that lips is tantamount to a cumming storm, a passion that verges on matters of life and death. Have you looked at Men's magazines? Full of women with spreading legs and pussy lips. What is it that makes such a gesture pornographic? Why are men glued to such a pissing organ? The answer lies, of course, in what is academically called anthropology. Quick dash to the heart: evolution.

I have wondered, why is it that skirts are worn by women. Why didn't history turn out to be the other way around? The answer to this question is inherently related to the paragraph before. Simply put, skirts allow the female race to flash their pussy. (which is a primitive gesture of female to indicate sexual receptiveness.) Through generations, skirt-like garments are the choice of women, not men. Another interesting question to ponder is high heels. Why is it, that men find high heels attractive? Simply put, heels hamper locomotion. Such are gestures of non-aggressiveness, thus invite sexual solicitation. There are lots of little facts or behavior of sex that we can trace through social and biological eyes. e.g. why women develop big hips and chests, and swing their hips when they walk? (The English word is “sashay”.) Why is it that the embarrassment of nakedness is of exposed dicks/pussies or woman's breasts? (note these are sexual organs — organs that relates to breeding.) … As i said, more to cum. I have a bag of views in my head. They need a outlet, for mutual benefits. No wonder, procreation means creation and origination, not just reproduction.

( For more biological and evolutionary point of views about porn and sex, see: Reading Notes on zoologist Desmond Morris's Intimate Behavior)

Recently i learned of Larry Flynt, a porn mag Husler publisher, who by happenstance made himself a entrepreneur, millionaire, and a free-speech hero of America in the 1970s. There's a movie about it: 〈The People vs Larry Flint〉 (1996) Buy at amazon Thank you Larry Flynt. I love you.

Since Flynt became the social focus of controversy, he has also been also-rans for US President, and is a candidate for California gubernatorial Recall governor candidate. See The 2003 California GUBERNATORIAL thing RECALL.

Charlie (porn star)
Porn star: Charlie (born Charlene Garcia, 1973).

Yeah, i remember her in Cumback Pussy 4 (1996) and Buttslammers 16 (1997). She is blonde and blue eyes, and she's beautiful. Here's here on other porn databases:

Porn stars of internet era (mid 2000):

These girls are really hot. In their videos, you see wanton enjoyment of anal sex, et al.

Heather Harmon of iDeepThroat

Heather Harmon (aka Heather Brooke, of ideepthroat.com fame). If you are not familiar with internet porn… she is famous for her tens of videos on p2p networks where she effortlessly slides her husband's ~17 cm cock down her throat. She also has cum shot directly down her throat, or have it on her tongue and swallow, and amazing deep anal sex, and suck the cock right after (termed Ass-To-Mouth in the porn industry). Besides the effortless deep throat, the thing that made her famous is her exceeding enjoyment in the act. (that cock is her husband's, btw.) This is in contrast with porn films of the older era, where you see either elaborate scripts and acts (like Deep Throat or Debbie Does Dallas), in the 1990s thrive of porn VHS era, where you may see unwilling subjects, or even displeasure in the engagement. Rare, you see genuine enjoyment, as great porn videos should be. Though, with the onset of internet porn in 21st century, this is changing. Today, there are huge amounts of porn on the web, and they are not acts, theatrical or not. You see thousands perhaps millions of nameless chicks doing it in all manners in all walks of life. And, because of the numerousness, you actually see a lot of cheerfulness, enjoyment, and unpainted orgasm, as the act of copulation usually is. Hurray the internet! Fuck the moralists.

ideep throat Heather Harmon 2 ideep throat Heather Harmon 3 ideep throat Heather Harmon 8 ideep throat 1 ideep throat 2 ideep throat 8 ideep throat 3
Heather Harmon. (aka Heather “Brooke”, “ideepthroat”)

These are are porn classics.

Deep Throat (film) cover
Porn classic Deep Throat (1972)
Debbie Does Dallas cover
Poster of porn classic Debbie Does Dallas (1979). Debbie Does Dallas

I love anal sex, and girls that do deep throat, and swallows cum.

Rocco Siffredi is one of the major stud in the porn industry, who loves anal sex. And in his films, the sex acts are really not acts, but actual fuck frenzy enjoyed by all.

Rocco: Animal Trainer 3 cover
Rocco: Animal Trainer 3 (2000) Featuring a blonde named “Brandy C” that effortlessly deep throat a ~15 cm cock. Another actress is Kelly Stafford.
Cover of Buttman and Rocco go to Montreal
Buttman and Rocco go to Montreal (2000) It features 2 hot french canadian blondes, being analed and loving each other.
rocco's true anal stories 9 cover

Rocco True Anal Stories 9, 1999. Monica Mayhem, Melissa Milano, Nicole Sheridan.