Women Don't Want To Run Startups Because They'd Rather Have Children: Women and Penelope Trunk

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TechCrunch is running a article:

[Women Don't Want To Run Startups Because They'd Rather Have Children By Penelope Trunk. At http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/09/women-startups-childre/ , accessed on 2013-12-25 ]

Penelope is a entrepreneur, in today's online websites business (e.g. SEO, twitter, Facebook, blogging to richdom, and all that buzz). In the article, she basically tells the story of how she's now moving and going off to run a family with her man.

The article so far has over 300 comments, and more than half are women, complaining about the article. Here's my comment (slightly edited):

lol. this post gets a flood of angry women who flame the author, with comments that indicates they speak for men too. (e.g. “this post is not only insulting to women but insulting to men TOO!”)

the sex fight is eternal to human animals. Some chide the author for not having done research or statistics. Well, you have done study in the general behavior pattern of this in human history?

this article, just like many others, simply speaks the author's mind, without needing to dress it up. But due to the sensitive topic, of course you get a flood of women complaining (and btw, perhaps less that 10% of all the business men, or entrepreneurs, are women in the first place, because, women, are simply not interested, generally speaking.)

so, thumbs down to the bitchers. But one sympathizes with these people cause their reaction are typical to all human animals: defending their self-interests, with less regard to what is true or fair.

as some of these seems young ladies grew to mid-age, perhaps like Camille Paglia have expressed, they in flocks left the feminism scene to establish families, and the ambitions became stories of “when i was young…”.

As with respect to marketing in our web 2.0 age, bravo for the title.

Penelope Trunk donkey bites skirt
donkey byting the skirt of Penelope Trunk

PS “Penelope” and “Trunk”? What a name❗ Who's this Penelope Trunk anyway? Apparently, she's a pretty, smart, feminine, chick. She's got 56k subscribers, 59k twitter followers, and makes $150k a year. Just look at this her blog, and look at her skirt:

[how to do damage control By Penelope Trunk. At http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2010/09/24/how-to-do-damage-control/ , accessed on 2013-12-25 ]

She sure know how to title her articles, and she has a way with words.

Such a successful queen. Don't you want her?