Chick Porn, the Twilight, and Society

By Xah Lee. Date:

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Currently, watching Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, part 2

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Am enjoying it very much. I'm a guy, i ♥ and watch porn almost daily. tits and ass, in and out. but, watching Twilight is almost equally enjoyable in a different way. like, a pathologist dealing with pathology.

you have these, beautiful people, all lovely couples, all so happy, and you have this chick, with more than one alpha male vying her, protect her. Weddings, and babies, and of course, some hot sex. Of course, it can't be 100% pure happiness, as that'd be no tale. It needs some twists, such as romantic conflicts, family issues, uncertainty of trust, and some threat of danger from evil empire.

with porn going rampant in the past decade exponentially, but i think chick porn has done quite well too.

how Twilight depict vampires? i noticed, red lips, glowing eyes, heightened color of eyebrows. Pale skin and sparkling. All's beautiful. No sharp teeth.

is there something socially significant in the popularity of Twilight, in the context of human animals history? Like, does it mean it reflects some social change of the psy of today's young female? Thinking about it, i don't think so, not a bit. Twilight is just a glorified chick lit, bodice rippers. But maybe it does reflect a bit of current USA pop culture of past half decade, such as the emo thing, the metro sexual thing, the lgb-tranny thing. Where, these yuppie types have reached a state of ennui, and yearn for self-pity, fight for ghost's rights.

the development of the Twilight genre is rather natural i think. Starting with, in my experience, teen flicks such as 《Beverly Hills, 90210》 an such. I clearly recall, how these shows of white guys are so concerned about racism and equality stuff. Everything they do, their thoughts, are inevitably related to equality somehow. But, in real life, if you are not them, and there's a conflict of interest, good luck.

and then there's the Friends sitcom of 1990s. These are interbred with Anne Rice's vampire. These are concerns of US Americans. the themes are justice, equality, protection, racism, rape. But, over all, not sure it has done any good, as there deaths in the hands of US American in recent decade, in the millions, and the NSA thing, with USA government spying on other country's leaders, even alleys, and has the audacity to say it's right. Though, few things have become good in past decade, such as anal sex became legal, sex between males became legal, smoking weed became legal, fisting in porn no longer send you to jail, etc.

the Twilight twitter account has 1.39M followers. Go have a look. All chicks. See what they say.

Am reminded, why are there not many women programers? Of course, the patriarchy fucked them up. #feminism