Wonder Woman in America: from Heroine to Feminist to Sexpot

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Wonder Woman issue 1
Wonder Woman issue 1

Wonder Woman began in 1941 as the alleged good feminism image. A symbol of beauty & strength for women, doubling as soft-porn for nerdy boys. Her image & story has mutated thru the political climate, just as Captain America has. Nowadays, with the evil communism era gone, and her Snow White chest and skimpy costume being too feminine to be sold as a butch dyke for gender feminists, the image of Wonder Woman returns to her natural role of being primarily a blue-eyed sexpot.

Wonder Woman sen23p11
Wonder Woman, began partly as boundage fantasy. 〔►see Wonder Woman and Boundage
Wonder Woman Gloria Steinem feminism
A retro comics postcard set cover featuring Wonder Woman. Note the prominent mention of gender feminist Gloria Steinem. 〔►see What Is Gender Feminism?

At the age of 41, in 1982, Wonder Woman started to wear a double W on her chest, instead of the bird. Here's a excerpt from wikipedia:

In the preview in DC Comics Presents #41 (January 1982), writer Roy Thomas and penciller Gene Colan provided Wonder Woman with a stylized “W,” on her bodice, to replace the eagle. The new emblem, unlike the old, was copyrightable and so had greater merchandising potential.

Wonder Woman  Justice League  The Gauntlet
A ~ issue of Wonder Woman comics. Note the pitch “Free posters Inside! Collect them ALL!”, with the capitalized word FREE and phraseology “Collect them all”. This is a ubiquitous element of American consumer culture. Also note how her waist is drawn into a cinch.
Wonder Woman Paradise Lost cover
Wonder Woman comics: 〈Paradise Lost〉. . Buy at amazon Notice the prominent delineation of the plumpness of her breasts.
Wonder Woman Paradise Found cover
Wonder Woman 〈Paradise Found〉. . Buy at amazon Notice the practically one blob of meat, and the universal image of hero saving princess of a powerful man carrying a unconscious beauty. 〔►see Postures of Female and Male
Lynda Carter Wonder Woman pm0006
Looker Lynda Carter (born 1951) stars Wonder Woman in the TV series (1976 – 1979).
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Lynda Carter Wonder Woman wwcn41
Lynda Carter. Buy at amazon
Lynda Carter Wonder Woman 62677
Lynda Carter. Buy at amazon
Lynda Carter Wonder Woman complete collection dvd
Wonder Woman The Complete Collection. Buy at amazon
Wonder Woman apron
Wonder Woman apron. Buy at amazon

Wonder Woman is a prominent theme in S&M porn. See: Wonder Woman & Boundage.