Cindy's Torment

By Anonymous John, 1990

say her piece Here's a unusual usage.

There are certain benefits to being an executive in a big corporation. One of them became evident a few months ago. There had been a nasty turf war between a couple departments. One of them had won, resulting in the ouster of a bunch of the lower-level people who had stayed loyal to the losing department. I hadn't taken much interest in this until one day when one of the losers came rushing into my office, in tears. (I have a rep as a “nice guy,” so she probably thought I could or would help her out.) My secretary came running in after her, obviously having failed to stop her. I rather liked the sight of a woman in tears, so I waved my secretary away, and let the distraught woman, who we'll call Cindy Lee, say her piece. My secretary smiled as she left the room; she knew my particular interests only too well. Oh, I fail to mention that Cindy is a very attractive, petite woman of Chinese descent, about age 23 I would say. She had a full figure with large, firm breasts and broad hips. She was dressed in a beautiful red dress, with black high heels. Her makeup was light and well-applied, accenting a pair of beautiful, almond-shaped eyes.

with a man a stereotypical Asian plight.
✲1 Being offered double salary for a white-collar job, in return for being a modern day sex slave in the office is quite a deal. Millions of girls in poor countries outside of USA and Europe would jump to do it for a fraction of the pay. And in industrialized nations such as USA, probably a majory of women would be willing to do it, if the deal is not in such explicit terms. Usually they take in other forms such as so-called Trophy wife and professional mistresses. The weaker sex supplicating to the more powerful sex for mutual benefit is common in animal kingdom.

Cindy proceeded to lay the predictable sob story on me. She had noplace else to go, she couldn't go home because her parents wouldn't talk to her since she had once lived with a man. She cried that none of it was her fault, that she desperately wanted to stay, and could I please find someway to help her keep her job. I calmed her down after a while, and then laid it on the line. If she wanted her job, it was going to cost her. Her look became troubled; it got even more troubled when I informed her that she would have to be my obediant sex slave. She seemed to be in shock as I laid out the details: she would always be available to me, and could not complain about anything I did to her. She protested, threatened to talk to the local employee representative and the newspapers. I smiled and informed her that the employee representative shared my tastes, and that if she talked to the newspapers, nobody would believe her and furthermore she wouldn't be able to get a job anywhere ever again. To help her decide, I offered her double salary ✲1, and a position in a different department. Eventually, her desire to continue paying rent won out, and she capitulated.

Needless to say, I kept my end of the bargain, and she kept hers. She was sent to a different department at a substantial pay increase, and every day after work would show up in my office to entertain me. For the first few days, I took it easy. After all, I didn't want to freak her out so badly that she WOULD report me. We kissed a lot, and I would run my hands around on her body. I went further and further each time. Soon, I was stripping her down to bra and panties, rubbing her cunt on the outside of her panties, making her play with my cock. She clearly didn't like any of this (she had only been with one other man in her life), but she bit her lip and didn't complain. Finally, we got down to business one day. I stripped off all her clothing and layed her down on the desk on her back. She had truly gorgeous tits, with large brown nipples. Her cunt and asshole were small and tight. I ran my hands up and down her body, pinching her nipples and inserting a finger into her cunt. She gasped as I explored deep inside of her, feeling into her most private nooks and crannies. I took out my finger and pinched her clit. Then, lifing her legs and pushing them against her chest, I dropped my pants and shoved my swollen member against her cunt lips. I'm very largely built, about as thick around as one of Cindy's ankles. It has caused my girlfriends some pain in the past, and I figured that Cindy's extra-tight cunt would be no exception. I stuffed my head into her, and began pushing. Her dark almond eyes widened in surprise, and she gasped again. She was dry, so I had to push hard. I increased the pressure, moving my hips from side to side in an effort to penetrate her. Her teeth clenched in pain, but she didn't resist. Finally, my shaft began to sink into her cunt, to the tune of some muffled groaning on her part. As I sunk into her cunt, I grabbed her wrists, holding them down firmly. Once I was in, I fucked her vigorously for the better part of an hour, all of which she endured with little whimpers. I finally pulled out and shot a wad of come that flew out to land on her stomach and tits. Trembling, but relieved, she cleaned up and left.

Over the next few weeks, I started indulging my real tastes. While I fucked her, I would start to do cruel little things to her. I would pinch her nipples, twisting them around. Or, I would pinch her clit while shoving into her, sometimes pulling out some cunt hairs just for fun. As she got used to the abuse, I increased it. I would force her to bend over with her legs spread, while I slapped her ass with my hand. One of the best days was when I tied her bent over a chair, her wrists and ankles tied to the legs and her ass sticking up in the air. I took off my belt and repeatedly smacked her round ass, until her golden-bronze skin was a bright, bright red. She shrieked and cried all the while. Finally, I slipped my cock into her cunt, shoving hard. Before coming, I untied her and forced her to take it in her mouth. She could barely fit in the head, but I shoved anyway until most of my cock was in her mouth. Her full lips were stretched to their fullest around my swollen member. With a couple of strokes, I came, filling her mouth past capacity with warm, sticky seed. I told her to swallow, and she obeyed, gulping quickly. I made her lick me clean, and then let her go for the night.

smarting to cause a sharp stinging pain.

My little slave was proceeding so well, never uttering a peep of protest, that I decided to quicken the pace a bit, to really test her limits. I set things up with my secretary the day before. When Cindy came in for her nightly workout, I told her something new was in store. My secretary came in, carrying the bag of equipment I had requested. I stripped Cindy and told her to bend over a typing desk. Her stomach rested on the desk; her torso hung over its edge. I tied her hands to each of the front legs, and then tied her ankles to the back legs, making sure to pull the ropes tight. Her ass protruded upwards, giving me a nice view up into the cleft between her ass-cheeks. I got a pair of vicious nipple clips out of the bag and clipped them onto Cindy's tits. She yelped loudly each time. I then hung 5-pound weights off of the clips, stretching her tender tits into pointed cones. She moaned, her tits clearly smarting. I then grabbed her jet-black hair, forcing her face up. I presented my swollen cock to her mouth, and told her to suck. This she did, gagging as I plunged the huge thing into the back of her throat. Finally, I was ready for the real entertainment.

impaled impaling is a torturing method of human animals. A person is tied then made to sit on a stick from the ground. Eventually, the muscle tires and the person sinks to death. See Impalement

I walked around to her rear, opened her ass cheeks, and placed my cock head onto her wrinkled little asshole. Next to her tiny asshole, my cock looked absolutely monstrous; the hole in its tip seemed to be as large as her anal opening. I began pushing, and her asshole dilated the littlest bit. I shoved harder, making her asshole gape. Cindy gasped loudly, then began trying to thrash, managing to wiggle her ass just the littlest bit. As my cock head dilated her asshole, she began to cry, pleading with me that it hurt, to please take it out or I would rip her in half. My secretary watched with amusement; I had only half the head in. I shoved harder, forcing the head in; Cindy screeched. Taking a deep breath, I gave a mighty shove, forcing my large cock in all the way to the hilt. Cindy screamed in agony, all her muscles contracting in a frantic effort to get away. But, the ropes held her fast. I began pumping hard, making her asshole push in and pull out. Every time I moved, Cindy moaned and shrieked with pain. She looked like she was impaled on a pole. Her entire body was taut with agony. To increase my enjoyment, I began methodically slapping her ass hard while I pushed. Finally, I came, pouring a gigantic gusher up her colon. I pulled out, making her grunt.

I walked around to her front, signaling to my secretary to begin her part of the fun. I presented my shit- and come-covered cock to Cindy's tear-stained face again. Cindy pulled back in revulsion. I grabbed her by the hair and touched my cock lips to her mouth, telling her she had better open up and clean me off. She refused, shaking her head. I nodded to my secretary, who was now standing behind Cindy with a riding crop. My secretary, a strapping blond woman, lowered the crop down on Cindy's ass with all the force she could muster. The SMACK! was so loud I jumped. Cindy jerked and screamed, her tears starting afresh. My secretary lashed out again and again, sinking the tough leather into Cindy's unprotected flesh. The sharp smacks sounded like a rifle being shot. Soon, Cindy's ass was a criss-crossing bunch of welts; Cindy was crying continuously. I asked her once again whether or not she would clean me off. She hesitated. I nodded to my secretary, who took careful aim. Her arm jerked downward, and the lash fell right between Cindy's ass cheeks, slashing her tender abused asshole and cunt with a loud WHACK!!! Cindy jumped, a wild look of fear in her almond eyes. My secretary lashed again. Cindy screamed loudly. Another slash. Cindy finally screamed that yes, she would do it. My secretary stopped, and Cindy opened her mouth. My filth-encrusted dick slid in, and she began sucking. Soon, I was clean again, to the tune of a bit of gagging on Cindy's part. We untied her, and she fell on the floor.

hefted lifted.
2 Attaching 110 AC current on upper torse can be lethal.

We were about to move onto the next phase of punishment when my secretary asked to be excused to go to the restroom. I was about to let her go when I had a wicked idea. I knelt down next to Cindy, and asked her whether she would like to help us out. She looked at me uncomprehendingly, tears still staining her face. So, I spelled it out for her. My secretary needed to relieve herself, and here was a willing sex slave to save her a trip. Cindy went pale and shook her head, saying that nothing we could do would ever get her to consent. I smiled, grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back. I hefted her onto my desk, and tied her legs apart, attaching the ropes to the desk legs. I looked in my drawer and found what I wanted: an electric wire with two ends split apart and layed bare at one end, and an electric plug in the other. I pushed the plug into a wall socket, and touched the two wires to one of Cindy's tits. 2 She jumped convulsively and screamed. I smiled and told her to stop me whenever she agreed to what we wanted. Over and over, I applied the ends of the wire to her tits, leaving little marks on her nipples and all over her breasts. I finally moving to her cunt.

After thoroughly shocking her cunt, I finally moving to her asshole. I held the wire ends to her asshole for a while. Her screams got loud and panicky. Getting tired of waiting, I finally shoved one wire into her asshole, and one into her cunt, leaving it there. Her body went rigid as the current flowed through her. Her teeth clenched. I asked her again whether she would do what we wanted. Finally, she shook her head yes.

We untied her and let her rest for a minute. Then, we retied her onto the floor, on her back. I told her to open her mouth wide. She obeyed willingly, fearful of a repeat of my shocking performance. My secretary slipped off her panties and squatted down over the gaping mouth. She carefully positioned her pisshole over our slave's mouth. She began to piss; I again warned Cindy to swallow or else. A yellow liquid stream fell into Cindy's mouth. I watched as it began to fill her mouth. Cindy grimaced in disgust, but realized that she had to swallow or begin to lose the urine. She began gulping. My secretary held back, wanting this punishment to last a while. For what seemed like minutes, my secretary inundated Cindy's mouth. Cindy swallowed and swallowed, tears streaming down her eyes. Finally, my secretary ran out of piss.

bucking jerking and balking as a horse raising its forlegs.

I walked over to the bag and pulled out another toy: a large (repeat, large) black rubber dildo. The shaft was immense: it was probably the size of a baseball bat. I made my secretary take off her skirt, and strapped the dildo onto her so that it stuck out straight like a man's cock. My own cock was quite stiff by now. We jerked Cindy up to her feet, and I shoved my cock into her asshole again, pushing hard to force my dry rod into her even drier anus. She screamed in pain; the shocking of her asshole and its previous rape had left it tender. When I was finally sunk in deep into her bowels, my secretary positioned herself in front of Cindy, kicking her legs apart. She bent her knees a bit so that she could begin to insert the tip of the huge dildo into Cindy's tiny cunt. She got the tip in, and began shoving. Cindy's eyes widened with agony and her mouth gaped open; the dildo was far larger than anything else she had ever had to take. Her hips bucking hard, my secretary shoved and shoved, making Cindy rise up on her little brown toes each time from the force. Finally, the monster was all the way into Cindy's tender cunt. Her head was thrown back in pain, her teeth clenched; she moaned loudly. My secretary and I started a rhythm; while she pushed in, I pulled out and vice versa. We sawed away at poor Cindy for a long time, making her groan in pain with each thrust. Finally, I reached around to her burnt little nipples and began pinching, pulling and twisting. Cindy shrieked, and I came, followed a few seconds later by my secretary. We pulled out of Cindy; I forced her onto her knees, and made her clean me up one last time.

Cindy was beginning to look exhausted, so we gave her a long break. While she rested, I decided to let my secretary have some fun on her own. After all, she had been a loyal servant for a long time, once having to endure many of the same things that were befalling Cindy. While Cindy whimpered and sobbed on the floor, I pulled my secretary aside and talked to her in low tones. She gave me an evil smile and a kiss. We turned back to our slave.

My secretary slipped off her clothes and made sure that Cindy's hands were fastened securely behind her back. She pulled Cindy into a kneeling position and forced her legs apart. Running her hands up and down Cindy's body, my secretary tongue-kissed her deeply. Finally, she stood up and presented her cunt to Cindy's face, telling her to lick and to make it good.. Cindy had clearly never eaten cunt before and was revolted by the idea. However, our previous displays of cruelty convinced her to comply without any protest. She stuck out her tongue and gingerly began lapping at my secretary's dripping cunt. Cindy's face wrinkled with disgust as she tasted my secretary's musty nether lips. Soon, my secretary got impatient; Cindy was doing a poor job in spite of being equipped with full sensuous lips and tongue. Pulling back, my secretary grabbed Cincy's hair and pulled hard. Calling her a lazy little bitch, she slapped Cindy's face hard, first on one side and then the other. Cindy issued a loud cry, her eyes squeezed tight. Her tears began again. My secretary presented her cunt once more, but Cindy's fumbling still brought her no satsifaction.

My secretary walked angrily back over to the bag of equipment, and pulled out another dildo. This one was not quite as massive as the one she had just used on Cindy's cunt, but it was still big. She strapped it on, using as a harness a device that had a tongue extending to her cunt; exerting pressure on the dildo would cause pressure on her clit. Towering threateningly over Cindy, she told her to open her mouth. My secretary shoved the dildo in, making Cindy's jaws gape wide. She started bucking her hips with a strong, steady rythym. Each time she thrust forward, the dildo sank deep into Cindy's throat, ramming into the back of her throat, making her gag, and blocking her breathing. This punishment continued for a while; the pressure against the dildo made my secretary more and more excited. She was developing a positively feral gleam in her eyes. Finally, she pulled the dildo out of Cindy's full-lipped mouth and slapped her face again. As Cindy opened her mouth to cry out, my secretary jammed the dildo into her throat as far as it would go. She held it there, pushing hard against Cindy's throat, blocking her breathing. My secretary began rotating her hips, thus making her harness rotate and causing the tongue to rub against her clit. Cindy began to struggle for air, her lungs heaving convulsively, her almond eyes widening with alarm. With obvious pleasure, my secretary watched her, and rotated her hips even harder. Just as Cindy's eyes glazed over, preparatory to passing out, my secretrary orgasmed and pulled the dildo out. Cindy gasped loudly, sucking breath in desperately. When she had recovered somewhat, my secretary slapped her face again and shoved in the dildo. Once again, she held it there, rotating her hips to orgasm. Once again, Cindy narrowly avoided passing out. This scene was repeated several times. Finally, the edge taken off her lust, my secretary withdrew, letting Cindy slump to the floor, breathing heavily.

3 A large object inserted into a untrained vigina or anus can cause muscle tear. Anal stretching.

While Cindy recovered, my secretary walked to the bag and pulled the dildo off of her harness. She replaced it with the much larger dildo she had used to torment Cindy's aching little cunt, lubricated it, got some rope, and walked back over to her. Cindy was curled up on the floor in a tight ball, shivering, obviously afraid of what was going to come next. Kneeling down, my secretary pushed Cindy onto her back, put the rope under her back, and tied one end to her right knee. She pulled hard on the rope, drawing Cindy's right leg back near her tormented chest. My secretary then pulled Cindy's left knee back similarly, and tied the other end of the rope to it. This splayed Cindy's legs wide apart, totally exposing her cunt and asshole. Her hands, of course, were still tied behind her back. Losing no time, her lust rising again, my secretary positioned herself over Cindy, mounting her as a man would. She positioned the tip of the dildo over Cindy's ravaged asshole, and began pressing. I was astounded at her cruelty. She was smiling fixidly, a wicked, toothy smile as she pressed the tip on Cindy's asshole. Cindy shrieked and began pleading, telling her that the dildo felt like it had ripped her cunt apart and that in her asshole it would surely kill her. My secretary ignored her and shoved harder, bucking with her hips. With each buck, Cindy's body slid on the carpet. Slowly but surely, the tip of the monstrous dildo began dilating Cindy's asshole. 3 With each buck of my secretary's strong hips, the hole got a bit bigger. Cindy began screaming in earnest, kicking her lower legs (which weren't tied down) and whipping her head back and forth. She was clearly in more pain than she had ever been in her life. This only served to increase my secretary's lust; she began bucking harder. With a final hard shove, the monster dildo head pushed its way into Cindy's asshole, making her pass out.

I obtained some smelling salts and held them under Cindy's nose. As soon as she came around, she began crying again, and my secretary began shoving. The rest of the way was easier: after another minute, the shaft had disappeared into Cindy's taught, immensely-stretched asshole. Her almond eyes were wide with panic and agony; each little movement made her clench her teeth and shriek. My secretary began pulling the dildo out, preparatory to thrusting; Cindy gave a long, drawn-out wailing sound. When the head was almost all the way out, my secretary shoved again, driving it in one long thrust. The sudden re-dilation made Cindy pass out again. Once again, smelling salts were applied, and the real fun began. My secretary began pumping in a regular rhythm, pulling in and out. Cindy's asshole, stretched to the limit, looked like it was being pulled off her body when the dildo was withdrawn; when it was shoved in, she looked like she was having a tree shoved up her ass. She sounded that way too, screaming constantly. To increase her pain (if such a thing was possible) my secretary began thrusting harder. She held Cindy's head still, and kissed her screaming mouth deeply, over and over. This muffled, but did not stifle Cindy's screams. My secretary then reached down and began pinching and kneading Cindy's brown little nipples, quite hard. She pulled at them, wrapping them around her finger and yanking so hard I thought she would pull them off her body. Finally, my secretary, thrusting harder and harder in her approaching orgasm, took one of Cindy's nipples between her teeth and bit down hard. Cindy's shrieks increased in volume and pitch. Pulling back with her head, holding the agonized nipple, my secretary began bucking wildly. Her orgasm must have lasted for a full two minutes, interrupted only by her letting go of Cindy's nipple and taking the other one in her teeth.

When my secretary was finally done, she thrusted hard and buried the dildo in Cindy's asshole. Unharnessing herself, she left the dildo in and found the camera. She took several pictures of Cindy with the monstrous dildo in her asshole, tears streaming down her face, her nipples bitten and burnt. Finally, she reached down and yanked the dildo out of Cindy. Her asshole gaped wide open. Cindy lay sobbing on the floor for a long while. My secretary stood over her, enjoying her pain and humiliation, recharching her batteries for one final act of cruelty.

It wasn't long in coming. My secretary knelt down and ran her hands over Cindy's body a couple times, stopping to lighly pinch her nipples and clit. Then, with one hand she grabbed Cindy's dark little tuft of cunt hair and held on fast. She pulled her other hand back and made a fist, aiming it for Cindy's wide-open, exposed cunt. She drove the blow home with an awful-sounding SMACK! In spite of her trauma, Cindy yelped and jumped. Again, my secretary reared back. SMACK! Her fist seemed to bury itself in Cindy's tight little cunt. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She pounded away like a sledge hammer. Cindy let out a half groan/half scream with each blow. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Giving her cunt hair a final pull, my secretary finally stopped. She went over to the equipment bag and pulled out some lubricant. Walking back over to Cindy, she asked me to turn the slave over almost onto her side so that one of her tits would be on the floor. I did as my secretary asked, whereupon she lifted her heel and planted it squarely on Cindy's tormented nipple. While she lubricated her fist, she ground her heel from one side to the other, mashing Cindy's little brown nipple into the carpet. Cindy screamed and screamed. Finally, my secretary stopped.

My secretary knelt down again, once again quite excited. She thrust a slick finger into Cindy's cunt, and began churning it around. Cindy wailed loudly at this new intrusion. When my secretary pulled it out, there was a bit of blood on it, probably from her long, sharp nails. She then put in two fingers and churned again, pulling them in and out. Ever time she pushed in hard, Cindy yelped. Her fingers came out a bit bloodier. Next, she shoved in three fingers. By now, the pain of having her cunt stretched again was combining with the pain of the razor-sharp nails. Cindy began moaning loudly, begging us not do hurt her like this. Oblivious, my secretary put in a fourth finger, churned for a bit, and began shoving. Soon, most of her fingers up to the knuckle were buried in Cindy's stretched cunt. My secretary made a fist, and Cindy let out a scream that was deafening. With lust in her eyes, my secretary began to shove her fist in. With a few brutal jabs, she got it in up to the wrist. Cindy's cunt lips were stretched to the limit, wrapped around my secretary's wrist. Pulling almost all the way out, she punched hard again. When she hit the back of Cindy's womb, all the poor little slave could do was arch her neck, her mouth gaping open, her eyes squeezed tight in agony. My secretary pulled out again, and punched. Her tempo increased. Unfortunately, my secretary was getting excited but could not easily stimulate herself, due to her clumsy position. I decided to help. Kneeling down, I parted my secretary's ass-cheeks, and found her well-worn asshole with the tip of my cock. I thrust it all the way in with one movement. My secretary screamed in pain and pleasure. Her fist buried itself in Cindy's cunt once again. I began fucking my secretary. The harder I fucked, the harder she punched up into Cindy's ravaged womb. Cindy had regained her breath and was screaming loudly. Soon, my secretary's screams joined her in a combination of asshole-torment and orgasm. When she finished coming, I pulled out of her and knelt down over Cindy's open, screaming mouth. As my secretary delivered a few final punches, I jerked a huge load of sperm into Cindy's mouth. Spurt after spurt of come coated her tongue. I aimed some at her face, making it dribble off of her nose and lips. Finally, when the last spurt died down, I stood up. I told my secretary to keep her fist in Cindy's cunt. I took a few pictures for posterity, whereupon we finally untied poor Cindy and told her that she could leave. It took her some time, she was so traumatized. There were whip-marks on her ass; her cunt and asshole were terribly stretched and bleeding; her nipples were bruised, bitten, and burnt. Finally, whimpering and trembling, she dressed and left.

And that's what I like about being an executive in a large corporation.

Notes from Xah Lee

This tale (4716 words) was posted anonymously to usenet in Spring 1990. It caused a ruckus among moralists, and is one of the earlist notable event on online censorship.

(Note: Wikipedia has a article on this event. But it has been removed in late 2008. Here's a mirror: Wikipedia Article on Cindy's Torment.)

Since, the internet has been unstoppable with rife porn. Today, materials such as this are a dime a dozen on the web. Over a decade of such flow of uncontrolled information, today we have a slightly more tolerant society, including changing the laws of sodomy in USA, and clamoring of legally recognized union between homosexual men and women.

The first well known torture porn, is probably Justine, by Marquis de Sade. (See excerpt at Justine by Marquis de Sade (Hardcore Sadomasochism).)

A rather recent torture porn, is The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, by Roger Williams.

Also, since the 2000s, movies depicting torture with nudity is becoming wild. For example, the Saw series (See: The Art of Torture: a Photographic Tour (screenshots)) and Hostel Buy at amazon.