Moving Porn out of

By Xah Lee. Date:

Started a new website at [ ]. All proper porn stuff, will go there. Articles about sex, erotica, will still stay on Explicit pure porn will be moved to In 1980's manner of speaking, matters of prurient interest will be moved, but porn with the right lighting will stay on I LOL.

The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting.

The above quote is attributed to Gloria Leonard (born 1940)

I've always been stagnant about not be constraint by the current political fashions or locality's cultural thoughts on what i put on is my personal website. It is supposed to be whatever that interest ME. So, i never felt that i SHOULD move some material out of the site just because of views of particular group in power or fashion. With respect to appropriateness of content or what material should be censored, i always consider it with regards to long term ethics of humanity, with considerations of human history, different schools of philosophy, across cultures, not by some local polity or current local cultural thought. (though, i do still respect and stay within local law)

Vast majority of material on, 98%, are about mathematics, computer programing, classic literature. However, porn also is one of my interest, a strong one. Though i never wrote much about it, but in the past 5 or so years, i've gradually wrote stuff that relates to sex. Today, 79 of my 4025 pages are related to sex (1.96%), and about 0.4% or ~20 pages contain explicit hardcore porn images or videos.

Even though i have strong opinion about integrity of what i choose to be on my site and concept of ethics, but there's always pressure about avoiding putting porn or writing controversial stuff related to sex on (e.g. any discussion about “child porn”). When you add just one page of porn that porn page will become highly trafficked, and people will think you are a pornographer. Totally out of proportions. Also, once your site has sex stuff, may it be academic discourse or erotica (i.e. well accepted art form), it gathers many negative aspects in the functionality of the site. For example, search engines may black list your site, just because that 1 porn page, never mind that 99% of your material is academic with thousands of links from academic institutions. (google is getting more open about this though.)

Today, i decided to move pure porn stuff to ( which means just moving ~10 pages). I've thought about this for a while. There are multiple reasons. Roughly they are these:

Currently, i'm not sure what would be the structure of I mean, would it be blog like or what? There will probably be a lot structural changes in the coming weeks. But we'll see down the road.

Porn Industry

PS Porn is a $13 giga usd industry per year in USA, according to New York Times. [ ]

I'd like to know the relative sizes of different industries. e.g. film industry, video game industry, software industry. (I read somewhere that porn revenue in US is more than all sports entertainment industries combined (e.g. baseball, basketball, football).) If you find a reference, please let me know!