The Sad Story of the Fearlesss Girl vs Charging Bull

By Xah Lee. Date: .
charging bull vs fearlesss girl 2017 03 29
Fearlesss Girl vs Charging Bull 〔photo by Anthony Quintano from ©
  1. 1987 global stock market crash. Bull sculpture was created by Di Modica, costed him $360,000, placed in NYC illegally, as street art, and meant as a gift.
  2. The bull was meant for bull market, meaning, financial prosperity.
  3. Public loved it, but cops seized it. After public outcry, NY city agreed to let it stand there.
  4. The Charging Bull since is the most photographed thing in NY City, a tourist attraction.
  5. The Fearless Girl, was created by investment fund corporation “State Street Global Advisors”, with asset of $2.4 billion, “as part of a marketing campaign for their gender-diverse index fund.”, stock symbol SHE.
Lauren Southern team bull 2017 03 29
Lauren Southern, team bull 〔image source
charging bull sculpture 70899
Charging Bull sculpture. [image source ]