Fakenews Target Women

By Xah Lee. Date: .

fakenews target women

guardian churning fake news for women. females most easily fall for emotional stuff, n most loud in spreading fake news on social media. so news sites target them, since 10 yrs ago, n thing got worse n worse.

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Guardian fakenews target women

this fakenewsgradually became part of left pol way to win womn over. a powerful way cuz 50% pop r wm. men n wm need to meetup and usually men try to yield 2 wm. by injection, now half wary the other, n many men fall 4 ur pol 2.

this is a nasty tactic to deal with cuz if no agree then its easy say u misogy. yes 1 of the most powerful way to intro chaos/cult is on biological repro system cuz no one can escape

this wowen madness is eating self full of conflicts. saying men is prob, then want career before children, then old no men no child, sad + mad++, more blame men. men try to help, but more metoo, men no wanna touch no more, more mad.