Disney Princesses of Americanism

By Xah Lee. Date:
Disney princesses
Disney princesses printed on American girl's breakfast box. The characters from left to right are: Cinderella, Belle (Beauty and Beast), Snow White, Ariel (Little Mermaid). I love them all very much. In order of preference: the redhead, the raven-head, the blonde, the brunette. (I haven't watched Beauty and Beast yet.)

As of this particular set of drawings, Ariel is the pertest (also youngest). Snow White is the most demure and innocent. Belle of the Beauty and Beast exudes womanly matureness. While the blonde Cinderella is slutty (just look at her eyes).

By the way, it seems that princess Jasmine of Aladdin of Islamic faith is missing from the box. I wonder if it's because the color of her skin under the Patriot Act of the WASP of 21th century.

princesses planner
On the back of the box, there's a little matrix of a planner called Princess Planner, featuring mottos and other pertinence of each princess. Here's the matrix:
Snow White Cinderella Belle Ariel
MOTTO “Some day my prince will come!” “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” “Never give up on your dreams!” “Wish i could be part of your world”
FAVORITE COLOR Red, as rosy lips. Blue, as a cloudless sky. Gold, as the morning sun. Aqua, as a mermaid's tail.
PRINCESS POINTERS • Start your day with a song.
• Don't talk to strangers.
• Your best makeup is a lovely smile!
• Organize your shoes.
• Draw your idea of prince charming!
• Dress to dance the night away.
• Take time to read a little!
• Kind words can tame a savage beast.
• Always say “Please” and “Thank you”.
• Keep your room clean as a castle.
• Consider taking swimming lessons.
• Let flowers power your style!

You Can Be A Princess, Too!

Is Disney Hurting Gender Feminism?

I was strolling down the breakfast aisle of my local food store. (Safeway, California, American) On one side of the aisle are endless rows of food boxes. Then, one of them caught my eye. It's by “Kellogg's” brand in collaboration with Walt Disney entertainment corporation, created a limited edition of cereal with the Disney Princesses theme.

Printed on the box are 4 outrageous sexist Occidental beauty symbols. They are: Cinderella, Belle (Beauty and Beast), Snow White, Ariel (Little Mermaid). They insulted my male-everything pride and as well as my Oriental roots. Also causing me pain is its egregious age-prejudice and skin-colorism.

I've taken photos of the front cover and back cover of this food box as a record of humanity and documentation of Americans.

Is Kellogg and Disney hurting Gender Feminism? Why do Americans love them, little girls and parents alike? are they a plot of patriarchy?

Frankly, i'm rather delighted to see these beauties adorning morning meal's boxes. I do not bear malicious jealousy for America not glorifying my sex or my ethnicity. The pussy sex has always been what they are or want. Has been since dawn of time. Just don't let some WASP-bimbo or butcher-lesbo tell us how they are victims of men.

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