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Learned today of Menstrual cup. Basically, a cup that collects blood from women's vagina. Amazing.

Diva Cup
A menstrual cup. img src

Content below are of sexual nature with explicit images.

In my sexual fantasy, i've imagined a device that collects Vaginal lubrication. This is when i wasn't aware of menstrual cup. Now seeing it, it won't do, since menstrual blood came out of cervix, while pussy juice came from the wall of vagina. My imagined device would be a outer cup, worn over vagina the way a cheap dust-filtering face mask is worn over the mouth. However, such mask-like cup doesn't provide a conduit for the juice to flow. So, i imagined some type of tooth-pick shaped conduit that is inserted into the vagina, to let the juice drop down from it. Perhaps with a bulb at the end so that it stays. Or, the cup has such pole sticking out in the middle. And, the whole device is to be made of crystal, that it must be beautiful. But, suppose there's such a device, but is there enough pussy juice for this to work? and why would women collect it? And even if they want to, how do you induce the juice flow without stimulating the clit, that is now covered? Ah, this is when BDSM fantasy comes in. The idea is that, there'd be a pussy juice market, much like artificial lubes are sold today, but the real thing. It'd be sold in delicate tiny perfume bottles, expensive, to high societies. For the producer, there'd be a farm of girls, perhaps bound, perhaps voluntary workers, who squat while wearing the thing, and they will be stimulated either by some video, some other chicks, or from a vibrator designed as part of the cup.

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Cervix, with the string of IUD showing. 1023×979 img src

Also found a site that contain a lot photos of the Cervix. The site is: Apparently by a medical student women and most photos are of herself.

Video of cervix from a porn site: Source. Her name is “Alysha”. I've seen her cervix gaping vids since i think as early as 2005. She's probably famous for it.

Also learned about IUD (Intrauterine device). It is basically is a metal or plastic T-shaped frame that is inserted into the uterus and stays there. The mechanism of this empty frame in uterus to prevent inception is quite puzzling. Here's a quote from Wikipedia:

The mechanism of IUDs is not well understood. It's known however that the presence of a device in the uterus prompts the release of leukocytes and prostaglandins by the endometrium. These substances are hostile to both sperm and eggs; the presence of copper increases the spermicidal effect.[23][24] The current medical consensus is that spermicidal and ovicidal mechanisms are the only way in which IUDs work

IUD CP Copper T380A Iud diagram
photo of IUD. Source img src

Note that string of IUD. I'm a guy. I remember, long time ago, i had sex with this woman, and when i go deep into her, i can feel this “thing”. It is rather unpleasant. She explained at the time something about it or about visiting her doc about it. Now i know it is IUD.

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