Hot Chicks and Their Personalities

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Watched a few videos of hot chicks on David Letterman show. Hot models, actresses, celebrities.

From the show, you can see the person quite a bit. Their personality, their brain size, their social skills. Some, are bubble-heads, e.g. Paris Hilton. Some, are easy-going and flirtatious. Some are nerdy and self-conscious.

Paris Hilton, Bimbo De Jure

Paris Hilton on Late Show w/ David Letterman 9/28/2007

actually, she's quite smart and confident.

you see, she is comfortable with Letterman, and she knew what to say, or what not to say.

Megan Fox, Nerdy

Megan Fox on David Letterman

Megan Fox rose to fame in the movie Transformers, in 2007. Though, she got kicked off, due to, one could say her non-social personality.

Charlize Theron, Self-Conscious

Charlize Theron - Late Show with Letterman

Charlize Theron

Irina Shayk, Bright and Flirtatious

Irina Shayk on The Late Show With David Letterman (February 15, 2011)

What is with Marilyn Monroe? She's before my times. I don't know her personality. I don't think i ever seen a video of her. But i've seen tons of photos of her. I never found her attractive. Not a bit.

See also, Jessica Alba, a good natured girl, at: Seduction Community as Social Engineering.