Male in Female Voice

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Transsexuals, they can dress, but the moment they open their mouths, a truck driver comes out.

Not SO!

girl voice. by Matt Bittner

In fact, you find sites that teach about how to speak like women. Extremely interesting. Just search for “male female voice” or “Voice Feminization”.

No, it's not just pitch. But, the way sound is modulated, or something like that, as well as the grammar differences, diction, intonation, pitch change frequency.

return of “girl voice”. by Matt Bittner.

Chinese Male in Female Voice

Chinese voice actor, demonstrating female voice and other multiple voices.


Voice Feminization

Male to Female: Voice Feminization

Singing, Male Voice, or Female Voice

Here's some examples of male singers, who can sing in both male and female voice.

Li Yugang (李玉刚) sings 《逐梦令》. Female voice starts at 1:00.

Li Yugang (Chinese: 李玉刚;; pinyin: Lǐ Yùgāng) is a singer and a performer in the National Opera and Dancing company of China; a member of the National Youth Federation. He specialises in “nan dan” role, which is male who plays female role in Peking opera. Li Yugang has released a number of CDs.

Li Yugang

皓皓 《伤心酒店》 (singing both male/female)

《傷心酒店》 (Heartbreak Inn)

Girl Sing in Male Voice

Thailand girl Nuntita Khampiranon (นันทิตา ฆัมภิรานนท์) sing in male voice. Male part starts around 1:00.