Photos of Beautiful Women Women Like vs Men Like

By Xah Lee. Date:

feminism thesis extempore! The beautiful women women like vs men like

when u study women, you have to pay attention to subtleties.

for example, in women's mags, it's ALL women, beautiful women. However, note that in men's mags (such as Maxim), it's women too, but there's a difference. This can be seen from posts on social networks too.

women fashion pinterest
a typical photo of beautiful woman that women like. (img src
beautiful photo of woman men like
beautiful photo of woman that men like.

now, there's a subtle difference between photos of beautiful women that women like and photos of women men like.

for photos of women men like, you can see a ton of it, in social networks, gamer's forums, teen boy's places, 4chan, reddit. Basically, it's all just about tits and legs. That's is all it's about. Note that, even when the model is beautiful, but such photos are not retweeted by girls much.

on the other hand, the photos, models, runway photos, dresses, legs with shoes, painted finger and toe nails, etc that women post… you can see mostly in women's places such as pinterest.

same with videos or some people. For example, there are many beautiful women celebrities. Some, their followers are predominantly men. For example, Nixie Pixel (of female linuxer and gamer fame), are mostly followed by guys, while Jenna Marbles (of youtube fame) are followed by mostly girls, in particular young girls. And lots stars such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus…, are followed by mostly girls.

so, what's the difference? This:

photos of beautiful women liked by men are of a sexual nature, those liked by women, are of the nature of how to be sexy.