Laci Green

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Laci Green, is a overall great person. she began on YouTube talking about sexual issues for girls around 2008 or before, and became a star.

when the sjw gang rose around 2016, they tried to force her into promoting the sjw gang stuff like lgb trans. she's a good person, so in the beginning she showed acceptance, but eventually it's too much, and the sjw gang started to attack her all over.

Laci Green Took Red Pill

Laci Green, the girl famous for her sex edu videos since ~2010, then became sjw since Trump ~2016, now has taken the red pill! woohoo! People are still good, still good!

Laci Green took red pill WwDss

by the way, the paper she is referring to, is Rebecca Tuvel's article, “In Defense of Transracialism” published in “Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy”.

[This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks Like By Jesse Singal. At , accessed on 2017-05-11 ]

[The Uproar Over “Transracialism” By Rogers Brubaker. At , accessed on 2017-05-18 ]


laci green how many genders QgGwX
laci green how many genders QgGwX

my comment to laci green's video

great video. Fair. Thank you.

though, keep in mind, if you look at human history, of all things, with respect to prosperity and harmony, gender issues is not say the top 5 most important concern. (the term “gender issues”, is fairly recent. It was “war of the sexes” or “the men and women problem”)

the war of sexes, is not just a human problem. It's a common problem among mammals. Males, often fight to the death to beget female. And female, vie for the most powerful male. Killing for love, or mate, is also common. (suicide, murder for love, on news regurlarly)

And the sexes (male and female), are not totally in harmony, they are together for reproduction. (e.g. cheating, divorse, old/new boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. The concept of marriage, and pair forever, is social construct. It differ among species in animals. Human animals, do not pair forever, statistically thru-out history around the world.) And in terms of biology, reproduction is also struggles. (sperms fighting, egg as a gate, mestruation as a internal struggle, and pregnancy as struggle of baby vs mom) It's a balance of self interest vs a copy of yourself.

Laci Green Slandered by Kelseigh Ingram, Huffington Post

Laci Green slandered by Kelseigh Ingram 2017 06 15 f3231
Laci Green slandered by Kelseigh Ingram. [On Laci Green And White Women's Betrayal By Kelseigh Ingram. At , accessed on 2017-06-29 ]
Laci Green decries feminism journalism 2017 06 28
Laci Green decries feminism journalism 2017-06-28 [image source ]

The Story of Laci Green

Story of Laci Green 2qR8W
Story of Laci Green

that's getting to know Laci.

if you don't know, she's a YouTube star. Started in 2005 or so days, made a lot money. She does sex education stuff, mostly to other young girls. She has million or such audiences.

Then, in recently months, she took the red pill.

in the video above, you see her story. Watch the 1st hour.