Internet is For Porn; What Girls Do On The Internet?

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Some spontaneous random thoughts about porn. Cuz i just spend 3 hours watching.

there's so much porn today on the net. Free porn, quality too. This started about perhaps ~2008. Not a definite cut line, but basically ever since internet started, there's porn on the net, and over the past 2 decades, they just get better and better, more and more, and especially in the past 5 years, the free ones are multiplying like crazy, much due to the fact that sites cannot stop people from copying images.

in particular starting with youtube in ~2007, there began youporn and dozens of others. So, even porn vid are now everywhere, free, not some 30-sec sample clips. And you can watch 24 hours a day, year round, from site to site, and you can't even scratch the surface. You stop literally because you got tired of seeing it.

btw, in case anyone doesn't know yet, that porn have always been the fuel that drives technology. CD, DVD, the web tech, and also virtual world like Second Life. It's porn porn porn. Also, i dunno if anyone remembers, that in the beginning of search engines ~1997, they show live stream of search words, and it's all words of porn (e.g. tits, ass, girls, etc). (was it Altavista or was it yahoo search? anyone got a screenshot?) (i hate the fact that society, all these proper, nice, people on Google Plus, fucking hide the fact. Nobody talks about it, while they do things behind closed doors. (yes, just look at your circles. It's fun to guess which do. Counting googlers and many celebrity tech heads.))

from what i see, that in the past, women's role is usually passive, almost just being the paid actresses, but as communication tech (e.g. internet) forcefully opened society up in past 15 years, i see a whole lot of women being active participants in porn, especially in Second Life. (btw, you'll immediate gets lots of guys telling me most of them are male. If you still think that, then you still live in the past. I've spent like 6 hours a day everyday in SL from about 2007 to 2010. Due to my personality and interests, everything i do is research, i live my life like conducting a research. If i met some sexy chick am fucking in SL, more than 50% of my interest is to find out what's behind the scene. I can just tell you that lots of them are woman. e.g. some go on voice and all. Usually older women though, like past 30, even 50+.)

i wonder, do online porn sites still make money? Who actually pay for porn today?

since about 2009, online porn started to feature real-time live cam. I suppose those who actually pay are these types of services.

then, of course there's a multitude of dating sites in the past few years. I heard and suppose it's a fact that many females use the service, and there are lots stories how couples met there. Though, i myself never really used it. Some of these are more sex oriented. Of these, to what degree people actually use them for finding a fuckmate?

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