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USA: Janet Jackson Breast Outrage

janet breast
Janet Jackson's breast outage sends Americans head over heels. (Close up on her Breast) The thing on her nipple is a metal jewelry.

In 2004 February, pop singer Janet Jackson made a breast-baring incident that caused a outrage in America. In one of the most watched yearly American TV prime time SuperBowl football match halftime entertainment (meaning, the resting period in a game, and in this period there's entertainment), broadcasted live, Janet in a performance with singer Justin Timberlake, where at the end as a punch-line Justin ripped the chest-plate off of a specially-designed costume to reveal Janet's right breast, whose nipple is decorated with a radiating sun jewelry. This incident generated a tumult in America all over media channels.

The show's makers CBS, MTV and associated organization NFL fiercely apologized and declared their unawareness and innocence. Scheduled shows in Hawai of Justin's singing group are promptly canceled. Rumors are flying about the ban of Janet and Justin in the coming Grammy Awards by CBS. (Janet has then announced she'll be absent.).

The American FCC (Federal Communication Commission, media watchdog) has received record-breaking 200000 complaints from viewers. FCC chairman Michael Powell said it was a “classless, crass and deplorable stunt”. FCC is investigating whether this breached US government indecency guidelines. If so, it could fine CBS $27,500 for each of its affiliate stations which aired the show.

Janet Jackson herself made video official apology declaring the stunt went too far by accident. Justin also made official apology and statement that the incident is purely unintentional. (he coined the phrase “wardrobe malfunction”). CBS is putting more video-delays in future “live” broadcasts to prevent such incident.

Here are samples of news reports of the brouhaha:

Full detailed account and its aftermath, see Wikipedia: Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy.

USA: Texas: Breastfeeding considered Kiddie Porn

Jacqueline Mercado
2003 April, Jacqueline Mercado, a 33-year-old Peruvian immigrant, took a few photos of her young children at bath time. A week later, Richardson [of Texas] police were rummaging through her house for kiddie porn, and a state child welfare worker came to take her kids away. (local copy:
Comics by Nicholas Gurewitch. Source:

USA: Nebraska: Prosecuting Public Nudity by Online Photos

2003 December: a 21-year old girl took photos of herself naked in a public bar, and placed the photo on her website. The police found the photo, and prosecuted her for violating local law. Harrington was to be arraigned in Lancaster County Court on Jan 29. If convicted, she faces a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $500 fine.

Her name is Melissa J Harrington and her website is

The source news from Associated Press can be seen at:

This series of photos may be the ones that the police used to persecute her: tit flash, tit flash 2, pussy flash 1, pussy flash 2. (if you have the original photos of these, please send to me.)

This woman is continuously persecuted by the local cops for her public nudity or otherwise sex related incidents. According to Melissa's website, cops have again ticketed her for public nudity and this time also ticketed her with public indecency. This could be a case of harassment. Her web site reporting this is at:

Police ticket woman for public nudity again By Lori Pilger, Lincoln Journal Star. @ (local copy)

Catherine Bosley Nudity Incident

Catherine Bosley nude
Catherine Bosley nude in a wet t-shirt contest.

Catherine Bosley (born 1967), a anchorwoman at a TV station in Ohio. In summer 2003, in her vacation in Florida she participated in wet T-shirt contest. This got captured on video and a year later it came out on the internet. For that, she had to resign. (if you have these photos or video, please email me)

Catherine now has a website of her own to tell her tale, at 〔〕. Last accessed on 2006-08-09, defunct as of 2009-03-07. (Front page of her site as of 2006-08-09:

Michelle Manhart Nudity Incident

Michelle Manhart nude
A photo of Michelle Manhart in Playboy. She's a mid-ranked officer in US Air Force who served active duty in Iraq War. In 2007 she posted for Playboy. This got her demoted (she then resigned).

Bleeding-Heartism of American Gone Berserk

News: Teen who posted own photo charged with child porn Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. @ (local copy)

News: Georgia House bans genital piercings for women The Associated Press - ATLANTA. @ (local copy 200404_women_piercing.html.gz)

Elsewhere On Earth

Public Nudity in Hungary

nude girl on street nude girl on street nude girl on street nude girl on street
Stark naked girls on public streets of Budapest, Hungary, 2001 〜 2002. (photos source:, a porn site that was popular for many years around 2000).

Pornography On Amazon Japan

Apparently, porn is sold thru Amazon in Japan.

amazon jp 2008-03 sm-s
A screenshot of porn DVD on 2008-03-17.

US Amazon started to sell porn and sex toys too. See: Sex Toys on Amazon: Ben Wa Balls, Kegel, Anal Hooks!.

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