Asian Demigoddesses, Apsara, Devata, Yakshini

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Asian Demigoddesses: Apsara, Devatas, Yakshini

Beautiful lasses. Note their voluptuousness. These are not just your girls-next-door; they are Apsara -- celestial nymph.
Awatdevata supper level01
These are Devatas (demigods), on the northern library of the second level, Angkor Wat , Cambodia.
Yakshini , another class of Asian demigoddess. This sculpture of a yakshini comes from a pillar of the railings of a stupa in Mathura , India. 2nd century, red sandstone, height: 51 cm.

Note the depiction of her pussy.

asian goddesses
Sculpture on the Hoysala temple at Belur, India. image source

It is my impression, that Asian ladies as far as feminine physical endownment is concerned, are flat in comparison to the Western blonde dolls or the Hispanic señorita. However, Indian females may be a exception. The curvaceousness of these ancient sculpted lasses may reflect local reality.

Note that the admiration of female's big hips, slender waist, large tits, seems ancient.

On Sun and Moon of palace cast thy sight,
Enjoy her flowerlike face, her fragrant light.
Thine eyes shall never see in hair so black
Beauty encase a brow so purely white.
The ruddy rosy cheek proclaims her claim,
Though fail her name whose beauties we indite.
As sways her gait, I smile at hips so big
And weep to see the waist they bear so slight

The above is from 1001 Nights (dated before 1500s), The Porter And The Three Ladies Of Baghdad.

There's no sure theory how female human animals developed large breasts. (Women's breasts are disproportionally large when compared to other animals, relative to body size. Same for men's penis.) The evolutionary theory of large tits seems to be youth detection. Namely: breasts sag with age, proportional to the size; thus, large and firm tits is a observable indication of youth (thus fertility). For more on sexual ethology, see: Reading Notes on “Intimate Behavior”.