Seduction Community as Social Engineering (Pickup Artists)

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There is a subculture community that practices seducing women, as a art form. [see Seduction community] That is, their sole goal in this practice, is to get women to bed, and they practice it much like a professional skill, much as you take tennis or writing or mastery of any vocational skill. You learn the basic skills, methods, practice, discuss with fellow practitioners, check and recheck your errors, refine your strategy, thru tireless daily practice, tens or hundred times per week. For example, issues on your own dress code. Your opening line. Judgment on which women is “open” at a glance (thru her dress, looks, body language), when to dig in, etc.

Certainly, this is a very interesting activity, falling into the general category of marketing, persuasion, psychology, mating game. Some people, are natural at this. Often, they are called playboys or womanizers, and today with net jargon “player”. (and in a different category, it's salesmen, negotiator, politician.) Others, such as engineer and scientist types, are natural retards at this. Though, like any skill, it can be improved and mastered at. To what degree of mastery depends on your talent, interest, and effort.

Also, some feminist (idiots)'s reaction to this is naturally wrath. Their reaction is typically “you should not treat women as sex objects”. But in reality, most women do get delighted when treated as “sexual objects”. Here, the problem is with the phrasing. Using the phrase “treated as sexual objects” seems debasing and of course most people don't want that, but the meaning behind it isn't. Men may treat women as “sexual objects”, but in the same sense, women are looking at men as money tree. Don't you expect drinks, gifts, diamond ring, houses, and perhaps daily bread when you marry your guy? Do you get happy when you get flowers? That's simply the nature of things. If women do not really like to be “treated as sexual objects” and instead prefer some more platonic love (me), then certainly the whole seduction scene would collapse because it won't work. Similarly, you don't want to be treated as a number in society, but in modern society, you are just a number, like it or not.
“Gangsta Pick-Up Artist: Locking In” By OGFurious 2010-05-06 (humor)

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