Why Did Feminism Arise?

By Xah Lee. Date:

It is not a question, that the frail sex is of no match to the virile sex when conflict arises. So, throughout centuries male dominate everything with respect to female. However, technology in the 19th 20th centuries changed all this. Brute muscle force has little collective value in the social structure of the post-industrialization or the information era of 21th century. Therefore, the female half of the human animals, rise from below with a VENGEANCE, parallel to the speed of technology. It is not a matter of a harmonious conferential outcome between the men and women. Rather, since the muscle-free modern social structure gives little advantage to men over women, the males are unable to stop the rise of females even if they wanted to. As human animals, the physically stronger half did not let their weaker half rise without a fight. In the past it is males or male groups fighting and killing other males or groups. Now, jostling for power and killing is literally no longer a job sole to men. Women, can do, and will do, as atrocious and heartless as men can ever be.

Despite the exponential nature of technological advancement, it has nevertheless not yet eliminated the root of all sexuality: pregnancy. A human animal's pregnancy lasts about a year. A year is not a short time. More or less every woman goes through pregnancy at least once in her life, and the effect of this on the power struggle between the sexes is not insignificant and is to women's disadvantage. Pregnancy disrupts career, for instance. Hence, among however tech advanced nations, the power of sexes in human animal's society is still not totally equal and men have the edge, partly also due to past momentum. Many women, especially genetically militant ones, complains and lobbies for sexual equality also known as feminism. (beginning with late 20th century) Calling for justice is merely a pretext. What drives and lies beneath is the core animal instinct, a unending quest for unlimited power, extending beyond equality to the ability to control, hurt, kill men at will, just as the virile sex has done to the frail sex to various degrees in the past.

Feminism is like a oxymoron. On the surface it is a redress of women's rights, deep in its core is the inevitability and vengeance of the fair sex, escorted by the fallout of technology.

As you now have a clear picture of the nature of feminism, it may not help directly in decisions and thoughts, but dwell in it will shape or reshape your outlook on any issue between the sexes, and you'll be able to make decisions or behaviors based on at least truth. What you need now for doing good, is good will.

Feminism the Jargon

“Feminism” is a jargon invented so that brainless beings (in this case, females) can follow something for a cause. A cause, whose ends has little to do with goods of society or advancement of equality, or even increasing the rights of women. It is a term whose effects are harboring fanatics and ignorance and righteousness and evil. (and among academicians: befuddlement.)

I pity the females on the whole who need a teddy-bear for their collective brain to hold onto for representing what they are or want, and i dearly love to kick academician's asses for their power-induced obfuscation and theorization and collective demeanor, in particular the fat righteous (WASP) Americans. Catch cancer!

By the way, the pussy sex accuse us and hate us virile sex for non-discrimination and hunger for humping. But look at their ugliness, hogging with their arms and legs the moment a powerful dick or asshole walks by. If we males are assholes, they made us so. If male animals rape female animals, the females are accomplices. Fuck them, and fuck them for their brainlessness. Fuck the entirety of “feminism” sideshow dawdling politically-correct crowd-pleasing Euro-centric hate-begetting men-debasing and women-hurting phony.


Are you fervidly trying to save princesses from rape of will? I recommend for you: The Morning After: Fear, Sex and Feminism By Katie Roiphe. Buy at amazon

Do you feel unjust, harried, and victim? I commend: Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women By Christina Hoff-Sommers. Buy at amazon

Sex, Art, and American Culture By Camille Paglia. Buy at amazon

Why Men are the way they Are Buy at amazon (1990) By Warren Farrell.

Intimate Behavior: A Zoologist's Classic Study of Human Intimacy By Desmond Morris. Buy at amazon See also: Reading Notes on “Intimate Behavior”.

and i think one important book gender feminists should read is Flatland, by Edwin A Abbott. It is a well-known book in the math community because the book makes you understand higher-dimensional space without you knowing it. However, half of the book is a satirical parable on society. If you are a female concerned with issues of society as opposed to being a willful bimbo, you will know that this book is more important than the plethora of “feminism” affiliated books that dangles and dances in sync with women's skirts and makeups and weight. (Complete text of Flatland: Flatland.)