What Is Gender Feminism?

By Xah Lee. Date:

In the society of human animals of latest century, there is feminism, and there is gender feminism. Feminism is concerned about the equal opportunity and fair treatment for both men and women. Specifically, raise the status of women from their past roles and weak positions for modern society. What they have done are for example, women's right to own properties as men can, to participate in conferences with men (aka voting), free women from freedom restraints, not be considered as secondary to males, bring education to women. (all these in the context of Occidental sphere.)

On the other hand, Gender Feminism has risen as a offshoot of feminism in about, i dunno, late 1990 of America, lead in part by butch dykes, and is engulfing and overtaking the traditional feminism. As we have seen in our forum, gender feminists's concerns are about equal outcome and equal sex. Aside from cutting off dicks of men, they tend to want not any manifestation of sex in human animals. The things gender feminists hang on their mouths or do are: women-hurting patriarchy, rape of women's will, glorification of mentruation and cunt, demand more women in military and with special protections, formalize flirting, erect sexual laws to equate sex, drill “she” and “he” in language, promote gay rights — in particular of dykes who are really men in the wrong body.

Feminism, as opposed to Gender Feminism, is not entirely dead, but is a endangered specie. Some Feminists are now harrassed and forced-on anti-feminism hats. “Feminism” as a movement is largely hijacked to mean Gender Feministic ideals. As usual, a small percentage of righteousness-sensitive people such as students and mawkish men, are brain-washed into gender feministic world view. These minority but often activists believe, as with most American one-track-minded bleeding-heartism, that terrible things has been done, and justice must be retributed by all means.

To be fair, i must say that i'm not yet very pessimistic about the future on the issues of men and women. Because, even though the gender feministic morons cry out loud and have done US wrong, but in general a more massive and “evil” thing that is taking place in America is putting it a check: Consumerism and Egoism. Each girl (and man), even though might be influenced by Gender Feministic propaganda, each on the whole is still mostly concerned about oneself and acts out in accords to her or his own interests. And under our fantastic and wonderful American capitalistic consumerism, girls and men are automatically materialistic and selfish, which oftentimes are at odds with the manifesto of gender feministism. (as we can see here that a thread “Consistency between beliefs and behaviors?” has been raised.) Meanwhile, i'm also glad that there are still some people in America who possess a working brain, including quite a lot of females, who find it uneasy when the word “feminism” is uttered that has today's connotations. (as we can see here in Rhondea's story and SCUM and Misogyny and Masculism forums.) And, in our very “Feminists” forum, i'm happy to note that there are still traditional feminists, and those gender-feministically brain-washed are still savable, and a vast number of non-White, non-American women who stayed quiet in the background who simply wished a good life without the White Supreme Western loud-mouthing ax-griding persecuting heart-bleeding cat-mourning-over-mouse's-pain gender feminists doing whatever it is that they do.

(btw, has anybody watched Kill Bill 2 that's selling rampantly in America? What ass kicking blondes they have there. And the Chinese sage characterized WASP American women as: “like all yankee women, all you can do is order in restarants, and spend a man's money.”. Does anyone think it is entirely bogus?)

'tis of the age
of Gender Feminists
hitting the American stage
questioning she and he
extols the queer and weird
axing the womanly and manly
upon a glittering postmodernity
    –Xah Lee, 2004-04

here's a excerpt from: [Biography of a pornographic polemic (an FAQ) By Furry Girl. At http://www.feminisnt.com/2009/biography-of-a-pornographic-polemic/ , accessed on 2011-11-02 ].

What could you possibly have against feminism? It's the bestest thing since rainbow kitten cupcakes!

For starters: “feminism” doesn't have anything close to a singular meaning, so you can't even discuss it without a hundred qualifiers and caveats; the feminist pendulum in the West has run its course and too often turns into pointless misandry; feminism used to be about women's right to be more than just barefoot and pregnant, and now it fights for the “right” of women to be barefoot and pregnant and be given a ton of government and corporate handouts for churning out babies; feminism is commonly embraced by people whose underlying beliefs are that women are stupid, feeble creatures who need to be controlled and saved; feminism these days focuses way too much on imaginary first-world problems like women who choose to feel badly about themselves because they think they're not pretty enough; some feminist leaders are obsessed with fanning and exploiting insecurities in women in order to indoctrinate them to their style of victim feminism, rather than being positive and helping women see that they can be strong and powerful. Last but not least: it's REALLY FUCKING DIFFICULT to spend your entire life being picked on by girls and women for various reasons, then swallow the idea that women are your true sisters and that men are the cruel enemy that oppresses you. Bitches be crazy, yo.