Censorship from Sex Blogger Violet Blue

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

[The following describes a incident on social network Google Plus, where a well-known blogger Violet Blue censored my comment.]

just discovered, that i seem to be ban'd or blocked by one [+Violet Blue https://plus.google.com/105822688186016123722/].

She wrote a piece on suicide in tech industry recently (2011 Dec 30), here: [https://plus.google.com/105822688186016123722/posts#105822688186016123722/posts/8PNaXxBKXPL] (See below for a screenshot.)

The post points to a article she wrote about suicide in the tech industry. Here:

[Tech's Relationship With Depression, Suicide and Asperger's By Violet Blue. At http://www.zdnet.com/blog/violetblue/techs-relationship-with-depression-suicide-and-aspergers/904] (local copy Violet_Blue_Tech_Depres_Suicide_Asperger_ZDNet_2021-06-05_Ch7dr.png)

I read her article, and posted a comment on her Google Plus thread criticizing it. (in my comment, i have also mentioned am likely to kill myself. (this is the first i ever interacted with her.))

just now, i was doing something else (was doing some personal research on the rough number of followers of Google Plus celebrities), and stumbled on her Google Plus page again. I remembered the comment i made, so i went to check the post to see if there's any other comments. Then, i discovered, she seems to have ban'd/blocked me, because now Google Plus shows none of her articles, even public ones. Ι went to another browser without being logged in to Google Plus and checked on that post. This confirmed, that she have ban'd/blocked me, and she also deleted my comment.

this, seems typical human animal at work. So, you can write a story that's compassionate to programer suicides. But when a suicidal programer criticized you, you ban him! lol.

i really wish i have archived that thread while it contained my comment. damn. Btw, there's at least one another guy criticized her article that i've seen. That one is more harsh and 3 times longer then the one i posted (if i recall correctly), but it was posted after mine. Apparently that one is also deleted. All her comments now (12 of them) are all just nice words, and she says in her comment: “Thanks for the comments and insight everyone!”.

Here's a screenshot of her post as of now.

Violet Blue suicide censorship post screenshot 2012-01-12
Violet Blue Google Plus post screenshot, taken on

typical of human animals.

btw, if you don't know who she is... she's a sex blogger. She had controversy with other bloggers. You can read it on wikipedia Violet Blue. Here's a excerpt of the negative parts


In October 2007, Blue filed a lawsuit against adult actress Ada Mae Johnson,[10] who had performed under the name since 2000,[11] alleging that Johnson had adopted Blue's persona, and her recently-trademarked (in 2007) name, “Violet Blue.”[12] She said she had been using the name in writings since 1999.[10] The lawsuit alleged trademark violation and dilution, as well as unfair business practices. Pursuant to a preliminary injunction and court order granted in 2007[13] to cease using “names, trademarks and Internet domains confusingly similar to, or identical to, Plaintiff's trademark VIOLET BLUE,” Johnson changed her stage name to Noname Jane. The lawsuit was settled in October 2008.[14]

In July 2008, Blue sought restraining orders against online critics David Burch (aka Ben Burch) and Nina Alter to prohibit them from e-mailing her, editing her Wikipedia page, or writing unkindly about her online. Both motions were denied.[15]


Around June 2008, there was controversy in the blogsphere after Violet Blue posted on her blog claiming that the blog Boing Boing had removed all posts referring to the author (estimated by a Los Angeles Times blogger[16] to number at least 70) from the site. A heated debate ensued after a brief statement on the Boing Boing site regarding this action stated: “Violet behaved in a way that made us reconsider whether we wanted to lend her any credibility or associate with her. It's our blog and so we made an editorial decision, like we do every single day”.[17] Boing Boing editor Xeni Jardin said that she hoped she would not have to make the reasons public.[18]

well, now i have a little personal taste of her character.