A Glimpse of Sexual Mores Thru Yahoo

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This blog article shows how we can get a glimps of each ethnicity's sexual culture by looking at the front page of yahoo site of that country.


Look at Yahoo Taiwan's first page (http://tw.yahoo.com/), which features items as:

tw.yahoo.com 2010-01-14
Screenshot of tw.yahoo.com as of 2010-01-14.

If the USA's yahoo.com has these content, the WASPs would have a fit. For, in their didly eyes, morality has been trespassed, God is offended.


Now look at Yahoo website in China: http://cn.yahoo.com/, featuring:

cn.yahoo.com 20100114 acid defaced chick cn.yahoo.com 20100114 bra cn.yahoo.com 20100114 mute sex cn.yahoo.com 20100114 preggy chick cn.yahoo.com 20100114 wild puss cn.yahoo.com 20100114 naked bath
Snippets of screenshot from cn.yahoo.com main page as of 2010-01-14. Full page screenshot of cn.yahoo.com front page as of 2010-01-14 970×4081

A about 30% to 40% of the links on cn.yahoo.com front page are about sex. These are spread in various sections: sports, health, shopping, travel… all managed to have some topic about sex. And they also have a specific section titled “Men”, and “Women”.

Typically, the subject text are what you'd find in US's pop mags such as TV Guide, Cosmopolitan, People, and tabloid magazines.

The generic WAPSs would have puked blood for these “public indecencies”.


yahoo.co.jp 20100114
Yahoo Japan http://www.yahoo.co.jp/ 's home page, as of 2010-01-14.

Thru google translate, that 2 girls anime section says this:

Teenage girls are living in the love Cate

恋があるからがんばれる。 Ganbareru because of the love. 恋があるから強くなれる。 Become stronger because of the love. 恋する気持ちをパワーに変えて成長する、女子中高生の物語。 Power to change the feelings that grow in Love, the story of women's middle and high school.

悩殺ジャンキー Nosatsu Junkie

口止め料の代わりは…… Instead of hush money is …

Remember, this is yahoo japan's front page, without any customization. From this, we can see the Japanese's infatuation with highschool chicks.


Here's a screenshot of yahoo.com yahoo.com_2010-01-14.png. How shall we put it? Clean? Boring?

It's not like US Americans don't care about sex. In fact, if you look at the mag covers in food stores, they are all sex. (see: the Concerns of US American Female and Male Human Animals) Sex is all hyped up in the media, in TV shows, movies. And, the US Americans are leading producers of porn. However, due to their puritanical background, sex subjects is seen as taboo, and sexual matters are not shown in some pubic way as they are.

Actually, personally i prefer the content selection style of US portal sites. I don't really want to be distracted by lurid stuff on the main page. I love porn, in fact, [am a dedicate hardcore porn connoisseur][ http://xahporn.org/index.html ], but i don't want the lurid, gossipy, irrelevant, soft-porn stupid shit on my main web portal page.

A Glimpse Of Sexual Mores Thru Yahoo Around The World

One can glean cultures by simply going to yahoo of different regions. http://world.yahoo.com/

For example, for reasons, yahoo china cn.yahoo.com is filled with dynamic ads and items the Westerner's might call soft-porn. yahoo Taiwan tw.yahoo.com is similar. They give a direct contrast of cultural sexuality in Asia and the puritanical USA.

One can go and look at what kind of ads each region shows. and also gather how open is their sexual attitude by checking the sexiness of the page…

It's interesting to note also that there are 3 other languages for yahoo US: Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. Chinese there is understandble because the massive population and the rising power of China. Note that a decade ago in airports etc you'll see all languages including Japanese but you won't see Chinese. Not because Chinese are not populous back then but because they wasn't powerful.

Spanish there being usuall because Spanish have always been one of the main language. (2rd or 3rd largest speakers, was powerful (of the European Spaniards), and a alphabetical lang of the Western member)

Not sure why there's a Russian lang…

Screenshots of yahoo sites as of 2005-07-19:

Just realized, that amazon's japan site sells pornography.

amazon jp 2008-03 sm
A screenshot of amazon.co.jp porn DVD on 2008-03-17

Screenshot of the whole web page: amazon_jp_200803.png

Note: US version of Amazon started to sell porn video and sex toys too. Not sure when did it start, but i noticed in 2010. See: Sex Toys on Amazon: Ben Wa Balls, Kegel, Anal Hooks!.