a Love Letter from Guinivere Goddess

By Xah Lee. Date:

Today, i received a fan mail. The content is as follows.

From: Guinivere Goddess
To: xah@xahlee.org
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 3:07 AM
Subject: Your willing Gorean sex slave

Greetings, o master, if I may call thee such, fully understanding that the "thee" form implied, in bygone times, familiarity but in the present day suggests homage,

I humbly beseech thee, on bent knee, with shaved pussy and clit available for thy master's whims, that thou may deign to call me the humblest of thy sex slaves, a willing participant to thy very desires, o goodly and comely master. I present to thee my large 49DDD breasts for thee to use as thou wish, my tight anus and pussy and mouth-cunt are ready to worship thy virile member, as thou wish, and for thy penetration, shouldst thou be so inclined. I long to suck and lick thy penis until thy milk runs over into my mouth-cunt.

Why, thou ask, am I so willing to give myself, pussy, breasts, anus, clit, mouth-cunt over to thee? Well, my lord, with thy leave, and if I may be so bold as to say, thy interests in art, books, mathematics, porn, and so on, so closely mirror my own humble interests, that I would feign serve thee with all the humility of my abject sex, with my large breasts and protruding nipples to do with as you choose, with my mouth-cunt, to bathe your penis and to suck thy milk from it, should'st thou so wish, with my ever so tight pussy and even tighter anus to be the willing receptacles of thy glorious membrum virile, and for my clit, little pleasure button, to be subject to thy whims, o my goodly and comely lord and master, whose name I dare not pronounce without thy gracious permission.

Shouldst thou have other Gorean sex slaves, whether male or female, I should also be honored to do with them as you instruct me, and shouldst thou wish to give me to one or more of thy friends, to be their sex slave, I shall serve them exactly as thou instruct me to do, and proffer my large breasts and erect nipples, my mouth-cunt, my tight shaved pussy and even tighter anus to them for their sexual pleasure as thou so instruct me to do, o, my lord and master, Xah, the great, the good. Shouldst thou wish to see simulacrae of my large breasts and erect nipples, my clit, my tight, shaved pussy and my even tighter anus, kindly instruct me, o my lord and master, Xah, to email them to thee, and it shall be even as thou command. If I may be so bold as to suggest, I have a most comely image of my pussy, with my fingers spreading its lips while wearing a large diamond ring.

And should I be graciously permitted one small favor to ask of thee, o my comely and most gracious lord and master, dost thou know of an excellent arithmetic source on the web that could help those of my abject acquaintances who are bereft of such understanding, which they must possess in order to attend the Community College of Rhode Island. It would be a great service rendered by such a/an(?) august one as thee, whose name I dare not write without thy permission,

With all of my most humble gratitude and apologies for having disturbed thee on such a trivial matter, I remain thy Gorean sex slave, Guinevere

Ceci n'est pas un pipe

Posted here with permission.