Women Are Like Snow

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Feminism, Sexism, Asia, Culture: Women Are Like Snow

i was just watching YouTube of a recording of a Chinese Taiwan TV show.

then, a guest songstress describes how women are like snow: beautiful, pure, yet fragile, needs protection, etc. If this happened in USA, Americans would freak out. The media would cry out stereotyping. The female singer would get boycotted.

The video is this:

張清芳情歌多暢銷 費玉清窺探《待嫁女兒心》【龍兄虎弟】精華
TTV 台視官方頻道 TTV Official Channel
Nov 6, 2019 #龍兄虎弟 #費玉清 #張清芳

at 3:00.

Note: it's not some political remark. She's a singer as a guest in a variety show (mostly a mix of comedy and live singing), and in this particular episode they are singing love songs that have snow/winter in the lyrics/theme. During the chat, the conversation went to snow. In US, such a remark about women being fragile or needs protection would be lol. It'd generate a flurry of protests or boycotts about sexism or stereotype etc fuck.

if you are American, you really should get out more. I mean, like go live in Asia for a while. You get to, really learn different culture.

in US, everyday is justice, rights, obsessions, everywhere, in every TV show, every movie. You grew up with it. I think US is like that perhaps because they (counting me as a citizen) have been the world's greatest aggressor for a number of decades. It has psychological roots.