Why I'm Not a Proud Supporter of Feminism

By Xah Lee. Date:

Dear fervent feminists,

In your post you put forth the caption “Why people shame of feminist?” followed by passionate pro-feminism cries.

I do not know why people shame of feminists, but i know possible reasons for me to be in such a position, and thus other people.

Like a few feminists here have already touched, the word itself is sexist. This really wasn't a problem until some unhip feminists make issues with language, and fussing about gender in language (as in stewardess versus flight attendant). So now we have to awkwardly and unnaturally utter “he or she” in speaking or writing, where the attention to real issues of fair sex is diverted by word play. With increased awareness of word play in public, the word feminism itself becomes glaringly sexist, thanks to the undoings of unhip feminists in the first place.

The above is just the wording issue, of skin-deep significance. But there are deeper issues. Shanna has justly mentioned the work equality issue. We virile sex, are born stronger dictated by God. The burden is often on us, to fight off carnivorous beasts or other human creatures in order to ensure the survival of human family or clan. In modern times, this takes the form of soldiers in war, or bread-winner in family. We didn't ask for this. Our biology made us so. Therefore, when in, for example, in the field of blue collar endeavor, say, mopping toilets at McDonalds or a cop, the virile sex from a statistical and general point of view would perform better than the fair sex by the sheer bulk of muscle or headstrong mentality. Therefore, you and we probably shouldn't demand equal amount of pay to different performances. Women, were made to bear human progeny by God. To be fair, we must allow them to have leaves at work when the time comes. Consequently again, it makes a generic watershed difference on employability and pay. Take the white collar executive position for example. In a corporation, a executive officer cannot leave for few months and come back to be the very same executive. Pregnancy seriously put women out of favor in comparison to men who jostle for such a position. Therefore, even we cannot be certain, but there is a possibility that the un-equal compensation in workforces with respect to sex is partly and possibly totally based on performances and economics, as opposed to pure deprecation of the frail sex.

It is unfortunate that women are weaker physically and have the babying burden when we view it in the above perspectives. But what can one do? Possibly we can achieve true equality by eliminating women's nurturing role by building massive farms of artificial wombs à la the recent science fiction movie Matrix. That way, women don't even have to be the subject of men's lust. Sperms and eggs will be extracted by doctors from men and women, and procreation proceed in test-tubes. Sexual drive, those love chemistry, can be deleted from our genes. Sexual characteristics, such as the now useless penis or meat hole [proper word censored] or tits, can be either surgically removed or genetically atrophied. Eventually the human race can become a asexual animal, without sexism whatsoever.

Unless we opt for the above, but women's biology has pro aspects too. I mean, aren't you glad you are a woman? A loving creature with breasts and beauty, who holds great sway over men's sexual drive. Men have to work, have to die in war, have the pressure of fighting other pesky men. My god, it is such a horror to even think about. As a animal tradition, we have to duel other men, we are expected to save princesses from hideous dragons or danger. Lay on our shoulders are the burden of women and children, and raising of a family. (did you know that women outlive men, and men suicide more frequently?)

The above are just the nature of things that we probably don't want to change in a whim of heart or passion of rights, even our technology permits it.

Feminism has another funny connotation, which is getting personal, that is, pornography. When it comes to porn, some unhip feminists care not about men's desires and wishes but simply want to eliminate it. While others, more enlightened and sweet feminists, propound that women should have porn of their own likings. (therefore sprang forth PlayGirl and the like in the mid 20th century, not to mention the profusion of “romance” novels.) The unhip feminists worries me. One could question if they simply want men dead.

The most dire thing coming out of unhip feminists is the term Americans love: rape. These unhip feminists, devised a new type of rape. The traditional rape is now called physical rape, as opposed to the new rape of will. The trend is that a fella in order to mate his mistress he must obtain a written affidavit from her, else he can be sued for rape of will the morning after. As you know, i'm a Man. This situation is not funny for me.

The above are some of my thoughts on at least why I, am not proud to say i support feminism. At times, as a duty to my own sex, must check where womanhood is heading. (with all due respect to my girlfriends)

Sexual Consent
May 1, 2007
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“Watch Out For The Bears” production.
Written and directed by Jason Reitman.