Why We Don't Have More Women in Science?

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Why waste time on a career in SCIENCE… when an exciting fast-paced life awaits in THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY? [source http://www.theonion.com/article/new-stem-initiative-just-tries-dissuade-students-o-53775 ]

Why we don't have more women in science, tech, engineering, math?

Because women don't want to.

girls life vs boys life magazine
girls life vs boys life magazine.

Why Women Don't Want To?

The best analogy is: why are men aggressive? Deeper: evolution biology. The sexes each maximize passing genes. In short, women don't benefit from good at things for getting laid. Men do, else you don't get laid. Those contrary, their genes die off.

But why women don't benefit from good at things for getting laid? Why that helps men?

For women, to max passing genes, you don't benefit from having lots of sex. Because sex is biologically meaningful at most once every 9 months for female (pregnancy) and risks life. So, you want to chose your man carefully instead.

For men, the more sex you have, the more children you have. That's why men love sex, and careless about with which women, only that she's young, thus more likely to have children. (because for women, being young is critical is making baby.)

So, that's how each sex chooses mate.

The result of this is, men have to fight to mate. Girls don't. Most male in most animals, will never have sex.

For men, in fighting other men for the girl, the more knowledge you have, the more skill of using tools, the more effective you are.

While women, are not that much interested in things and knowledge. Because it does not help you pass your genes. You want to pick the right man for sex instead, and the more powerful men, the better protection is for you and your child.

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[Why Women Don't Code By Stuart Reges. At https://quillette.com/2018/06/19/why-women-dont-code/ ]