Pretty Girls and Their Selfies

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girls with their selfies. they r running the earth.

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and this, certain demure attraction. It lies in the word feminity. A element American girls wanting, French women epitomize.
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before the cell phone era, we see them only in magazines, by professional models, like, it's a job and business. Cell phone brought out selfies, disclosing a catalyst of human reproduction, unprecedented. for each male selfie, there are 1 thousand female selfies.

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[image source] this is the most beautiful charcoal black girl i've seen. But note, the gray eyes. Often, the beautifies of “black” girls in pop culture have strong whitemen esthetics. Else, it'd be appreciated only in Africa or American black communities.
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one day, i was in a shopping mall. And noticed, women's jeans are not like men's jeans. Women's jeans, are almost always body-clinging elastic, like rubber. Not sure it is even technically called jeans. Well, here's opportunity to look into the history and etymology of “jean”.

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[image source] this one, plain looking attractive. Beauty technically means well-proportioned face. We find them beautiful cuz sexuality of human. Monkeys, cats, don't. Men do. And, women appreciate beautiful men to lesser degree. cuz female no need youthful men to ensure offspring, but rich men.