Erotic Photographer: Suze Randall

By Xah Lee. Date:

Amazing, discovered today that Suze Randall is a chick, and a famous photographer.

You remember the name right? I started to use the internet since 1995. There was porn on the web too. If you are lucky, you get a big sized image like 200x300, with full 256 colors in gif format… that was high tech!

Anyway, i think in late 1990s, i started to see a lot net porn that has Suze Randall name attached. Here's a example of her image:

Suze Randall photography

As i was reading Wikipedia today, i bumped into article of her: Suze Randall. It turns out, she's a famous porn photographer, and used to be a fashion model too. She was a photographer for Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse for numerous years.

Suze Randall 2009
«Suze Randell (born 1946) attending the “Free Speech Coalition Awards Annual Bash Event” - Los Angeles, CA on Nov. 14, 2009.» (photo © Glenn Francis, [image source 2010-03-19 ]

Suze has a daughter, Holly Randall (born 1978), also a erotic photographer.

Larry Flynt Holly Randall 2009-06
The famous Larry Flynt with Holly Randall. (Hustler 35th Anniversary Party, 2009-06.) image source
Suze Randall 2009-06
Suze Randall, at Hustler 35th Anniversary Party, 2009-06. image source

Interestingly, Holly also run a blog, at:

Thanks to Holly for permission to use her photo.